Convert Your Credit Card Points to Flight Tickets

Utilize Your Credit Card Points

Turna offers a great opportunity to utilize your credit card loyalty points. Convert all accumulated points on all credit cards (Bonus, World, Axess, Maximum, Paraf and Cardfinans) to Turna Points. And find free airplane tickets, fly like birds freely.

Query Safely

Safely query your credit card loyalty points. Learn how many points you have. Convert to Turna Points as much as you like.

Convert to Turna Points

The points on the credit card are transferred to Turna Points. Afford some or all of your airline ticket costs using Turna Points resulted from your flights or credit card points. The best part is that you always do this at the best price with Turna.

Don't let your points expire

Your Turna Points never expire. Turna Points don’t expire for 2 years. Some banks delete credit card points at the end of the year. You can use your points you have converted to Turna Point at any time for 2 years.

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