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Istanbul-Amasya 1,200.94 TL
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Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 12h 40m
26 June 2024, Wednesday 20:50
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 14h 20m
21 July 2024, Sunday 22:05
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 13h 55m
26 June 2024, Wednesday 19:30
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 13h 15m
02 June 2024, Sunday 23:05
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 3h 40m
03 June 2024, Monday 08:40
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 14h 5m
02 June 2024, Sunday 22:25
Turkish Airlines
direct-flight - 1h 25m
03 June 2024, Monday 06:20
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 3h 40m
06 June 2024, Thursday 05:45

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Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 18h 15m
03 June 2024, Monday 13:10
Turkish Airlines
1 stop - 5h 40m
11 June 2024, Tuesday 19:25
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 5h 30m
10 June 2024, Monday 13:10
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 4h 35m
03 June 2024, Monday 13:10
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 6h 55m
01 July 2024, Monday 13:10
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 9h 50m
20 June 2024, Thursday 10:40
Pegasus Airlines
direct-flight - 1h 20m
03 June 2024, Monday 13:10
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 17h 55m
03 June 2024, Monday 13:10

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Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 18h 55m
16 June 2024, Sunday 16:35
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 9h 20m
08 July 2024, Monday 04:10
Turkish Airlines
1 stop - 26h 30m
17 August 2024, Saturday 15:10
Turkish Airlines
1 stop - 22h
08 June 2024, Saturday 19:25
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 6h 40m
22 August 2024, Thursday 01:45
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 16h 30m
03 July 2024, Wednesday 15:55
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 18h 40m
09 June 2024, Sunday 16:50
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 15h 5m
14 August 2024, Wednesday 17:20
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 6h 40m
20 June 2024, Thursday 02:45
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 14h 40m
07 August 2024, Wednesday 17:45
Pegasus Airlines
2 stop - 33h 15m
30 June 2024, Sunday 02:15
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 17h 45m
02 June 2024, Sunday 17:35
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 9h 25m
17 June 2024, Monday 03:05
Turkish Airlines
1 stop - 11h 35m
09 July 2024, Tuesday 07:05
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 22h 25m
23 June 2024, Sunday 12:05
Turkish Airlines
1 stop - 22h 35m
12 July 2024, Friday 19:05

Information for Amasya Flights

There are 1 flights operating between Istanbul and Amasya. You may find frequent flights from Istanbul, Izmir and Antalya to Amasya.

You can travel cheaper to Amasya by purchasing Amasya bus ticket.

Are you looking for cheap fares for Amasya flights? In the coming 3 months: Adana Amasya 2,791 TL, Ankara Amasya 2,518 TL and Kayseri Amasya 3,365 TL

Better to book your flight to Amasya 33 days before departure to get the best fares on average.

August and April months are the highest season for Turkey, Amasya. The prices are higher compared to the other periods. You will find the cheapest flight prices in the following months: March and February.

Amasya, which is located in the inner parts of the Central Black Sea Region, on the skirts of the Harşena Mountain of the Yeşilırmak Valley, the hometown of Strabo, the land of the Amazons, the education home of the princes, is one of the oldest Anatolian cities where 19 civilizations ruled, starting with the Hittites.

Amasya, which has been known by the names Amesseia, Amacia, Amaccia throughout history, with its 7,000 years of history, seven stone bridges connecting the city divided by Yeşilırmak, which turns the land it touches into paradise, the charming waterfront houses on the Yeşilırmak coastline, its history, culture, science and art permeate every square meter. deserves it to the fullest.

Places to visit

The King Rock Tombs, which belong to the Pontus Kings of the Hellenistic period, were carved into the limestone rocks on the skirts of Amasya Castle. This area, also known as the Valley of the Kings, is reached by the stairs starting from the train line of the Hatuniye District in the city center. Along the Yeşilırmak Valley, Amasya's most famous King Rock Tomb Aynalı Cave, with many tombs, is the best-worked and completed one.

Amasya Castle, which is thought to have been built by the Hittites on Harşena Mountain with a view of Yeşilırmak, was used until the Ottoman Yeşilırmak period. Because it dominates the city, it is in a very strategic position.

