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Ankara-Mus 1,300.39 TL
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Cheapest Mus Flights

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1 stop - 2h 35m
04 June 2024, Tuesday 17:10
direct-flight - 1h 30m
29 June 2024, Saturday 14:15
1 stop - 2h 40m
03 June 2024, Monday 06:25
direct-flight - 1h 45m
04 July 2024, Thursday 14:05
1 stop - 2h 45m
04 June 2024, Tuesday 04:45
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 10h 50m
02 June 2024, Sunday 22:10
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 11h 25m
10 June 2024, Monday 20:45
1 stop - 2h 45m
05 June 2024, Wednesday 12:30
Turkish Airlines
direct-flight - 2h 10m
18 August 2024, Sunday 08:30
1 stop - 2h 45m
01 June 2024, Saturday 05:40
1 stop - 18h 15m
21 June 2024, Friday 21:30
Anadolu Jet
1 stop - 6h
22 June 2024, Saturday 10:30

Popular Cheap Flights From Mus

Here are the dates of cheap flights from Mus

1 stop - 2h 40m
04 June 2024, Tuesday 16:20
direct-flight - 1h 35m
08 June 2024, Saturday 16:20
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 10h 10m
20 June 2024, Thursday 08:30
direct-flight - 1h 55m
02 June 2024, Sunday 11:25
1 stop - 2h 55m
03 June 2024, Monday 16:20
1 stop - 2h 55m
01 June 2024, Saturday 16:20
Turkish Airlines
1 stop - 7h 55m
02 July 2024, Tuesday 11:25
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 21h
03 June 2024, Monday 10:20
Pegasus Airlines
direct-flight - 2h 10m
29 July 2024, Monday 10:20
1 stop - 2h 55m
18 June 2024, Tuesday 16:20
1 stop - 2h 55m
27 June 2024, Thursday 16:35
1 stop - 3h 30m
02 June 2024, Sunday 11:25

Popular International Flights From Mus

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Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 23h 45m
03 June 2024, Monday 07:25
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 29h
15 July 2024, Monday 04:10
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 17h 55m
10 June 2024, Monday 13:15
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 13h 20m
10 July 2024, Wednesday 17:20
1 stop - 4h 55m
06 June 2024, Thursday 23:25
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 15h 10m
30 June 2024, Sunday 16:50
1 stop - 4h 55m
05 June 2024, Wednesday 18:15
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 12h 55m
17 July 2024, Wednesday 17:45
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 13h 45m
20 June 2024, Thursday 17:45
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 15h
03 June 2024, Monday 16:10
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 13h 35m
12 August 2024, Monday 17:35
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 27h 20m
15 August 2024, Thursday 05:10
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 16h 15m
10 June 2024, Monday 14:55
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 17h 10m
13 June 2024, Thursday 14:20
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 15h 5m
03 June 2024, Monday 16:05
Pegasus Airlines
1 stop - 13h 15m
05 June 2024, Wednesday 17:25

Information for Mus Flights

There are 7 flights operating between Istanbul and Mus. You may find frequent flights from Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara to Mus.

You can travel cheaper to Mus by purchasing Muş bus ticket.

Are you looking for cheap fares for Mus flights? In the coming 3 months: Adana Mus 2,600 TL, Ankara Mus 1,300 TL and Kayseri Mus 3,081 TL

Better to book your flight to Mus 74 days before departure to get the best fares on average.

December and June months are the highest season for Turkey, Mus. The prices are higher compared to the other periods. You will find the cheapest flight prices in the following months: March and January.

You can also easily reach Tatvan and Bitlis via Mus Airport. Muş Airport can also be used for Tatvan flight tickets and Bitlis flight tickets. While the distance between Muş and Tatvan is 77 km, the distance between Muş Airport and Bitlis is 83 km. You can benefit from Mus Car Rental service for easy transportation.

Muş, which is rich in natural, historical and cultural values ​​and located in the Eastern Anatolia Region, deserves much more than that, even though it is known for its tulips.

There are different theses about where the name Muş came from. The first of these may have come from the name of the Muski tribe, who settled in the southern mountains of Muş. The other possibility is that the city, which was founded by the Urartian ruler Muşet, may have taken the shape of Muş over time, by giving the name of Muşet again.

Muş, which was in the middle of wars, plunders, great migrations and destructions in different ages, was within the borders of the Nairi country of the Urartians in the 13th century BC. The region, which was named Taron in later sources, remained under the rule of Scythian, Med, Persian, Roman and Byzantine, respectively. After entering the Umayyad and Abbasid domination, it entered the Seljuk rule with Manzikert and reached the Ottomans.

Places to visit

Muş, whose known history started with the Urartians, is a city where there are many places to visit and see about historical textures, as it is home to many civilizations.

The name of Arak Monastery, which is built on the summit of the Karaçavuş Mountains, which is now used as a plateau, comes from the Persian word Arak, which means wine. It is known that there was an important grape warehouse of the period and a place where grape must is extracted. The Roman style in the workmanship of the monastery, which has a large Bell Tower nearby, is worth seeing.

Although the exact date of the Mus Castle in the center is not known, Hz. It is thought that it was in the hands of the Muslims during the reign of Omar. The Arab, Seljuk and Ottoman cemeteries on the western side can be visited, although they have been destroyed by long-lasting wars. Another important castle of Muş is the majestic Manzikert Castle in Manzikert. The castle, which was repaired with two parallel walls surrounding the district, was the scene of many wars during the Byzantine and Islamic periods. Katerin (Zincirli), Tıkızlı and Bostankale Castles are the three important castles you can visit in and around the town of Malazgirt. Haspet and Muşet Castles in the center of Muş are also worth seeing.

