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1 stop - 22h 35m
13 June 2023, Tuesday 02:15
1 stop - 19h 5m
23 May 2023, Tuesday 02:15
1 stop - 11h 40m
20 May 2023, Saturday 22:25
1 stop - 15h 35m
04 April 2023, Tuesday 22:25
1 stop - 19h 40m
20 May 2023, Saturday 02:15
1 stop - 16h 20m
20 June 2023, Tuesday 22:25
1 stop - 17h 10m
20 June 2023, Tuesday 14:05
1 stop - 10h 35m
20 May 2023, Saturday 14:05
1 stop - 9h 40m
28 June 2023, Wednesday 02:15
1 stop - 6h 40m
21 June 2023, Wednesday 02:15
direct-flight - 4h 30m
08 April 2023, Saturday 14:05
1 stop - 15h 50m
26 June 2023, Monday 14:05

About Flydubai


Flydubai Airline was founded on March 19, 2008, by Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Board of Emirates Airlines. On July 14, the airline placed orders for 50 new generations of Boeing 737-800 aircraft, worth $4 billion, to Boeing in the same year. The first delivery of the aircraft, which was ordered on 17 May 2009, took place. Flydubai, which started its flight life by making its first commercial flight to Beirut on June 1, 2009, is growing its flight network day by day as the fastest growing airline company. Flydubai Airlines, a very young airline, flies to more than 70 destinations in the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, and Russia, mainly based in Dubai, with its aircraft fleet consisting of 30 Boeings. Flydubai, which carries out more than 800 flights a week to Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport, is constantly increasing its success rate.

FlyDubai Check-In Procedures

Online check-in opens 48 hours before the flight departure time and online check-in can be made on the FlyDubai website and FlyDubai mobile application up to 75 minutes before the flight. After completing the online check-in process, it is necessary to visit the airport check-in counters. It is recommended that you be at the airport at least 3 hours before the flight departure time for airport check-in. Check-in is done at the FlyDubai counters up to 60 minutes before the flight. Boarding starts 45 minutes before the flight and boarding gates close 20 minutes before the flight. Reservation cannot be changed after online check-in.

FlyDubai Baggage Allowance

Economy Class passengers have the right to bring 1 piece of cabin baggage measuring 55 x 39 x 20cm and weighing a maximum of 7 kg. Business Class passengers can bring 2 pieces of cabin baggage measuring 55 x 39 x 20cm and weighing a maximum of 7 kg. Except for cabin luggage, 1 laptop bag or 1 small handbag of 25 x 33 x 22cm dimensions or 1 duty-free shopping bag is allowed. A maximum of 3 baggage allowances are allowed in check-in baggage, as long as the baggage allowance stated on the booking confirmation is not exceeded. The weight of each baggage must be less than 32 kg. Economy Class passengers are entitled to a maximum of 3 pieces of baggage measuring 75 x 55 x 35 cm and not exceeding 20 kg. Business Class passengers are entitled to a maximum of 3 pieces of baggage measuring 75 x 55 x 35 cm and not exceeding 40 kg. You can find detailed information about baggage allowance and current extra baggage fees on the FlyDubai website.

FlyDubai Seat Selection

Economy Class passengers can choose from the front row, extra legroom, and standard seats for an extra fee. The seats of Business Class passengers are wide, with extra legroom, and are ergonomic. It is possible to choose a seat up to 90 minutes before the flight from the date of reservation.

FlyDubai Food and Beverage Services

The food and beverage menu prepared for every taste makes flights very enjoyable. All food served on flights is prepared according to halal criteria. Economy Value and Flex class passengers are offered vegetarian and non-vegetarian meal options on board. Snacks and drinks can be purchased separately on all flights. Economy Class passengers can purchase food and beverages on board before and during the flight. For detailed information, you can visit the FlyDubai website. Business Class passengers are served hot meals, snacks, cold and hot drinks during the flight.

Frequently Asked Questions About Flydubai

  • Does provides Flydubai flights?
    You may search and find Flydubai flights and buy online. is directly connected with Airline databases and services to get instant flight availability and prices. Compare Flydubai with all other airlines, find the best deals and buy directly from with your credit or debit card.
  • Can I check-in Flydubai flights on
    If you have bought your Flydubai flights at, you may check-in all your Flydubai flights through You may also check your reservations of Flydubai flights.
  • Which international destinations Flydubai has flights to?
    You may fly with Flydubai to the following international destinations: Almaata, Amman, Baku, Belgrade, Beirut, Bucharest, Colombo, Delhi, Dammam, Doha, Dubai, Kathmandu, Kuwait (City), Ljubljana, Muscat, Male, Minsk, Riyadh, Tashkent, Tehran, Tel Aviv Yafo, Zanzibar

Flydubai Flight Ticket Prices

Here are Flydubai flights price chart for the affordable Flydubai flight tickets. You get deals and discounts to get the cheapest Flydubai flight prices.
Popular Flights Ticket Price
Istanbul - Almaata 9,043.60
Istanbul - Amman 8,429.56
Istanbul - Baku 9,561.89
Istanbul - Belgrade 10,003.18
Istanbul - Beirut 6,734.76
Istanbul - Bucharest 9,939.91
Istanbul - Colombo 7,909.71
Istanbul - Delhi 9,032.48
Istanbul - Dammam 8,059.04
Istanbul - Doha 6,777.94
Istanbul - Dubai 3,361.00
Istanbul - Kathmandu 9,715.86
Istanbul - Kuwait (City) 7,287.21
Istanbul - Ljubljana 9,212.55
Istanbul - Muscat 7,022.88
Istanbul - Male 8,049.04
Istanbul - Minsk 13,942.20
Istanbul - Riyadh 5,772.05
Istanbul - Tashkent 9,042.48
Istanbul - Tehran 9,174.97
Istanbul - Tel Aviv Yafo 9,820.65
Istanbul - Zanzibar 9,798.94
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