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Istanbul-Ankara 419.99 TL
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Anadolu Jet
direct-flight - 1h
26 October 2022, Wednesday 12:00
Anadolu Jet
direct-flight - 1h 15m
18 October 2022, Tuesday 09:45
Pegasus Airlines
direct-flight - 1h 5m
06 January 2023, Friday 08:15
Pegasus Airlines
direct-flight - 1h 15m
06 January 2023, Friday 11:45
Anadolu Jet
direct-flight - 1h 30m
07 November 2022, Monday 10:00
Anadolu Jet
direct-flight - 1h 10m
10 December 2022, Saturday 10:05
Anadolu Jet
direct-flight - 1h 30m
10 October 2022, Monday 22:50
Anadolu Jet
direct-flight - 1h 10m
09 December 2022, Friday 05:45
Anadolu Jet
direct-flight - 1h 10m
12 October 2022, Wednesday 05:50
Pegasus Airlines
direct-flight - 1h 5m
08 October 2022, Saturday 06:15
Pegasus Airlines
direct-flight - 1h 15m
05 November 2022, Saturday 08:00
Anadolu Jet
direct-flight - 1h 5m
17 October 2022, Monday 05:55
Anadolu Jet
direct-flight - 1h 20m
12 October 2022, Wednesday 21:50
Anadolu Jet
direct-flight - 1h 20m
10 October 2022, Monday 22:00
Anadolu Jet
direct-flight - 1h 40m
19 October 2022, Wednesday 14:05

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Here are the dates of cheap flights from Ankara

Anadolu Jet
direct-flight - 1h
24 October 2022, Monday 11:40
Pegasus Airlines
direct-flight - 1h 10m
04 January 2023, Wednesday 06:30
Pegasus Airlines
direct-flight - 1h 20m
14 October 2022, Friday 06:00
Anadolu Jet
direct-flight - 1h 25m
31 October 2022, Monday 07:55
Anadolu Jet
direct-flight - 1h 20m
07 November 2022, Monday 08:05
Anadolu Jet
direct-flight - 1h 20m
10 October 2022, Monday 07:50
Anadolu Jet
direct-flight - 1h 10m
26 November 2022, Saturday 23:55
Anadolu Jet
direct-flight - 1h 15m
17 October 2022, Monday 23:55
Pegasus Airlines
direct-flight - 1h 15m
11 December 2022, Sunday 07:05
Anadolu Jet
direct-flight - 1h 20m
02 November 2022, Wednesday 12:55
Anadolu Jet
direct-flight - 1h 25m
29 October 2022, Saturday 08:00
Anadolu Jet
direct-flight - 1h 20m
07 October 2022, Friday 19:35
Anadolu Jet
direct-flight - 1h 15m
31 October 2022, Monday 07:45
Anadolu Jet
direct-flight - 1h 15m
08 October 2022, Saturday 20:50
Anadolu Jet
direct-flight - 1h 35m
28 October 2022, Friday 04:55

Popular International Flights From Ankara

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direct-flight - 3h 45m
24 November 2022, Thursday 20:15
Turkish Airlines
direct-flight - 2h 30m
04 January 2023, Wednesday 16:50
1 stop - 18h 35m
14 November 2022, Monday 10:20
direct-flight - 3h 40m
26 November 2022, Saturday 20:15
direct-flight - 3h 30m
24 October 2022, Monday 03:45
direct-flight - 3h 30m
06 January 2023, Friday 19:10
Pegasus Airlines
direct-flight - 1h 10m
22 November 2022, Tuesday 07:10
direct-flight - 3h 25m
22 November 2022, Tuesday 09:50
1 stop - 13h 30m
05 November 2022, Saturday 14:25
direct-flight - 3h
14 November 2022, Monday 11:10
direct-flight - 3h 40m
03 January 2023, Tuesday 20:10
direct-flight - 3h 10m
16 November 2022, Wednesday 19:40
Pegasus Airlines
direct-flight - 3h 25m
30 October 2022, Sunday 02:50

Information for Ankara Flights

There are 43 flights operating between Istanbul and Ankara. You may find frequent flights from Istanbul, Izmir and Malatya to Ankara.

You can travel cheaper to Ankara by purchasing Ankara bus ticket.

