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List of bus companies in Turkey


Pamukkale Turizm was founded in Denizli in 1962 and carries out passenger transports to many cities in Turkey with almost 600 buses and enables more than 13 million passengers annually. Pamukkale Tourism aims to offer its passengers a safe and enjoyable travel experience with its fleet of new and comfortable buses.


Metro Turizm, which has been in service since 1992 and is one of the largest intercity passenger transport companies in Turkey, has more than 1000 branches in 79 cities. With a fleet of more than 1300 buses, Metro Turizm organizes more than 1500 trips a day and transports more than 23 million passengers throughout Turkey every year.


Ulusoy Tourism, which has won the "Superbrands Award" in the road transport sector and is one of the most deeply rooted bus companies in Turkey, has been providing passenger transport since 1937. The company, with offices in 46 cities in Turkey, has more than 350 new and equipped buses in its fleet. Ulusoy Tourism, aiming for maximum customer satisfaction, transports more than 3.5 million passengers each year.

Bank of the Nile

The bus company Nilüfer Turizm, based in Bursa, has been operating since 2005 and carries out passenger transport to the provinces in Central Anatolia, Marmara, Aegean and Mediterranean regions. In terms of customer satisfaction, Nilüfer Tourismus offers service with its large fleet of buses. With its luxury vehicles in its fleet, it offers its passengers a comfortable and safe travel experience.

Anadolu Ulaşım

Anadolu Transportation was founded in Uşak in 2003, has merged with Pamukkale Tourism since 2012 and has a strong organizational network in the transport sector. Anadolu Transportation, which has one of the youngest bus fleets in Turkey, wants to offer its passengers a perfect travel experience by applying the principle of "unconditional guest satisfaction". Anadolu Transportation organizes bus connections to provinces in Central Anatolia, Aegean, Marmara and Mediterranean regions.

Çanakkale Truva

The anakkale Troy, founded in 1992, organizes intensive bus connections mainly to the provinces of the Marmara and Aegean regions. Çanakkale Truva, which has modern and comfortable vehicles in its fleet so that its passengers can travel with maximum comfort, has offices in more than 21 cities.

Efe Tur

Efe Tur was founded in Kocaeli in 1990 and has taken its place among the bus companies that have grown and developed the transport network the fastest. The company transports more than 7 million passengers annually and offers services at 130 sales outlets with more than 1000 employees. Efe Tur, which has a young bus fleet, organizes hundreds of bus trips every day based on customer satisfaction.

Has Turizm

Has Turizm was founded in 1952 and makes its first flights between the provinces of Antakya-Ceyhan-Adana-Mersin-Tarsus and has taken its place among the largest bus companies in Turkey with its national and international flights. With more than 3000 buses and 6000 drivers, Has Turizm offers millions of passengers the opportunity to travel at home and abroad every year.

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