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Washington - Konya
1 stop - 11h 40m
17 June 2017, Saturday 23:00
Washington - Konya
1 stop - 11h 35m
19 July 2017, Wednesday 23:00
Washington - Konya
1 stop - 11h 35m
19 June 2017, Monday 23:00
Washington - Konya
1 stop - 11h 35m
23 June 2017, Friday 23:00
Washington - Konya
1 stop - 11h 40m
24 June 2017, Saturday 23:00
Washington - Konya
2 stop - 19h 41m
06 August 2017, Sunday 12:42
Washington - Konya
2 stop - 19h 35m
01 July 2017, Saturday 16:20
Washington - Konya
2 stop - 12h 10m
22 June 2017, Thursday 18:05

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Istanbul - Konya
direct-flight - 1h 15m
05 June 2017, Monday 18:50
Izmir - Konya
direct-flight - 1h 10m
05 June 2017, Monday 07:40
Trabzon - Konya
1 stop - 3h 5m
09 June 2017, Friday 07:25
Adana - Konya
1 stop - 2h 50m
28 May 2017, Sunday 05:55
Antalya - Konya
1 stop - 2h 35m
10 June 2017, Saturday 09:05
Erzurum - Konya
1 stop - 3h 10m
27 May 2017, Saturday 20:20
Diyarbakir - Konya
1 stop - 3h
31 May 2017, Wednesday 14:40
Van - Konya
1 stop - 3h 25m
31 May 2017, Wednesday 11:30

Konya, Turkey

Come whatever you are, come whoever you are
Come whatever you are, come whoever you are

One of the first settlements of world history, Konya was established on the Historical Silk Road. Bearing the traces of different civilizations and cultures Konya has many places to be visited like mosques, madrasahs, inns, cupolas and museums.

Konya, Turkey's largest city in terms of surface area is among the important commerce, industry and agriculture centers with its population over 2 million. Located in the south of Middle Anatolia Region, this city is identified with the famous Islamic scholar Mevlana aka Rumi.

Places to Visit in Konya

Being the capital of Seljuk Empire (Anatolian Seljuk Empire) between the years of 1086 and 1308, there're plenty of historical and cultural artifacts among places to be visited in Konya. As a start you should definitely pay a visit to Mevlana Museum. Mevlana's dervish convent Yeşil Kubbe(Kubbe-I Hadra) is open to visitors since 1954 under the name of Mevlana Museum. Here in this museum, you can witness all traces of Mevlana tradition. People who want to get to know Mevlana who known as a symbol of tolerance and peace all over the world comes to Konya all year long.

Other museums that must be visited in Konya are Konya Archeology Museum, Konya Ethnography Museum, Konya Mausoleum Museum, Akşehir Museum, Akşehir Atatürk Museum and Akşehir Archeology Museum.

Acknowledged as one of the biggest treasures of Anatolia, Çatalhöyük is in the borders of Konya. Located 60 km away from Konya city center, Çatalhöyük is quite popular as the first settlement of the history. The fact that the first sacred artifact of the known history was built in Çatalhöyük is another element that makes it important.

Kilistra Ancient City, a faith center where Saint Paul, one of the apostles of Christ, had addressed to the masses in the past is important for Christian community.

One of the most important figures of Turkish humor tradition Nasreddin Hoca was born in Akşehir County of Konya. Visited by those who want to learn more about him, in Akşehir there's Nasrettin Hoca Ethnography Museum and a shrine.

Held at the month of July every year, Akşehir Nasreddin Hoca Festival goes on for a week with different activities. Most known activity of the festival is to leaven the Akşehir Lake.

Alongside with its historical and religious importance, Konya also attracts attention with its natural beauties. Akşehir Lake, Meke Krater Lake, Beyşehir Lake, Beyşehir Lake National Park are suitable for trekking and other natural sports. Entering to the routes of nature photographers with its bird watching spots, it's possible to watch hundreds of bird species around Akşehir, Çavuşçu, Uyuz, Kozanlı and Kulu Lakes.

Konya also hosts many visitors in the thermal springs of Ilgın Thermal Tourism Center and Köşk Hot Springs.

Traditional handicrafts are kept alive in Konya city center and counties. Especially coppersmith, weaving, leather commerce, felt, wood-working, wooden spoon works and glyptic are among the most known handicrafts of Konya. Also there are many art ateliers for cursive, painting and marbling in the city.

Konya cuisine is among the most well-known cuisines of Turkey. It's possible to find Konya's famous pita "etli etmek" all around the city. There're soup and pastry kinds, vegetable and meat dishes in the local cuisine.

How to Go to Konya

There're direct or indirect flights to Konya from every corner of Turkey. It's easy to get to Konya by purchasing a Konya flight ticket from Istanbul Atatürk, Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen and Izmir Adnan Menderes Airports. Train and bus services are also among the options.

Bearing the traces of different civilizations since the beginning of the history, Konya offers a generous adventure to its visitors. To check the convenient flight tickets might be the first step on your way to discover Konya which is only a flight ticket away.

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