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Washington - Mardin
1 stop - 12h 15m
28 June 2017, Wednesday 23:00
Washington - Mardin
2 stop - 19h 50m
30 June 2017, Friday 12:50
Washington - Mardin
2 stop - 20h 1m
30 June 2017, Friday 12:42
Washington - Mardin
2 stop - 19h 47m
30 June 2017, Friday 14:35

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Istanbul - Mardin
direct-flight - 2h
02 June 2017, Friday 06:30
Ankara - Mardin
direct-flight - 1h 25m
06 June 2017, Tuesday 08:25
Bodrum - Mardin
1 stop - 3h 30m
03 June 2017, Saturday 18:30
Samsun - Mardin
1 stop - 2h 25m
31 May 2017, Wednesday 21:25
Izmir - Mardin
direct-flight - 1h 55m
08 June 2017, Thursday 09:10
Adana - Mardin
1 stop - 2h 30m
06 June 2017, Tuesday 06:20
Trabzon - Mardin
1 stop - 2h 40m
31 May 2017, Wednesday 06:20
Antalya - Mardin
1 stop - 2h 30m
01 June 2017, Thursday 06:25

Mardin, Turkey

Oh my crane, will you fly to Mardin?"
Oh my crane, will you fly to Mardin?

Mardin is located in Southeastern Anatolian Region and is one of Turkey’s most impressing cities with its archeological artifacts, architecture and visual aspects. There’re many unique mosques, churches, monasteries and shrines in Mardin where many people from different religious backgrounds live peacefully together.

Established on the Historical Silk Road with its population over 800 thousand, Mardin started to gain attraction recently with its inns, caravansaries and stone houses. One of the most important cities of Upper Mesopotamia with its history dating back to 4500 B.C., Mardin contains different ethnicity groups on the borders of Syria.

Places to Visit in Mardin

Becoming a trademark especially in domestic tourism, Mardin has many places to visit. Mardin Houses is the first stop of visitors here in one of the oldest settlement of history. Found to be unique in terms of their history, culture and architecture; these houses are acknowledged as the symbol of the city.


Artifacts found in the archeological digs executed in the region are exhibited in Mardin Museum. These are ceramic products, sculptures, vases, seals, coins and many others. It’s possible to witness the traces of Bronze Age, Iron Age, Assyrians, Artuqids, Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottomans in this museum.

Ulu Mosque built by Artuqids is the oldest mosque of Mardin. There are sanctuaries of different religions in this city. Deyrülzeferan Monastry and Virgin Mary Church are among the places to be seen. Anzavur Castle and Mardin Castle are also among the oldest artifacts of the city. Rabbat, Merdis and Fatih Castles are worth seeing as well. Due to its rocky structure and geographical conditions there’re many caves in Mardin and these are open to visitors. There is ongoing struggle in the city for the preservation of the city structure and public artifacts which is trying to enter the UNESCO's World Heritage List.

Dara Ancient City is located in the Oğuz Village of Mardin.  This place is among the most important touristic values of Mardin and is comprised of carved rock tombs. There's also a 4 km long wall structure in this settlement. This ancient city has the potential of attracting visitors from all around the world with its church, palace, prison, armory, barrage and marketplace structures if it's publicized properly. 

Girvanaz Mound in the county of Nusaybin is 300 meters wide and 24 meters long. This ancient settlement too attracts the attention of archeology lovers.  The most popular county of Mardin, Midyat is known for its silverworks, historical houses and architecture. Deyrulumur Monastery built in Midyat in the year of 397 offers an insight to region's history.

One of the oldest settlements of Anatolian region with its history and culture, in Mardin handicrafts is among the most primary sources of income. Rug and carpet weaving, wood and stone carving, filigree and pottery are quite common.

Mardin's cuisine has also been influenced by its multicultural structure. Spicy and sauced meals, çiğ köfte, kelle paça(sheep's head and foot soup), stuffed mutton, variety of kebabs, pot roasted, içli köfte(stuffed meatballs) are among the dishes that must be tasted in Mardin. Mırra, a type of coffee drank after meals, eases the digestion. Known also for Süryani(Assyrian) Wines, it's also possible to visit grape gardens in Mardin.

How to Go To Mardin

Mardin Airport is in the county of Kızıltepe. There're direct flights from İstanbul, Ankara and İzmir to Mardin Airport. It's takes approximately 30 minutes to get to the city center from the airport which is located 25 away from Mardin.  It's easy to get to Mardin with the offers of different airline companies and cheap flight ticket opportunities.

One of the most beautiful cities of Anatolia, Mardin is only a flight ticket away.  It has a different atmosphere with its delicious foods, unique architecture, tolerance culture and rich historical background. 

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