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Istanbul-Bahrain 1,841.00 TL
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Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 9h 5m
14 March 2024, Thursday 16:10
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 17h 10m
11 March 2024, Monday 08:15
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 16h 35m
18 March 2024, Monday 08:50
Pegasus Airlines
direct-flight - 4h
25 March 2024, Monday 21:25
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 15h 45m
23 March 2024, Saturday 09:40
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 16h 55m
29 March 2024, Friday 08:20
1 stop - 25h 50m
19 May 2024, Sunday 18:50
1 stop - 25h 20m
15 April 2024, Monday 23:30
Jazeera Airways
1 stop - 9h 25m
09 April 2024, Tuesday 02:45
Salam Air
1 stop - 16h 10m
27 March 2024, Wednesday 04:05
Salam Air
1 stop - 8h 15m
26 March 2024, Tuesday 05:05
Salam Air
1 stop - 15h 45m
14 May 2024, Tuesday 18:00
Jazeera Airways
1 stop - 4h 5m
07 March 2024, Thursday 15:00
Salam Air
1 stop - 14h 50m
16 April 2024, Tuesday 19:55
1 stop - 17h 5m
07 May 2024, Tuesday 00:30
Salam Air
1 stop - 16h 20m
14 May 2024, Tuesday 17:25
2 stop - 33h 45m
03 March 2024, Sunday 12:40
Salam Air
direct-flight - 1h 30m
20 April 2024, Saturday 17:00
Jazeera Airways
1 stop - 4h 15m
14 March 2024, Thursday 08:50
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 10h 5m
31 March 2024, Sunday 15:05
Jazeera Airways
1 stop - 8h 55m
03 May 2024, Friday 09:45
Jazeera Airways
1 stop - 5h 15m
24 May 2024, Friday 13:25
1 stop - 28h
03 April 2024, Wednesday 05:30
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 8h
02 April 2024, Tuesday 18:10
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 13h 35m
31 March 2024, Sunday 10:35

Popular Flights From Bahrain

Find Cheapest Popular Flights From Bahrain

Pegasus Airlines
direct-flight - 4h 15m
30 March 2024, Saturday 02:05
direct-flight - 3h 20m
05 March 2024, Tuesday 10:30
1 stop - 23h 50m
31 March 2024, Sunday 21:30
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 10h 25m
20 March 2024, Wednesday 02:15
Pegasus Airlines
3 stop - 47h 45m
19 March 2024, Tuesday 02:15
Salam Air
1 stop - 27h 30m
11 March 2024, Monday 18:30
1 stop - 34h 40m
01 March 2024, Friday 21:20
Salam Air
1 stop - 6h 20m
10 March 2024, Sunday 18:30
Salam Air
1 stop - 7h 10m
11 March 2024, Monday 18:30
Salam Air
1 stop - 23h 20m
07 April 2024, Sunday 10:30
1 stop - 26h
25 April 2024, Thursday 15:35
Salam Air
1 stop - 7h 25m
17 April 2024, Wednesday 10:30
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 22h 45m
25 May 2024, Saturday 02:15
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 10h 15m
22 March 2024, Friday 02:15
Salam Air
direct-flight - 1h 35m
21 March 2024, Thursday 18:30
1 stop - 9h 55m
25 May 2024, Saturday 08:15
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 11h 20m
27 March 2024, Wednesday 02:15
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 14h 15m
08 March 2024, Friday 02:15
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 10h 20m
20 March 2024, Wednesday 02:15
Qatar Airways
1 stop - 22h 45m
16 April 2024, Tuesday 22:20
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 14h 40m
15 March 2024, Friday 02:15
1 stop - 25h 45m
13 May 2024, Monday 18:30
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 9h 5m
01 April 2024, Monday 02:15
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 12h 35m
09 March 2024, Saturday 02:05
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 9h 25m
12 March 2024, Tuesday 02:15

Information for Bahrain Flights

Are you looking for cheap fares for Bahrain flights? In the coming 3 months: Salam Air Dammam Bahrain 4,910 TL, Pegasus Airlines Istanbul Bahrain 1,841 TL and Pegasus Airlines Izmir Bahrain 2,539 TL.

Better to book your flight to Bahrain 32 days before departure to get the best fares on average.

There are 45 flights operating between Turkey and Bahrain. The most popular cities from Turkey to Bahrain are Riyadh, Jeddah and Istanbul. The most flights are to Bahrain in Bahrain.

The Kingdom of Bahrain, an island country in the Persian Gulf, is an archipelago of 33 islands located off the east coast of Saudi Arabia. Bahrain, with Qatar in the southeast and Saudi Arabia in the west, is the smallest of the Arab states and the most modern country in the Arab geography. Considered as the luxury holiday destination of the Middle East, the country has a population structure concentrated in its capital, Manama.


With its strategic location in the Persian Gulf, Bahrain, which was under the influence of Assyrian, Babylonian, Greek, Persian, Arab and Islamic civilizations, passed into the hands of the Portuguese in the 1500s and remained under Ottoman rule until the First World War. Bahrain, which gained its independence from the domination of the United Kingdom in 1971, takes its name from the island of Bahrain, one of the islands on which it was founded. Bahrain means "between two seas" in Arabic. Strategically important, Bahrain has a liberal structure with a strong middle class and is one of the main tourism centers of the Middle East. Manama, the capital of Bahrain, whose economy is based on oil, is the country's financial and commercial center.

