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direct-flight - 3h 55m
10 February 2023, Friday 06:30
Pegasus Airlines
direct-flight - 3h 30m
25 December 2022, Sunday 07:15
direct-flight - 3h 50m
24 December 2022, Saturday 07:00
Turkish Airlines
direct-flight - 3h
01 March 2023, Wednesday 11:45
Pegasus Airlines
direct-flight - 3h 30m
01 February 2023, Wednesday 08:55
Pegasus Airlines
direct-flight - 3h 25m
15 February 2023, Wednesday 17:35
Pegasus Airlines
direct-flight - 3h 20m
13 February 2023, Monday 09:15
Turkish Airlines
direct-flight - 3h 20m
02 March 2023, Thursday 11:40
Pegasus Airlines
direct-flight - 3h 25m
08 February 2023, Wednesday 08:50
Pegasus Airlines
direct-flight - 2h 50m
15 February 2023, Wednesday 09:45
Pegasus Airlines
direct-flight - 3h 5m
15 February 2023, Wednesday 23:25
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 29h
20 December 2022, Tuesday 05:50
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 10h 40m
04 February 2023, Saturday 05:45
direct-flight - 3h 30m
09 February 2023, Thursday 11:40
direct-flight - 3h 25m
06 February 2023, Monday 11:45
direct-flight - 2h 55m
14 February 2023, Tuesday 12:00

Popular Flights From Germany

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Turkish Airlines
direct-flight - 2h 50m
13 February 2023, Monday 13:45
Pegasus Airlines
direct-flight - 3h 10m
15 February 2023, Wednesday 00:50
direct-flight - 3h 30m
15 February 2023, Wednesday 09:30
direct-flight - 3h 45m
27 February 2023, Monday 20:55
direct-flight - 3h 35m
04 January 2023, Wednesday 09:50
Turkish Airlines
direct-flight - 3h 15m
10 February 2023, Friday 13:00
direct-flight - 3h 20m
18 January 2023, Wednesday 14:10
Air Serbia
1 stop - 4h 30m
28 February 2023, Tuesday 10:05
Turkish Airlines
direct-flight - 3h 10m
27 February 2023, Monday 02:00
Turkish Airlines
direct-flight - 3h 5m
19 February 2023, Sunday 12:40
Turkish Airlines
direct-flight - 2h 45m
06 March 2023, Monday 13:35
Turkish Airlines
direct-flight - 2h 45m
01 February 2023, Wednesday 13:05
direct-flight - 1h 50m
15 January 2023, Sunday 10:25
direct-flight - 1h 50m
31 January 2023, Tuesday 15:00
Transavia France
direct-flight - 1h 55m
27 February 2023, Monday 15:05
direct-flight - 1h 25m
23 January 2023, Monday 20:25

Information for Germany Flights

Are you looking for cheap fares for Germany flights? In the coming 3 months: Istanbul Germany 1,463 TL, Istanbul Germany 1,412 TL and Istanbul Germany 1,227 TL.

Better to book your flight to Germany 84 days before departure to get the best fares on average.

There are 8240 flights operating between Turkey and Germany. The most popular cities from Turkey to Germany are Istanbul and Izmir. The most flights are to Berlin, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf in Germany.

The industrial giant of the world, Germany is one of the most visited countries in the world with its many historical places to visit, beautiful cities, magnificent nature, and alternative holiday options it offers every season of the year.

With its towns bearing traces of the Middle Ages, magnificent castles and castles, lush parks and gardens, canals, lakes and streams, delicious food and desserts, Germany is among the most preferred destinations in tourism.

Carrying the title of the most populous country in Europe, Germany is one of the countries where the understanding of tolerance prevails, where many people from different nationalities live together. The country, which borders places with different geographical features such as the North Sea, the Baltic Sea and the Alps, carries the traces of these differences in every corner.

Places to Visit and See in Germany

When talking about places to visit in Germany, festivals that keep the country together and motivate people are among the first events that come to mind. The world-famous Oktoberfest contributes to the fusion of local people and tourists.

Berlin, the capital of Germany, followed by Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt and Hamburg are the most visited cities in the country. More than 5 million visitors stay on the Romantic Road, which is visited by an average of 2 million people every year. Romantic Road, one of the most beautiful routes in Europe, is ideal for looking at the country from a different perspective.

With its deep-rooted historical heritage, museums and entertainment venues, Berlin is one of the first stops of travelers. It is an enjoyable experience to travel through time in the museums that surround the city and to take a closer look at the history of Europe and the world.

Cologne, the city of love, located on the banks of the Rhine, Munich, one of the most important symbols of the royal period, Frankfurt, the financial center of Europe, Dresden, which fascinates its visitors with its architecture, Nuremberg, which makes you feel the traces of the Middle Ages in every corner, are among the most beautiful discovery routes of Germany.

