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Washington - Malatya
1 stop - 12h 5m
18 August 2017, Friday 23:00
Washington - Malatya
1 stop - 12h 5m
29 May 2017, Monday 23:00
Washington - Malatya
1 stop - 12h 5m
10 July 2017, Monday 23:00
Washington - Malatya
2 stop - 20h 4m
10 July 2017, Monday 18:40

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Ankara - Malatya
direct-flight - 1h 10m
29 May 2017, Monday 23:35
Istanbul - Malatya
direct-flight - 1h 45m
03 June 2017, Saturday 21:15
Bursa - Malatya
1 stop - 2h 5m
04 June 2017, Sunday 12:05
Antalya - Malatya
1 stop - 2h 15m
03 June 2017, Saturday 21:35
Izmir - Malatya
1 stop - 2h 25m
05 June 2017, Monday 21:40
Trabzon - Malatya
1 stop - 2h 30m
29 May 2017, Monday 21:30
Adana - Malatya
1 stop - 2h 15m
29 May 2017, Monday 21:35
Bodrum - Malatya
1 stop - 3h 10m
01 June 2017, Thursday 16:30

Malatya, Turkey

A moon rises from the first night from the first evening
A moon rises from the first night from the first evening

Known as the land of apricots, Malatya is a city in Eastern Anatolia Region of Turkey with the population of 800 thousand. One of the most beautiful corners of Turkey with its modern urban life, lively streets and natural beauties, Malatya is an important attraction center with its dam lakes.

This city named as Melita in Kültepe cuneiforms and Maldia in Hittite cuneiforms was a part of Cappadocia Kingdom in the past. The history of the first settlement of Malatya dates back to 6000 B.C. due to the region's strategic significance.

Places to Visit in Malatya

Located in Eastern Anatolian Region of Turkey the city surrounded by Euphrates River in the east and Toros Mountains in the south. It entered into the domination of different civilizations like Meds, Persians, Hittites, Byzantines and Ottomans throughout its long history.

Mountain of Nemrut is located 94 km away from the city center is 2150 meters above the sea level. This settlement sets light to humankind's history and is flooded by visitors especially in spring and summer. Bearing the traces of Kingdom of Commagene, it's really delightful to watch the sunrise and wander around the giant sculptures in Nemrut Mountain. Silahtar Mustafa Paşa Caravansary, Melih Sunullah Mosque and Ulu Mosque are treasures survived from past to present day.  One of the biggest archeological sites of Turkey Arslantepe Mound is located 7 km northeast of Malatya. This 30 meters long mound bears the traces of Romans and Byzantines.

In this city where you can witness a different beauty in every corner with its historical mosques, madrasahs, inns and baths; Sultansuyu, Karakaya Dam and Levent Valley are among the natural beauties.

Folk dances are among the most significant heritages of this city where cultural and art activities and impacts of local culture are tried to be kept alive. Yeşilyurt Cherry Culture and Art Festival hold in the month of June, Arguvan Culture and Art Festival and Culture, Art and Apricot Festival hold in the month of July and lastly Yazıhan Culture and Art Festival hold in the month of August are among the organizations which attract visitors.

You shouldn't come back without eating apricot in Malatya which is full of apricot trees. The must do things in Malatya are to visit Old City, Arslantepe and Archeology Museum, to see the Mountain of Nemrut, to eat lambkebab in curl paper and to shop in Şire Bazaar where local product are sold.

You can find many handmade souvenirs in Malatya streets. Carving is among the traditional handcrafts. You're in the right place for copper kitchen utensils, rugs, carpets and wooden carving. Covered Bazaar and Coppersmith's Bazaar are the places to go to see the examples of these handicrafts. You can taste a variety of apricots and sweets in the souvenir shops of the city center. You can pay a visit to Atatürk Milli Egemenlik and İnönü Boulevards to see these shops.

What to Eat in Malatya

There're over 50 types of wheat patties in Malatya cuisine where meat and wheat are the main ingredients. Gilgirikli patty, analıkızlı patty, apple patty, spinach patty, potato kubbeh, yumru meatballs, kel meatball are the first ones that come to mind.

How to Go to Malatya

It's quite easy to travel to Malatya where there're direct flights from Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. There're also some seasonal connected flights from abroad to Malatya. Malatya Erhaç Airport is located 29 km away from the city center. You can find a cheap flight ticket to Malatya by following the special offers of airlines companies and affordable flight ticket options. You can get to Malatya from everywhere in Turkey by bus and 4 Eylül Mavi Train departing from Ankara also passes by Malatya.

Hometown of apricot Malatya is a good place to travel with its rich cultural heritage, local food, streets filled with Anatolian impact and impressive architectural buildings.

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