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Tokat, Turkey

'' Hey fifteen year old, roads of Tokat are stony

Located in the Black Sea Region, Tokat has witnessed 14 states and many other chiefdoms during it 5000 years old history in the cradle of civilizations Anatolia. Tokat is the heaven on earth with its rich natural resources and flatlands in tandem like the beads-on-a-string from the mountains of central Black Sea to the south, inner Anatolia.

Mentioned with the names Komana, Kah-Cun, Dar, Ün-Nusret and Sobaru through its history, Tokat is thought to be established by Togayıts in primeval days. Tokat has been ruled by Hittite, Assyrian, Persian, Cappadocia, Pontus, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman Empires throughout its history.

Places to Visit

One of the biggest caves of the world Ballıca Cave is located 26 km away from the city center, in the Pazar County of Tokat. Considered as one of the most magnificent caves of the world, Ballıca Cave is the first place to visit in Tokat. This cave will make you feel like you have entered from the gates of another world. So that, there're many tourist who come to Tokat just to see this cave. Consists of crystallized limestone, this cave is a true wonder of nature with its 8 saloons open to visitors, its oxygenic air and gigantic scalactites and stalagmites. Plus it still preserves its mistery with its undiscovered and unopened parts. This 3.4 million years old cave is almost an natural museum with international importance.

Sebastapolis Ancient City in Sulusaray County 69 km away from the city center has been established on a great mound from the Bronze Age. Important residuals and many other artifacts dug out of this ancient city which witnesses the rooted history of Tokat are exhibited in Sebastopolis Open Air Stone Artifacts Museum and Sebastopolis Mosaic House Museum.

8 km road from Pazar County to Ballıca Cave passes through a bridge from Seljuk Era which connects to the Royal Road.

For those who wish to see it Mahperi Sultan Caravansary is also on the way to the cave. Another important bridge of Tokat is 700 year old, 151 meters long Hıdırlık Bridge which connects Black Sea to Anatolia.

The most important castle of Tokat is Tokat Castle which is considered to be built in 5th or 6th century A.C. This castle which bears the traces of medieval has been used by Byzantines. It has been repaired during Seljuk and Ottoman rule with the purposes of defense. Another historical artifact that you must pay a visit during your Tokat travel is Zile Castle with its beautiful view of Zile Flatland. This historical castle built in 1st century A.C. is also the place where Caesar said "Veni vidi vici" or "I came, I saw, I conquered". Built on a highland between the rivers of Maduru and Çanakçı, Niksar Castle is another historical artifact that worth seeing.

If you wish to see Tower Clock of Tokat that is also one of the symbols of the city, it is located right in the city center. It was built in 1902 for the commemorative of 25th anniversary of Sultan II. Albülhamit's ascend. Taşhan, an Ottoman city inn with a rectangle construction plan, patio and two floors, built in 17th century is on Gazi Osman Paşa Boulevard in city center.

Another historical heritage you should pay a visit during your Tokat trip is Ali Paşa Mosque in Cumhuriyet Square. Built during the realm of Sultan 2nd Selim in 1572 this mosque is also the biggest Ottoman artifact in Tokat. Bearing the characteristics of 16th century Ottoman mosque architecture and Mimar Sinan ecole, this mosque has only one dome. East of the mosque there's Ali Paşa Bath which is still in use today. Another important historical bath of the city center is Pervane Bath. It's guessed to be built by Muinüddin Pervane, one of the viziers of Seljuk Empire, in 1275.

If you wish to visit a museum and a historical artifact at the same time, Tokat Mevlevihanesi built in 17th century is a magnificent building covering a 3000 meter square area. Also mentioned in the famous travel book of Evliye Çelebi, this Mevlevihane has been turned into a museum. Here exhibited rug and carpets, manuscript Qurans, residuals of Yağıbasan Madrasah and model whirling dervishes.

Yağıbasan Madrasah in city center is considered to be built in 12th century by Danishmends. It has been repaired in 1247 to honor of ascend of Seljuk Sultan 2nd İzzeddin Keykavus. The biggest significance of this building is its 14 meters in diameter squinch-fir dome.

Those who wish to have a closer look at the rich cultural heritage of Tokat can visit the Tokat Museum in city center. This museum is inside a 500 year old covered bazaar. We highly recommend you to see the animations of Ottoman copper atelier and traditional manuscript atelier which have a 600 year old history.

Another museum you can visit is the house where Atatürk and his wife Latife have stayed. Atatürk House where local objects are exhibited is also an ethnography museum.

Selemen Flatland where a traditional flatland bazaar is set-up is important for the local folk because here Sultan Selim the Stern camped and made his Friday prayer when he was going on a campaign. A local bazaar is being set-up here from spring till the first snow since 1514. You should definitely buy some of the fresh local products if you come here.

Çamiçi Flatland is a natural wonder with the smell of pine-trees, fresh air and wooden mountain houses. Tourism facilities and hotels here are open to visitors all year long. Delicious potatoes baked in cinder taste even better with the view. You can eat fresh trout in Akbelen Flatland located on the 18th km of Niksar Highway and collect colorful flatland flowers in Dumanlı Flatland which is located 70 km away from the city center. If you wish you can relax in the healing waters of Reşadiye and Sulusaray Thermals or watch many birds during row in Kaz Lake which is a protected environment for wild life and watch the natural beauties of Tokat with a fantastic sunset.

What to Eat

Tokat Kebab, fava bean stuffing, keşkek, gendüme soup, bacaklı soup, cevizli çörek, bezli sucuk, bat are among the dishes of rich and appetizing cuisine of Tokat. Tokat wine gives a novel touch to this delicious table. You should not leave before tasting the Mahlep Wine which is produced only in Tokat.

How To Go

Tokat has an easy transportation line. There transportation facilities by road from everywhere in Turkey and also airline and railway facilities from some cities.

Tokat Map

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Tokat Map

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