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Yes. You may buy flight tickets without any restriction of being a member. By being a member, you will benefit from membership priviliges. Members earn Turna points when they buy tickets using Turna mobile app, see their past bookings and tickets, and are able to turn their bookings to tickets. Also you can convert from credit card points to Turna points and use your points at any time. Turna Points don't expire for 2 years.
When you spend your first Turna points, you will become an Elite Member. Elite Members are able to invite their friends and start earning %10 extra points from their friends. Your friends will still earn points as usual.

Normal : When you just Sign In, you are a Normal member which is standart for all new registered users.

Elite : To be Elite, you need to spend your first Turna Points. That means you need to do at least two transactions, one to earn Turna points and one to spend. When you are Elite, you are able to invite others to use Turna. You will start earning from their transactions as well. %10 extra Turna points will be yours whenever one of your invitees make a transaction and earn points. This is not only once, it is for a lifetime. Your friends will still benefit from being a user of Turna as usual.

Elite Plus : You need to collect (including what you have spent) 1.000 points in one year time. When you are Elite Plus, your Turna points will be 1,1 TL instead of 1 TL. That means you will have %10 more value from your Turna points.

Premium : To be a Premium Member, you need to collect (including what you have spent) 2.500 points in one year time. Premium Members are getting an extra 500 Turna Points (500 TL). You will be able to use them at any time.

You can take a look at the questions and answers on the Frequently Asked Questions Related With Membership  page. If you have any other questions, you can send them to us from the Contact form.

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