Cheapest Washington Gaziantep Flights (One-Way)

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Turkish Airlines
Washington - Gaziantep
1 stop - 15h 45m
01 March 2019, Friday 22:55
United Airlines
Washington - Gaziantep
2 stop - 21h 15m
16 December 2018, Sunday 17:25

Cheapest Gaziantep Flights (One-Way)

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Sun Express
direct-flight - 1h 15m
08 February 2019, Friday 13:55
Anadolu Jet
direct-flight - 1h 15m
14 December 2018, Friday 08:10
Sun Express
direct-flight - 1h 40m
13 February 2019, Wednesday 07:20
Anadolu Jet
direct-flight - 1h 35m
07 January 2019, Monday 07:00
Turkish Airlines
direct-flight - 1h 50m
18 December 2018, Tuesday 02:35
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 7h 15m
28 February 2019, Thursday 07:45
Anadolu Jet
1 stop - 3h 25m
09 March 2019, Saturday 10:00
Pegasus Airlines
direct-flight - 1h
19 February 2019, Tuesday 14:20

Gaziantep, Turkey


Did somebody say Pistachio Baklava?


Established on the Historical Silk Road, Gaziantep is one of the cities of Turkey with the richest cuisine. 2nd most crowded city of Southeastern Anatolia Region with its 2 million population, Gaziantep is located on one of the most important junction point of the region.

Being one of the first establishments in Anatolia, Gaziantep lays between Mediterranean and Mesopotamia. Bearing the traces of different civilizations and empires through the Anatolian history, it's possible to encounter these traces in all over Gaziantep.

Places to Visit in Gaziantep

Gaziantep has a dazzling beauty in terms of places to visit. World famous Zeugma Mosaic Museum where mosaics of Zeugma Ancient City are exhibited, Medusa Glass Works Museum, one of the liveliest places of the city Bakırcılar Bazaar and Gaziantep Castle are among the must see places of Gaziantep.

Built on a rocky place which oversees the city from a hill, Gaziantep Castle is quite a deluxe artifact. It's possible to have a bird's eye view of Gaziantep from inside of the castle.

Being one of the first historical heritages that come to mind when it comes to Gaziantep, Zeugma Mosaics are exhibited in Zeugma Mosaic Museum, one of the best museums of Turkey in this field. Those who want to see the sources of these mosaics stop by at the Zeugma Ancient City. Having its history date back to 3500 B.C., this ancient city is established near Fırat River 10 km away from Nizip province. Other impressive ancient cities of Gaziantep, Dülük and Rumkale are in the borders of Yavuzeli province.

One of the symbols of the city, Historical Coppersmiths (Bakırcılar) Bazaar is one of the liveliest places of the city. Reflecting the traditional shopping culture at its best, this historical bazaar almost defies time.

Containing the examples of traditional handicrafts within, in the bazaar there're are many ateliers of glyptography, aba weaving, silver working, copper working, rug weaving, musical instrument including Gaziantep shawm-and-drum.

In order to witness the traditional architecture of the city, you should pay a visit to Historical Antep Houses. Also Gaziantep Archeology Museum and Yasemek Open Air Museum are among the places where you can observe the history of the city at its best.

There're many other passages and boulevards in Gaziantep where you can shop other than Historical Bakırcılar Bazaar. Halep Passage, Suriye Passage, Kurtuluş Passage, Belediye Passage, Büyük Passage and Söylemez Passage are the most popular passages. Karagöz, Şıhcan, Gaziler, Mütercim Asım and Saburcu boulevards are preferred for shopping.

Biggest in Middle East and 2nd biggest in Europe, Gaziantep Zoo is a good destination especially for families with child. Those who are interested in hunting can join different activities around Fırat River. Canvasback duck, goose, rabbit, partridge, warthog and water birds can be hunted by prior informing and prior permission, by certificated hunters.

Gaziantep Cuisine

Famous not only in Turkey but in all over the world, Gaziantep Cuisine is a good enough reason by itself to pay a visit to the city. Many people join culinary tours while coming here.

Emine Göğüş Cuisine Museum located in the Şahinbey province of the city, is the right place to experience the cuisine culture of the city. Established in Göğüş Mansion built in 1909, this museum is quite popular among food lovers.

Famous with its kebab and baklava, it's possible to find any kind of food in Gaziantep. Meatballs, soups, meat dishes, fries, yoghurt dishes, vegetable dishes and stuffings are the first delights that come to mind.

Impressing its visitors with its sweet varieties, there're countless sweets in Gaziantep like Fıstık Ezmesi, Kurabiye, Kırma Kadayıf, Pistachio Kadayıf, Burma Kadayıf, Aşure, Zerde, Sütlaç (Sütlü), Batık, Nişe Helvası, İrmik Helvası, Tahin Helvası, Cevizli Helva, Leblebili Helva, Küncülü Helva, Bülbül Yuvası, Kuymak, Kaygana, Şıllık (Akıtma), Baklava, Havuç Dilim, Özel Kare Baklava, Şöbiyet, Kerebiç, Mayanalı Kahke and Hedik.

How to Go to Gaziantep

It's possible to get to Gaziantep by purchasing a flight ticket from different cities of Turkey. There're direct flights to Gaziantep from many airports in Turkey. Gaziantep Airport is located 20 km away from city center. You can take a look at the Gaziantep airport car rental opportunities for an easy transportation in the city and its surroundings.

With its tasty foods, rich history, welcoming people and time traveling streets; it's easy to discover Gaziantep by taking a look at the Gaziantep flight ticket opportunities!

Gaziantep Map

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Gaziantep Map

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