Are you looking for cheap fares for Ankara flights? In the coming 3 months: Adiyaman Ankara 490 TL, Antalya Ankara 549 TL and Istanbul Ankara 420 TL

Better to book your flight to Ankara 18 days before departure to get the best fares on average.

July and September months are the highest season for Turkey, Ankara. The prices are higher compared to the other periods. You will find the cheapest flight prices in the following months: October and November.

Ankara, the capital of Turkey, is the second most populous city of our country with a population of over 5 million. Ankara, which was the center of action of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his friends in the Independence War, has an important place in the history of modern Turkey.

Located in the center of the Central Anatolia Region, the city experienced a rapid transformation after becoming the capital. Ankara, the administrative center of Turkey, is a meeting point with many industrial facilities, educational institutions, health centers as well as cultural events, festivals, museums and art galleries.

Places to Visit and See in Ankara
When it comes to places to visit in Ankara, the first place that comes to mind is Anıtkabir in Anıttepe, where Atatürk's tomb is located, which is also among the symbols of Ankara. Anıtkabir, which is flooded by visitors every year of the year, started in 1944 and was completed in 1953. In Anıtkabir, which bears Ottoman and Seljuk traces, there are the tomb of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the Founder of the Republic of Turkey, the Peace Park, the Monument Block and 10 towers.

Since Ankara was the center of the War of Independence between 1918 and 1923, it bears many architectural structures and traces from this period. The 1st Parliament Building, used as the War of Independence Museum in Ulus Square, and the 2nd Parliament Building, used as the Republic Museum, welcome those who want to witness those years.

Ankara Castle, which impresses its visitors with its Ankara view, is among the must-see structures in Ankara. The castle, which dates back to the 2nd century BC, consists of 2 gates and 42 towers. Kalecik Castle, 78 kilometers from Ankara, on the Çankırı road, and Gavur Castle, near the town of Haymana, are among the other castles that can be seen in Ankara.

Beypazarı district, which has become more frequent in the route of especially domestic tourists in recent years, is ideal for observing the protected cultural structure of Ankara. Beypazarı stands out with its historical past dating back to the Hittite Empire, wooden houses, silver art, mineral water and local delicacies.

Ankara is one of the cities that hosts the most important museums in Turkey. Anatolian Civilizations Museum, which sheds light on Anatolian history and is among the best museums in the world, Ankara Ethnography Museum, Roman Museum, Gordion Museum in Yassıhöyük Village and the Temple of Augustos are among the places to visit.

Angora cat, rabbit and goat are among the world-renowned Ankara values. With its modern parks and green areas, Ankara is one of the greenest cities in Turkey, with many meeting centers where people can breathe. Abdi İpekçi Park, Altın Park, Botanical Park, Kuğulu Park and Mogan Park are the most well-known of these parks. Mogan Lake creates a sea atmosphere in Ankara, which has no shore to the sea.

Sheikh Hammam and Thermal Springs is a center that is preferred for health tourism and includes Turkish baths and facilities.

Since it is the center of bureaucracy, many institutions in culture and art are located in Ankara. State Opera and Ballet, Prime Ministry Symphony Orchestra, State Painting and Sculpture Museum, State Theater and many art galleries contribute to Ankara's cultural life.

Among the world-renowned festivals, Ankara International Art Festival, Ankara International Cartoon Festival, Ankara International Music Festival, Ankara International Film Festival, Asia-Europe Art Exhibition are among the most important events of the city.

What to Eat in Ankara
In Ankara, it is possible to find examples from all over Turkey and from different world cuisines. In traditional Ankara cuisine, Cennet Küngü, Sunken Halva, Toyga Soup, Ankara Pan, Ornaç, Arabaşı and Garden Kebab are local delicacies. Soup, meat dishes, pastries and desserts are among the flavors that stand out in Ankara cuisine.

How to go to Ankara
There are flights to the capital Ankara from different cities of Turkey and the world. In Turkey, Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, Adana, Bursa, Alanya (Gazipasa), Bodrum-Milas, Dalaman, Gaziantep, Batman, Sanliurfa, Diyarbakir, Hakkari, Mus, Kars, Edremit, Sivas, Antakya, Elazig, Erzincan, Canakkale, You can reach Ankara Esenboğa Airport by purchasing an Ankara flight ticket from Kahramanmaraş, Mardin, Adıyaman, Samsun, Şırnak, Bingöl, Ordu-Giresun, Van, Trabzon, Iğdır and Siirt. There are also train and bus options for Ankara travel.

