There are many reasons why you should choose when purchasing flight tickets.

Smart Flight: With our unique feature that offers discounts of up to 70% on different routes, you can find the most affordable flight tickets and flights that you cannot find on airline sites.

Registered Card: It allows you to quickly make transactions for your next flight ticket purchases by registering your card once.

Online Cancellation and Change Service: For those who want to save time, it allows you to quickly cancel and change tickets.

Unconditional Ticket Cancellation: It is very easy and effortless to cancel the tickets you purchased through Moreover, we refund 90% of the fee for cancellations made up to 2 hours before the flight.

Flight Ticket in Installments: You can purchase flight tickets in installments from 3 months to 12 months with your credit card.

Earn Points as You Fly: With the mobile application, you earn points as you purchase flights, whether domestic or international. With the points you earn from each flight, you can fly whenever you want by purchasing discounted tickets online.

Buy Discounted Tickets with Card Points: You can load the points accumulated on your credit card or debit card into your Turna account. With the points you have loaded, you can buy flight tickets and other travel products whenever you want for 2 years. You can either buy a round-trip flight ticket or a one-way flight ticket.

Invite a Friend and Earn: By inviting your friends to Turna, you can earn lifetime points from each of their flights. You can buy cheap, online and discounted flight tickets to the destination you want at the most affordable prices with the money you earn from others.

With all these features, you just need to know where to go. Select the departure place, destination and date and search for cheap flight tickets to the destination you want, look, list, compare, find the ticket you are looking for and buy tickets easily.

According to Crane statistics;

You need to book 22 days before the flight for domestic flights,

For international flight tickets, they must be purchased 11 weeks before the flight.

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