The Historical Murat Bridge, on which you witness history as you pass, is 10 km away from the city center on the Mus-Varto road. The bridge, which is a Seljuk structure and still in use, is 143 m long.

The Alaeddin Bey Mosque, which was built by Alaeddin Bey in the 13th century in the city center, is an important mosque with a square base and a cylindrical body. In the middle of the body, a belt was created with floral motifs reminiscent of an intertwined plane tree. The Alaeddin Bey Bath, built on the same date, is still in use.

Muş Ulu Mosque is located in the center. The mosque, which is estimated to have been built in the 14th century, is a simple structure without inscriptions. The minaret, which was damaged by the earthquake, was restored without losing its original. Hacı Şeref Mosque, a 17th century Seljuk structure, and Bulanık Esenlik Mosque in Bulanık are some of the other historical mosques you can see in Muş.

Çanlı Church, 60 kilometers from the city center, is an imposing and domed church in a dense forest, surrounded by a vineyard and orchard. The church, which was used as a Fire Temple when it was first built, was opened to Christians by the Sassanids. It is one of the important structures of Muş, which is flooded by visitors.

Other historical churches that can be visited are the Çengili Church in the district, the Virgin Mary Church in the center, the Sirong Church in Kırköy, the Kırkayak Church and the Red Church in Kızılağaç.


Varto Kayalıdere Ruins (Castle City), 40 kilometers from the center and 20 kilometers from Varto, is an Urartian settlement. Many finds such as castles, temples, wine cellars and tombs were unearthed during the excavations carried out by the British.

Being an invaluable place for ski lovers and nature sports enthusiasts due to the long winter season, its location and snow quality, the ski resort within the borders of Güzeltepe Village welcomes its visitors with all its vitality. In addition, climbing to Suphan, Andok, Kurtik and surrounding mountains are also organized.

If you come to Muş in the spring, you will encounter a breathtakingly beautiful view. This beautiful tulip, which blooms in late April and early May and has a short life span of 15 days, pierces your heart like a red spear. The famous Muş tulip is a lily grown from a bulb like its fellows.

What to eat?

Some of the local and delicious dishes that reflect the cultural heritage of Muş are Muş Meatballs cooked in water, Hez Stuffed Stuffed Cabbage, Keskek made from chickpeas and wheat, and Çorti, which is again mixed with small pieces of cabbage leaves and mixed with various spices. Each one is more delicious than the other…

FAQs about Mus Flights

  • Which airlines are flying to Mus?
    The airlines flying most frequently to Mus are: Turkish Airlines, Ajet, Pegasus Airlines, Anadolu Jet and SunExpress. The most popular route is Istanbul to Mus. Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airlines and Ajet are the most popular airlines for this route.
  • How much is the cheapest flight to Mus?
    In the next 3 months, the cheapest one way flight to Mus is Adana to Mus at 25 May 2024 and the price of the flight is 2,000 TL. The cheapest roundtrip flight is from Ankara to Mus and it costs 2,972 TL.
  • How TURNA finds these low flight prices?
    TURNA has agreements with many airlines and get special fares and discounts. TURNA is the inventor of Smart Flight ® which connects the non-connected airlines. Smart Flight ® has a unique scientific algorithm and can find 70% cheaper routes which you cannot find on any other site.

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Mus Flight Ticket Prices

Here are Mus flights price chart for the affordable Mus flight tickets. You get deals and discounts to get the cheapest Mus flight prices.
Popular Flights Ticket Price
Adana - Mus 2,599.82
Ankara - Mus 1,300.39
Kayseri - Mus 3,081.16
Antalya - Mus 2,400.13
Bursa - Mus 2,000.00
Bodrum - Mus 2,100.55
Canakkale - Mus 3,084.44
Diyarbakir - Mus 2,845.94
Dalaman - Mus 2,660.24
Denizli - Mus 2,512.82
Balıkesir Edremit - Mus 2,499.74
Alanya - Mus 2,599.74
Gaziantep - Mus 2,249.74
Hatay - Mus 3,099.74
Isparta - Mus 3,352.80
Istanbul - Mus 1,662.94
Izmir - Mus 2,450.13
Kahramanmaras - Mus 2,949.64
Konya - Mus 2,696.10
Nevsehir - Mus 3,352.61
Ordu-Giresun - Mus 3,069.21
Rize Artvin - Mus 3,251.22
Samsun - Mus 3,249.74
Trabzon - Mus 2,846.73
Van - Mus 2,474.98
Amsterdam - Mus 6,415.00
Baku - Mus 4,856.00
Berlin - Mus 4,800.72
Brussels - Mus 14,743.00
Cologne/Bonn - Mus 4,142.54
Dortmund - Mus 10,513.00
Dusseldorf - Mus 4,467.75
Basel Mulhouse - Mus 7,715.00
Frankfurt - Mus 6,693.00
Hannover - Mus 5,557.00
Hamburg - Mus 5,209.00
Jeddah - Mus 4,996.90
Madrid - Mus 8,530.00
Marseille - Mus 6,653.00
Munich - Mus 4,673.00
Paris - Mus 5,239.72
Sarajevo - Mus 4,379.00
Stuttgart - Mus 4,100.00
Tbilisi - Mus 4,773.00
Toulouse - Mus 32,773.67
Vienna - Mus 7,277.00
Zurich - Mus 6,726.00
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