Ankara, the capital of Turkey, welcomes many visitors with its museums that take you on a journey through time, regular parks and gardens, lively streets and local delicacies. It is possible to travel to Ankara by finding suitable flight tickets from the campaigns organized by different airline companies.

FAQs about Ankara Flights

  • Which airlines are flying to Ankara?
    The airlines flying most frequently to Ankara are: Turkish Airlines, Anadolu Jet, Pegasus Airlines, Lufthansa and Qatar Airways. The most popular route is Istanbul to Ankara. Anadolu Jet, Pegasus Airlines and Turkish Airlines are the most popular airlines for this route.
  • How much is the cheapest flight to Ankara?
    In the next 3 months, the cheapest one way flight between Turkey cities and Ankara is Sinop to Ankara at 9 October 2022 and the price of the flight is 379 TL. The cheapest roundtrip flight is from Tekirdag to Ankara and it costs 640 TL.
  • How long does a flight takes to Ankara?
    • Istanbul Ankara Flights: 55 minutes
    • Izmir Ankara Flights: 1 hour 10 minutes
    • Malatya Ankara Flights: 1 hour 5 minutes
    • Antalya Ankara Flights: 1 hour 5 minutes
    • Adiyaman Ankara Flights: 1 hour 15 minutes
  • How close the Ankara airports to the City Center?
    Ankara Esenboga Airport is 26 km from the city center.
  • How TURNA finds these low flight prices?
    TURNA has agreements with many airlines and get special fares and discounts. TURNA is the inventor of Smart Flight ® which connects the non-connected airlines. Smart Flight ® has a unique scientific algorithm and can find 70% cheaper routes which you cannot find on any other site.

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Ankara Flight Ticket Prices

Here are Ankara flights price chart for the affordable Ankara flight tickets. You get deals and discounts to get the cheapest Ankara flight prices.
Popular Flights Ticket Price
Izmir - Ankara 509.99
Elazig - Ankara 589.99
Balıkesir Edremit - Ankara 802.98
Adana - Ankara 539.99
Bodrum - Ankara 509.99
Igdir - Ankara 589.99
Hatay - Ankara 489.99
Antalya - Ankara 739.99
Samsun - Ankara 429.99
Diyarbakir - Ankara 789.99
Adiyaman - Ankara 489.99
Van - Ankara 639.99
Istanbul - Ankara 419.99
Dalaman - Ankara 789.99
Canakkale - Ankara 489.99
Kars - Ankara 589.99
Alanya - Ankara 639.99
Erzurum - Ankara 489.99
Mardin - Ankara 639.99
Sanliurfa - Ankara 539.99
Trabzon - Ankara 489.99
Gaziantep - Ankara 589.99
Rize Artvin - Ankara 489.99
Ordu-Giresun - Ankara 429.99
Malatya - Ankara 539.99
Amman - Ankara 2,283.00
Amsterdam - Ankara 1,772.29
Baku - Ankara 2,942.26
Berlin - Ankara 2,039.78
Brussels - Ankara 1,587.30
Cologne/Bonn - Ankara 1,217.30
Copenhagen - Ankara 1,685.00
Dusseldorf - Ankara 1,217.29
Dubai - Ankara 2,446.99
Basel Mulhouse - Ankara 1,925.26
Lefkosa - Ankara 806.71
Frankfurt - Ankara 1,580.09
Hamburg - Ankara 1,427.00
Jeddah - Ankara 3,199.00
London - Ankara 1,663.79
Milan - Ankara 1,719.79
Moscow - Ankara 4,945.09
Munich - Ankara 1,743.77
New York - Ankara 8,009.17
Paris - Ankara 1,630.54
Prague - Ankara 2,699.36
Rome - Ankara 3,177.81
Riyadh - Ankara 3,150.99
Stuttgart - Ankara 1,402.29
Vienna - Ankara 1,449.00
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