Bus Ticket

Bus tickets are available on turna.com! With advanced search technology, you can easily compare domestic and international bus routes from over 300 bus companies on a single screen and purchase your bus ticket without any commission or risk.

Buy a Bus Ticket

You can access all domestic and international bus routes in seconds, choose the most suitable route for you, and purchase your bus ticket securely with a safe payment system. Plus, you won't pay any commission or service fees for bus tickets. The steps to buy a bus ticket are very simple: select departure and destination cities, search for bus routes based on your preferred date, review the details of the routes to select your preferred one, and choose your seat. In the next steps, enter passenger information and payment details to securely purchase your bus ticket. After purchasing your ticket, the journey details and PNR number will be sent to your email address. If you need assistance with bus routes and bus ticket transactions, you can start a conversation with our team through the live support section on our website and mobile app.

Bus Ticket Prices

You can easily find the most affordable bus ticket options by comparing bus ticket prices from different companies on a single screen. You can also purchase a bus ticket in installments with installment options that can extend up to 12 months. To buy a cheap bus ticket, you can take advantage of these features on turna.com:

- You can follow bus ticket campaigns by becoming a member of Turna.com.
- You can earn Turna Points from the plane and bus tickets you purchase through the mobile app and use these points when buying bus tickets.
- You can transfer points accumulated on your bank or credit card to your turna.com account to purchase bus tickets with your points.
- You can invite your friends to turna.com, and as they travel, you can earn Turna Points as well.

Benefits of Traveling by Bus

Traveling by bus is both an economical and comfortable transportation option. Many bus companies offer regular services with state-of-the-art buses equipped with comfortable seats, seat-back screens, and free Wi-Fi access. In addition to onboard service, there are also opportunities for food, beverages, shopping, and other necessities during long journeys. Bus tickets are more budget-friendly compared to plane tickets, making bus travel the preferred mode of transportation, especially for domestic travel.

Where Can You Travel by Bus?

You can travel by bus to almost every city in Turkey, neighboring countries, and certain cities in Europe. With more than 300 bus companies listed on Turna.com, you can easily reach your desired destination at affordable prices. The "Smart Route" feature developed by Turna.com engineers allows you to easily reach cities or districts where bus companies do not have direct routes. The Smart Route feature combines disconnected bus routes for you, ensuring you reach your destination safely under the Turna.com guarantee.

When Is the Best Time to Buy the Cheapest Bus Ticket?

Bus ticket prices do not fluctuate like plane ticket prices. Therefore, you can purchase your bus ticket at any time. If you want to choose your preferred seat, we recommend not waiting until the last minute and buying your ticket a few days before your trip. Bus tickets sold during the summer season and holiday periods may be more expensive compared to other times. The cheapest bus tickets can often be found during the winter, spring, and fall seasons.

If your travel plans change, you can easily cancel your ticket and receive a refund without any hassle. The important thing to note is the cancellation policies of the bus companies. When purchasing a ticket, you should check the "Important Notes" section to see how many hours before the journey you can cancel your ticket.

Changes or ticket rescheduling cannot be made for bus tickets. To purchase a new ticket, you can easily cancel your existing ticket by creating an online cancellation request on our website or mobile app.