How to Get to Germany

The transportation network in the country, which has a width of 640 km from east to west, is quite developed. The deep-rooted and robust infrastructure of air, rail and road connections facilitate transportation both within Germany and with other parts of Europe.

Due to the large number of Turkish citizens living in Germany, there are direct flights from Turkey to many cities in Germany. It is possible to catch many opportunities by taking a look at the flight ticket options to Germany.

Since Germany is a member of the Schengen area, a Schengen visa is required to visit the country. Among the cities with direct flights from Turkey to Germany; Berlin, Stuttgart, Cologne, Dresden, Nuremberg, Frankfurt, Baden-Baden, Bremen, Hannover, Kassel, Rostock, Hamburg, Dortmund, Erfurt and Leipzig can be counted.

Carrying the traces of the Middle Ages, Germany is a destination that succeeds in satisfying its visitors with its tourism infrastructure suitable for different expectations. With its museums, vibrant nightlife, a world of tolerance that hosts different nationalities, delicious food, impressive architectural structures, medieval castles and chateaus, Germany has a feature that makes you feel joy and excitement at every step. Realize your Germany plan now for an unforgettable travel experience!

FAQs about Germany Flights

  • Which airlines are flying to Germany?
    The most popular airlines flying frequently between Turkey and Germany are: Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, Pegasus Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and LOT Polish Airlines. The most popular route is Istanbul - Berlin to Germany. Turkish Airlines and Aegean Airlines are the airlines that flies most in this route.
  • How much is the cheapest flight to Germany?
    In the next 3 months, the cheapest one way flight between Turkey cities and Germany is Aalborg to Berlin at 18 December 2022 and the price of the flight is 1,538 TL. The cheapest roundtrip flight is from Lanzarote to Frankfurt and it costs 1,048 TL.
  • Which are the most popular cities of Germany?
    The most visited cities in Germany are Berlin, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf. There are 780 flights between Turkey and Berlin, 728 flights from Turkey to Frankfurt and to the Dusseldorf is 1133.
  • How TURNA finds these low flight prices?
    TURNA has agreements with many airlines and get special fares and discounts. TURNA is the inventor of Smart Flight ® which connects the non-connected airlines. Smart Flight ® has a unique scientific algorithm and can find 70% cheaper routes which you cannot find on any other site.

Cities in Germany

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Germany Flight Ticket Prices

Here are Germany flights price chart for the affordable Germany flight tickets. You get deals and discounts to get the cheapest Germany flight prices.
Popular Flights Ticket Price
Berlin - Cologne/Bonn 906.47
Berlin - Dusseldorf 1,031.42
Berlin - Frankfurt 2,087.98
Berlin - Munich 1,479.91
Berlin - Stuttgart 1,210.66
Cologne/Bonn - Berlin 801.27
Cologne/Bonn - Dusseldorf 2,109.41
Cologne/Bonn - Munich 844.41
Dusseldorf - Berlin 1,102.48
Dusseldorf - Cologne/Bonn 2,515.22
Dusseldorf - Frankfurt 2,055.13
Dusseldorf - Hamburg 963.78
Dusseldorf - Munich 1,118.80
Dusseldorf - Stuttgart 2,102.61
Frankfurt - Berlin 2,109.40
Frankfurt - Dusseldorf 2,042.15
Hamburg - Berlin 1,666.16
Hamburg - Dusseldorf 1,090.66
Hamburg - Munich 827.72
Hamburg - Stuttgart 1,376.98
Munich - Berlin 2,025.15
Munich - Cologne/Bonn 844.41
Munich - Dusseldorf 1,123.75
Munich - Hamburg 1,086.28
Stuttgart - Berlin 842.92
Adana - Dusseldorf 1,783.89
Ankara - Berlin 1,869.96
Ankara - Dusseldorf 1,690.04
Antalya - Berlin 1,028.23
Antalya - Cologne/Bonn 865.68
Antalya - Dusseldorf 865.68
Antalya - Munich 1,657.47
Alanya - Berlin 2,340.00
Istanbul - Berlin 2,153.33
Istanbul - Cologne/Bonn 1,416.00
Istanbul - Dusseldorf 1,324.63
Istanbul - Frankfurt 1,485.00
Istanbul - Hannover 1,769.74
Istanbul - Hamburg 1,636.11
Istanbul - Munich 1,730.73
Istanbul - Nuremberg 1,802.00
Istanbul - Stuttgart 1,344.14
Izmir - Berlin 2,084.20
Izmir - Cologne/Bonn 2,003.00
Izmir - Dusseldorf 2,084.20
Izmir - Frankfurt 2,084.20
Izmir - Munich 1,887.12
Izmir - Stuttgart 1,887.11
London - Berlin 623.91
Sofia - Berlin 595.16
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