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Salam Air
1 stop - 31h 20m
14 June 2024, Friday 14:50
Salam Air
1 stop - 10h 50m
12 July 2024, Friday 14:50
Salam Air
1 stop - 26h 40m
27 May 2024, Monday 14:50
Salam Air
1 stop - 9h 45m
10 May 2024, Friday 14:50
Salam Air
1 stop - 11h
05 July 2024, Friday 14:50
Salam Air
1 stop - 27h 45m
12 May 2024, Sunday 14:55
Salam Air
1 stop - 10h 30m
12 May 2024, Sunday 14:55
Salam Air
1 stop - 3h 35m
23 June 2024, Sunday 14:55
Salam Air
1 stop - 12h
05 May 2024, Sunday 14:55
Salam Air
2 stop - 19h 30m
24 April 2024, Wednesday 14:50
Salam Air
1 stop - 20h 20m
24 June 2024, Monday 14:50
Salam Air
direct-flight - 4h 55m
17 April 2024, Wednesday 14:50

About Salam Air

Salam Air

Salam Air, which started air passenger transportation activities in 2017, is Oman's first low-cost airline. The company's headquarters is Muscat International Airport. Salam Air operates scheduled flights to approximately 30 destinations in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Far East Asia. Salam Air also has flights to Türkiye. As a low-cost carrier, Salam Air offers travelers flexibility when planning their trips and aims to provide them with a good travel experience. Offering alternative options, the company offers the best opportunities for travelers to travel more often. Salam Air's name comes from the Arabic word "Salam", which means greeting. This name pays homage to Oman's rich culture and history. The name Salam also exemplifies the hospitality embedded in Oman's culture.

Salam Air's fleet includes 14 modern aircraft of the Airbus A320neo and A321neo models. The company offers the highest level of quality service to its customers with more than 450 experienced personnel.

Salam Air Check-in Procedures

Online check-in for Salam Air flights starts 24 hours before the flight departure time and ends 1 hour before the flight. Counter check-in is also available for Salam Air flights. For international flights, it is recommended to be at the airport at least 3 hours before departure time. Counter check-in opens 3 hours before departure and is available up to 1 hour before departure. Assistance services are provided from counter check-in to the flight gate for passengers with special needs such as wheelchairs, if they inform in advance.

Salam Air Baggage Allowance

Salam Air flights allow up to 7 kilograms of hand luggage. Check-in baggage allowance is limited to 1 piece of 30 kilograms. Check-in baggage allowance may vary depending on ticket class. Those who want to purchase extra baggage allowance can purchase 10 kg or 20 kg extra baggage allowance during or after reservation. You can learn about extra baggage fees from the Salam Air website and call center.

Salam Air Seat Selection

On Salam Air flights, you can choose a seat among first row, emergency exit, wide legroom seats depending on the aircraft, and standard seats. Except for standard seats, there is an extra fee. Seat selection can be selected during reservation or later by calling the contact center. Passengers who do not choose a seat will be assigned a seat by the counter staff at check-in.

Salam Air Food, Beverage Service

Hot meals, sandwiches, snacks and soft drinks are sold on Salam Air flights. Salam Air's food menu appeals to a variety of dietary preferences. There are many options on Salam Air flights, from vegetarian, vegan and allergen-free menus, from beef sharwma to chicken tandoori, from vegetable and cheese dishes to sandwiches and snacks. Those who want to order food, drinks and snacks in advance can place their order during ticket reservation or later by calling the contact center.

Frequently Asked Questions About Salam Air

  • Does provides Salam Air flights?
    You may search and find Salam Air flights and buy online. is directly connected with Airline databases and services to get instant flight availability and prices. Compare Salam Air with all other airlines, find the best deals and buy directly from with your credit or debit card.
  • Can I check-in Salam Air flights on
    If you have bought your Salam Air flights at, you may check-in all your Salam Air flights through You may also check your reservations of Salam Air flights.
  • Which international destinations Salam Air has flights to?
    You may fly with Salam Air to the following international destinations: Bangkok, Colombo, Bahrain, Hyderabad, Dhaka, Salalah, Kozhikode, Phuket, Karachi, Turkistan, Kuwait (City), Muscat, Jaipur, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Muscat

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