The two-storey wooden Hazeranlar Mansion, a fine example of Ottoman civil architecture, was built in 1872 by Defterdar Hasan Talat Efendi. The most striking mansion in the series of waterfront houses is now used as the Hazeranlar Ethnography Museum, and a total of 355 works reflecting the 19th century life are on display.

Haliliye Madrasah, with its magnificent architecture in Gümüşhacıköy, was built by Beylerbeyi Halil Pasha, dated 1413. The Çelebi Mehmet Madrasa, which was built by Çelebi Sultan Mehmet in 1414, is located in the center of Merzifon. Its wooden door, famous for its ornaments, is on display in the Ankara Ethnography Museum. The special feature of Kapı Ağa Madrasa, which was built by Hüseyin Ağa in 1488, is that the octagonal plan seen in pre-Asian and Seljuk tomb monuments was applied for the first time in this madrasa.

Gökmedrese Mosque, which was built in 1267 by the governor of Amasya, Seyfettin Torumtay, also has the characteristics of a social complex. The building, which got this name because its cupola is decorated with blue tiles, is shown as one of the best examples of Anatolian Seljuk art. Amasya Mosque, which is located on the edge of Yeşilırmak and has Seljuk architecture, and Fethiye Mosque, which was converted from an old Byzantine church to a mosque, Gümüşlü Mosque, the first Ottoman period work in Amasya, Burmalı Minare Mosque dated 1247 during the reign of Seljuk Sultan Gıyaseddin Keyhüsrev, Saraçhane and Bayezid Pasha Mosques Seeing Amasya required historical structures.

Built in 1485, Sultan II. Bayezid Complex, Bimarhane (Darüşşifa) which was built in 1308 and is the only structure that has survived from the Ilkhanid period, Ezine Han, which was built during the reign of Seljuk Sultan Alaaddin Keykubad, Taşhan, a 17th century structure, the Old Bath dated 1678 in the Merzifon district and the Kadılar Tomb in the city center of Amasya. Among the historical textures that can be seen in

Among the museums that shed light on the history of Amasya, the first to be visited is the Amasya Museum with its around 24,000 works of art. The most interesting part of the museum, which displays finds dating back to the Bronze Age in Amasya, is that only known mummy samples from Turkish culture are found here. Alpaslan Museum, where archaeological and ethnographic artifacts from Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman periods are exhibited, the Princes Museum where wax statues of the princes who were governors of Amasya but could not become sultans, and the Miniature Amasya Museum, which lasts for 20 minutes, allow the visitors to experience the state of the city 100 years ago, must be visited. .

Amasya's natural beauties as well as its historical beauties are ready to be discovered:

Seven Swans Bird Sanctuary, located around the Yedikır Dam, which is 4 kilometers away from the town of Suluova, is ranked 57th among Turkey's most important bird areas. The lake is home to more than 34 bird species belonging to 16 families. When you experience this atmosphere, you think how appropriate the term bird paradise is for this region.

Borabay Lake, which was formed when the Çatağan Stream was blocked as a result of a landslide, is 63 kilometers from the city center. There are bungalow-type houses, resting and walking areas in the forest area around the lake, which also offers the opportunity to camp with its peaceful nature.

FAQs about Amasya Flights

  • Which airlines are flying to Amasya?
    The airlines flying most frequently to Amasya are: Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airlines, Anadolu Jet, Lufthansa and Egyptair. The most popular route is Istanbul to Amasya. Turkish Airlines and Pegasus Airlines are the most popular airlines for this route.
  • How much is the cheapest flight to Amasya?
    In the next 3 months, the cheapest one way flight to Amasya is Adana to Amasya at 26 June 2024 and the price of the flight is 2,791 TL. The cheapest roundtrip flight is from Istanbul to Amasya and it costs 2,294 TL.
  • How TURNA finds these low flight prices?
    TURNA has agreements with many airlines and get special fares and discounts. TURNA is the inventor of Smart Flight ® which connects the non-connected airlines. Smart Flight ® has a unique scientific algorithm and can find 70% cheaper routes which you cannot find on any other site.

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