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To quickly get support for flights, schedules, hotels, visa applications, car rentals, domestic and international tours, and ticket/reservation processes, you can start a conversation with our support team right away through the Live Support section located in the bottom right corner of our website and mobile application.

Why Should I Choose Turna.com?

Turna.com goes beyond being just an online travel agency, providing a unique user experience for travel enthusiasts through its developed technologies. With world-first features like Smart Flight/Trip Algorithm, Convert Credit Card Points, Cancellation Guarantee, Online Cancellation/Reissue, Live Support, Invite Your Friends, Earn Turna Points, and more, you can make your travels more economical and advantageous. Turna.com offers a range of features designed to enhance the overall travel experience for those who love to explore.

What are the privileges offered by Turna.com?

TheSmart Flight/Trip Algorithm, creates alternative routes for your destination by combining unrelated flights or bus trips, allowing you to make your travel up to 70% cheaper. In case of delays or cancellations, your connected flights or journeys are under the protection of Turna.com, reducing the risk of missing your connecting flights or journeys, all under the assurance of Turna.com.

With the Convert Credit Card Points feature, you can transfer the points accumulated in your bank and credit card to your Turna.com account, preserving the validity of the points for 2 years. You can use these points at any time for flight tickets, bus tickets, and hotel reservation transactions.

With theCancellation Guarantee, you can secure your flight ticket and bus ticket. You can unconditionally cancel your flight ticket up to 2 hours before departure and receive a refund of 90% of the ticket amount. For bus tickets, you can cancel them up to 1 hour before departure and receive a full refund of the ticket amount.

WithOnline Cancellation/Reissue, you can easily handle ticket transactions on our website and mobile application, saving you time.

If you need assistance with your ticket and reservation transactions, you can easily contact our team by starting a conversation through the Live Support section located in the bottom right corner of our website and mobile application.

With the 'Invite Your Friends' feature, you can invite your friends to Turna.com, and as they travel, you can earn Turna Points for a lifetime.

You can earn Turna Points from the airplane tickets you purchase through the mobile application and use these points as you wish for your future travels.

Everything You Need for Travel is on Turna.com

Turna.com offers not only flight tickets, bus tickets, and hotel reservations but also provides services such as visa applications, travel insurance, car rentals, and tour services.

You can rent a car online at the most affordable prices from anywhere in Turkey for your domestic travels.

If you need to obtain a visa for your international travels, you can quickly initiate the process by filling out the visa pre-evaluation form here

If you want to ensure your travel, you can add travel insurance to your flight and bus ticket.

You can easily find your dream tour by comparing the best domestic and international tours.

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