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Washington - Ankara
1 stop - 23h 40m
13 July 2017, Thursday 21:20
Washington - Ankara
1 stop - 23h 30m
27 May 2017, Saturday 21:30
Washington - Ankara
2 stop - 24h 31m
01 July 2017, Saturday 18:59
Washington - Ankara
1 stop - 11h 20m
19 July 2017, Wednesday 23:05
Washington - Ankara
1 stop - 11h 20m
19 August 2017, Saturday 23:00
Washington - Ankara
1 stop - 23h 30m
18 August 2017, Friday 21:30
Washington - Ankara
1 stop - 11h 20m
28 July 2017, Friday 23:00
Washington - Ankara
1 stop - 11h 20m
16 August 2017, Wednesday 23:00

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Bursa - Ankara
direct-flight - 55m
10 June 2017, Saturday 12:05
Istanbul - Ankara
direct-flight - 1h 5m
03 June 2017, Saturday 18:20
Izmir - Ankara
direct-flight - 1h 15m
27 May 2017, Saturday 22:35
Gaziantep - Ankara
direct-flight - 1h 10m
12 June 2017, Monday 17:55
Diyarbakir - Ankara
direct-flight - 1h 25m
10 June 2017, Saturday 06:15
Antalya - Ankara
direct-flight - 1h 5m
01 June 2017, Thursday 21:35
Adana - Ankara
direct-flight - 1h 5m
31 May 2017, Wednesday 21:35
Trabzon - Ankara
direct-flight - 1h 15m
04 June 2017, Sunday 06:20

Ankara, Turkey

Capital of Turkey
Capital of Turkey

Capital of Turkey, Ankara is the 2nd most crowded city of Turkey with it population over 5 million. Being the campaign center of Mustafa Kemal and his friends during the Turkish War of Independency, Ankara has an important place in the modern Turkish history.

Located in the center of Middle Anatolian Region, Ankara has gone through a quick transformation after becoming the capital. Turkey's administrative central Ankara is a meeting point not only with its many industrial plants, educational institutions and health centers but also with its cultural events, festivals, museums and art galleries.

Places to Visit in Ankara

Anıtkabir is the first place that comes to mind when it comes to places to visit in Ankara. One of the symbols of Ankara, Anıtkabir is also where the tomb of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of Turkish Republic is located and is in Anıttepe. Floated with visitors all year long, Anıtkabir was built between the years of 1944 and 1953. Bearing the traces of Ottoman and Seljuk architectural styles, there are the tomb of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, founder of Turkish Republic, Peace Park, Memorial Bloke and 10 towers in Anıtkabir.

Ankara bears many architectural structures and traces from the period of 1918-1923 due to its being the center of the Independency War during those years. Building of 1st Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM) used as Independence War Museum and the building of 2nd Assembly used as Republic Museum, both on Ulus square, are good options for those who want to witness those years and learn more about the Turkish history.

Ankara Castle is among the must see places in Ankara with its fascinating view. Having its roots date back to 2nd century BC, this castle has 2 doors and 42 towers. On the way to Çankırı, 78 km away from Ankara Kalecik Castle and Gavur Castle in the county of Haymana are the other castles of Ankara that should be visited.

Visited more frequently in the recent years especially by domestic tourists, Beypazarı County is an ideal place to observe the preserved cultural life of Ankara. Beypazarı comes to the forefront with its history going back to Hittite Empire, wooden houses, silver art, mineral water and local tastes.

Ankara is among the cities of Turkey which host the best museums. Anatolian Civilizations Museum which enlightens the Anatolian history and is among the best museums of the world, Ankara Ethnography Museum, Roma Museum, Gordion Museum in Yassıhöyük Village and Augustos Temple are among the places that should be visited.

Ankara cat, rabbit and goat are the values of Ankara known worldwide. Providing many meeting points with modern parks and green areas where people can rest comfortably, Ankara is one of Turkey's greenest cities. Abdi İpekçi Park, Altın Park, Botanik Park, Kuğulu Park and Mogan Park are the most known ones. Mogan River creates a sea-like atmosphere in Ankara.

Şeyh Bath and Thermals are preferred for health tourism and contains baths, health centers inside.

Due to its being the center of bureaucracy, many institutions of culture and art are located in Ankara. State Opera and Bale, Prime Ministry Symphony Orchestra, State Paintings and Sculpture Museum, State Theatre and many art galleries contribute to the cultural life of Ankara.

Worldwide known Ankara International Art Festival, Ankara International Caricature Festival, Ankara International Music Festival, Ankara International Film Festival, Asia-Europe Art Exhibition are among the most important events of the city.

What to Eat in Ankara

It's possible to taste many different cuisines from all around Turkey and from world in Ankara. On the other hand, Cennet Küngü, Batık Helva, Toyga Soup, Ankara Tavası, Ornaç, Arabaşı and Bahçe Kebab are the delights of traditional Ankara cuisine. Soups, meat dishes, pastries and desserts come forefront in Ankara's cuisine.

How to Go to Ankara

There are many domestic and international flights to Ankara. You can get to Ankara Esenboğa Airport from İstanbul, İzmir, Antalya, Adana, Bursa, Alanya (Gazipaşa), Bodrum-Milas, Dalaman, Gaziantep, Batman, Şanlıurfa, Diyarbakır, Hakkari, Muş, Kars, Edremit, Sivas, Antakya, Elazığ, Erzincan, Çanakkale, Kahramanmaraş, Mardin, Adıyaman, Samsun, Şırnak, Bingöl, Ordu-Giresun, Van, Trabzon, Iğdır and Siirt in Turkey by purchasing an Ankara flight ticket. There are also train and bus options to come to Ankara.

Turkey's capital Ankara hosts many visitors with its time traveling museums, organized parks and gardens, lively boulevards and local tastes. It's possible to have an Ankara journey by benefiting from the convenient flight ticket opportunities of different airline companies.

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