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Air Serbia
1 stop - 11h 45m
16 September 2024, Monday 04:30
1 stop - 29h 55m
20 June 2024, Thursday 04:10
Air Malta
1 stop - 25h 20m
14 August 2024, Wednesday 21:45
direct-flight - 2h 40m
27 June 2024, Thursday 07:20
direct-flight - 2h
19 August 2024, Monday 06:05
direct-flight - 2h 50m
22 June 2024, Saturday 15:15
Air Malta
1 stop - 9h 15m
13 July 2024, Saturday 20:30
Air Malta
direct-flight - 45m
20 June 2024, Thursday 06:00
direct-flight - 1h 20m
29 June 2024, Saturday 21:50
Air Serbia
1 stop - 24h 10m
04 August 2024, Sunday 16:05
direct-flight - 2h 15m
02 July 2024, Tuesday 06:00

Flights Departuring From Fontanarossa Airport

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Air Serbia
1 stop - 10h 25m
05 August 2024, Monday 16:00
Air Serbia
1 stop - 10h 35m
02 September 2024, Monday 16:00
Air Malta
1 stop - 13h 25m
19 June 2024, Wednesday 07:30
direct-flight - 2h 45m
27 June 2024, Thursday 10:45
direct-flight - 4h 45m
19 July 2024, Friday 12:55
direct-flight - 2h 15m
04 July 2024, Thursday 20:10
direct-flight - 2h 15m
02 July 2024, Tuesday 12:55
Air Malta
1 stop - 10h 55m
10 September 2024, Tuesday 23:50
Air Malta
direct-flight - 45m
24 June 2024, Monday 07:30
direct-flight - 1h 25m
29 July 2024, Monday 06:45
Air Serbia
1 stop - 22h 35m
12 August 2024, Monday 16:00

General Information About Catania Fontanarossa Airport

Catania, located in the Sicily Autonomous Region of Italy and bearing the title of the country's 10th largest city, is an impressive settlement established at the foot of the famous Etna Volcano. Catania Fontanarossa Airport in Catania, where summer tourism is very active, continues to serve airline companies and passengers as the most important flight point of the region.

Transportation from Catania Fontanarossa Airport to the City Center

It is possible to reach the city center from Catania Fontanarossa Airport by using one of the bus, taxi or car rental options.

The buses departing from the airport every 20 minutes are heavily used by the passengers coming to the city. In addition, taking a taxi can be an alternative mode of transportation, as the distance between the airport and the city center takes about 30 minutes. When you take a taxi, it is useful to negotiate the fare with the driver.
Those who are considering renting a car in Catania can rent a car with the price and features they want by applying online or in person to car rental companies.

Catania Fontanarossa Airport Contact Information
Address: Via Fontanarossa, 95121 Catania CT, Italy
Phone :+39 095 723 9111
Fax: +39 095 7233672

Transportation from the City Center to Catania Fontanarossa Airport

The airport in Catania is so close to the city center that it can be said to be 'almost inside the city'. It is possible to reach the airport from the city center by using one of the bus, taxi or car rental options.

The distance between the airport and the center takes about 30 minutes, but you can reach the airport more quickly with the taxis you will find in almost every corner.
For those who are considering renting a car, there are many car rental companies around the airport and the city center.
In addition to all these, buses that pass through the city center every 20 minutes serve passengers who want to go to the airport.

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