Places to visit

Manama, located in the northeastern tip of Bahrain and the capital city, Bahrain National Museum where artifacts from the history of Bahrain are exhibited as well as high-rise buildings, shopping centers and modern structures, Al-Fatih Mosque, also known as the Great Mosque, Khamis, the first mosque in Bahrain Mosque, Bahrain Internation Circuit, Bab el-Bahrain Souk, Qalat al Bahrain, Al Dar Islands, Coral Beach and Tree Of Life are among the places to visit. La Fontaine Center for Contemporary Art & Spa is an art gallery located in Manama. You can also dine here and enjoy the spa services.

B.C. The Barbarian Temple, an archaeological complex of three temples dating back to the 2nd and 3rd centuries;
BC, also known as the Portuguese Fortress. Bahrain Fortress, built in the 2800s; The Royal Tombs in A'ali Village with 85,000 tombs and the Royal Camel Farm in Bahrain, a camel farm, are some of the places you can visit in Bahrain. Apart from these, Bahrain is also home to different museums such as the Pearl Extraction Museum, the Petroleum Museum and the Money Museum.

One of the must-see places in Bahrain is Bait Al Qur'an, which is known as the House of the Qur'an and where the handwritten Qur'an collection is exhibited. This is a complex consisting of a mosque, school, library and museum.

In Bahrain, which hosts many cultural activities such as Muharraq Summer Festival, Arabian Jewelry Exhibition, Bahrain International Garden Fair, Bahrain Horse Races, Bahrain International Book Fair and Bahrain International Halal Fair, there is no alcohol ban and tourists are free to dress however they want.

Food & Drink and Shopping

Lebanese influences do not go unnoticed in the local cuisine of Bahrain, where there are restaurants with tastes from world cuisine and thousands of years of cultural accumulation and dishes from local Bahraini cuisine. Fish, rice, meat and dates form the basis of the cuisine. Machboos, muhammar, falafel, shawarma, ghoozi, samboosa, hamour, safi, chacanad are among the most consumed delicacies. Coffee houses called ghahwas are very popular.

Bahrain is a country famous for its traditional bazaars and markets, as well as luxury and glittering shopping malls. Manama, Altın Pazaro, Bahrain and Isa City Markets; Bahrain, Al Seef, Yatem and A'ali Shopping Centers, Fish Market in Manama and authentic bazaars in A'ali Village are among the prominent addresses for shopping. Apart from this, pearls and souvenirs made from pearls, which have an important place in the country's economy, will also be good gifts for your loved ones.


Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airlines and Gulf Air have direct flights between Istanbul and Bahrain, while Royal Jordanian, Emirates and Qatar Airways also have connecting flights. Bahrain International Airport is located 6 km from the city center of Manama, the capital of Bahrain. Since Bahrain's public transportation system is not developed, you can reach the city by taxi or by renting a car.

FAQs about Bahrain Flights

  • How long does a flight takes to Bahrain?
    • Istanbul Bahrain Flights: 4 hour
    • Dammam Bahrain Flights: 4 hour 30 minutes
    • Madinah Bahrain Flights: 4 hour 45 minutes
    • Jeddah Bahrain Flights: 5 hour 40 minutes
    • Riyadh Bahrain Flights: 4 hour 10 minutes
  • Which airlines are flying to Bahrain?
    The most popular airlines flying frequently between Turkey and Bahrain are: Flydubai, Pegasus Airlines, Salam Air, Jazeera Airways and SunExpress. The most popular route is Istanbul - Bahrain to Bahrain. Flydubai and Salam Air are the airlines that flies most in this route.
  • How much is the cheapest flight to Bahrain?
    In the next 3 months, the cheapest one way flight between Turkey cities and Bahrain is Adana to Bahrain at 14 March 2024 and the price of the flight is 2,872 TL. The cheapest roundtrip flight is from Istanbul to Bahrain and it costs 3,814 TL.
  • How TURNA finds these low flight prices?
    TURNA has agreements with many airlines and get special fares and discounts. TURNA is the inventor of Smart Flight ® which connects the non-connected airlines. Smart Flight ® has a unique scientific algorithm and can find 70% cheaper routes which you cannot find on any other site.

Cities in Bahrain

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Bahrain Flight Ticket Prices

Here are Bahrain flights price chart for the affordable Bahrain flight tickets. You get deals and discounts to get the cheapest Bahrain flight prices.
Popular Flights Ticket Price
Adana - Bahrain 2,871.50
Abha - Bahrain 6,884.09
Ankara - Bahrain 2,550.30
Asmara - Bahrain 12,175.18
Antalya - Bahrain 2,533.30
Cairo - Bahrain 5,123.02
Kozhikode - Bahrain 3,809.66
Dhaka - Bahrain 10,671.12
Dammam - Bahrain 4,909.78
Doha - Bahrain 5,211.85
Dubai - Bahrain 5,114.75
Gassim - Bahrain 10,964.33
Istanbul - Bahrain 1,841.00
Izmir - Bahrain 2,539.30
Jeddah - Bahrain 5,696.26
London - Bahrain 4,508.95
Muscat - Bahrain 3,657.76
Madinah - Bahrain 5,084.90
Moscow - Bahrain 5,910.00
Najaf - Bahrain 10,077.01
Riyadh - Bahrain 3,916.18
Sialkot - Bahrain 7,614.30
Tbilisi - Bahrain 4,227.00
Trabzon - Bahrain 2,781.50
Vienna - Bahrain 4,210.00
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