Cheapest Washington Hatay Flights (Round Trip)

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Turkish Airlines
Washington - Hatay
12 January 2019, Saturday 22:55
21 January 2019, Monday 09:55
Turkish Airlines
Washington - Hatay
15 January 2019, Tuesday 22:55
21 January 2019, Monday 09:55

Cheapest Washington Hatay Flights (One-Way)

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Turkish Airlines
Washington - Hatay
1 stop - 16h 35m
16 November 2018, Friday 22:55
Aer Lingus
Washington - Hatay
2 stop - 22h
03 February 2019, Sunday 17:40
Aer Lingus
Washington - Hatay
2 stop - 23h
27 January 2019, Sunday 17:40
Turkish Airlines
Washington - Hatay
1 stop - 15h 45m
12 January 2019, Saturday 22:55

Cheapest Hatay Flights (One-Way)

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Anadolu Jet
direct-flight - 1h 15m
05 December 2018, Wednesday 23:45
Anadolu Jet
direct-flight - 1h 35m
08 February 2019, Friday 13:40
Pegasus Airlines
direct-flight - 1h 30m
24 December 2018, Monday 19:25
Turkish Airlines
direct-flight - 1h 55m
25 November 2018, Sunday 07:05
Anadolu Jet
1 stop - 6h 40m
10 December 2018, Monday 18:20
Anadolu Jet
1 stop - 11h 5m
22 November 2018, Thursday 06:05
Anadolu Jet
1 stop - 5h 50m
10 February 2019, Sunday 09:25
Anadolu Jet
1 stop - 4h 50m
15 December 2018, Saturday 09:25

Hatay, Turkey

'' Two Cherries On A Branch

Hatay, an archaic city surrounded by Syria and Osmaniye on the south and located on the eastern coast of Mediterranean, hosted many nations with diverse believes throughout its history and peaked the human interaction during its golden era in the cradle of civilizations Anatolia.

Hatay has its roots dating back to 100.000 and 40.000 B.C. and it has played a crucial role during the Crusades by falling under the domination of Hittite, Ancient Egypt, Persian and Roman Empires. Even though it gained independency short after the realms of Seljuk and Ottomans, it joined the Republic of Turkey at the year of 1939 as a city.

Places to Visit

The rich cultural heritage and mystic aura of Hatay where people from every religion and sect, culture and nation lived together peacefully for centuries, offers a wide range of options to its visitors in terms of places to see.

Habib-i Neccar Mosque, the oldest mosque in the borders of the Republic of Turkey and also the oldest mosque built in Anatolia as the rumor says, is one of the places that must be seen both for its architectural features and history. It was built on the ruins of a pagan temple from the Roman era. Inside, there're the shrines of Yunus (Jonah) and Yahya (John) who where apostles of Jesus and Habib-i Neccar of Antioch who was their first believer and was the first martyr.

Simeon Monastery was built in 6th century and is located on a mountain top in the midst of Samandağ. The monastery has its fame as the place where St. Simone lived on top of a column for 40 years. The rumor that St. Simone, a small child who dedicated himself to God, was healing illnesses caused visitors to influx to this region throughout the history and even caused the mountain to be named as "Mountain of Miracles". You can climb up to this hill which is very windy with the accompany of Hatay view and the folds of Asi River.

Known as the first church of Christianity, St. Pierre Church is a fascinating worship temple acknowledged as the first rock cave of the world. It's a sacred place which is used for secret meetings by the first Christians of Antioch.

One of the two important monasteries in Hatay, Barlaam Monastery is located on Keldağ in Yayladağı County. Starting with the Hittites, Keldağ was acknowledged as a sacred place also by Seleucids and Romans throughout its history and the monastery was built by Georgian priests in 9th century and dedicated to Barlaam. You can reach to the monastery by walking for 2.5 hours after Bezge through a small pathway and cliffs. After this troublesome journey once you've reached to the monastery, the energy flow of the environment makes all the bad thoughts go away.

Located on the Silk Road and pilgrimage road, Islamic-Ottoman social complexes, külliyes were built on the region in order to open it to the settlement. Built by famous Ottoman architect Sinan in 1574, Payas Sokullu Külliyesi contains a caravansary, bath, madrasah, mosque and covered bazaar with 45 shops. These shops are still used today as souvenir shops and this gives the place a historical vitality.

A place where history, adventure, trekking and nature lovers are very likely to enjoy, Bakras Castle is considered to be medieval and used to have a very important location due to being the control point of the old road going to Arabia from the passage of Belen. It's an ideal point to take a glance at Antioch from a completely different perspective.

Antioch Castle and Walls built by Alexander the Great in 3th century B.C. is among the important artifacts of the world. Used by Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottomans; the castle survived to present day even though it has witnessed countless wars and earthquakes. Payas Castle which was built during the Ottoman realm in order to secure the pilgrimage road coming from Istanbul and going to Hejaz and Egypt through Tarsus, Adana and Antioch is among the important historical castles you would like to see which exists since the Hellenistic era.

These are not all the historical artifacts you can visit in Hatay of course. There are many important shrines, inns, baths, wells, mosques, churches, monasteries and synagogues both in the city and its counties.

Hatay Archeology Museum where ruins of Hatay which has witnessed various cultures from the ancient times till Middle Ages are presented to its visitors has the second biggest mosaic exhibition hall of the world. In here, you get the chance to have a close look to at the history and unique cultural heritage of Antioch, city of civilizations.

One of Hatay's most interesting places Hatay Medical and Aromatic Plants Museum is a place where you'll be ecstasized by the scents as you wander around. Established in an old restored Antioch house, in this museum 280 type of medical and aromatic plant are exhibited to the public interest in glass jars and hand weaved baskets, ready to be used.

Alongside with its historical and cultural heritage, city of tolerance Hatay also has an important place in terms of its natural beauties. Vakıflı Village where the only Armenian community of the country lives is among the places to visit with its traditional village coffeehouse and church and is only 5km away from Samandağ County. You should definitely visit this place to breath in its clean air and taste its local delights like organic mandarin syrup and citrus jam. As you came to Vakıflı Village, you should not return before visiting Hıdırbey Musa Tree which is only 2km away from the village. The nature of this place is truly amazing with scent odorizing bay trees near the small waterfall..

Titus Rock Tunnel is again only a few km's away from Samandağ and it offers a journey opportunity where history and nature are intertwined. If you follow the 500-600 meters long pathway after this tunnels which were dug for floods in the past, you can reach to the roman cemetery. Here you can buy products like Samandağ pepper and dib roman produced by friendly locals.

Antioch cuisine is such a rich and special cuisine that it would be suitable to examine it in an additional section and write long articles about it. It's among the 3 richest cuisine of Turkey. Respected not only by Turkey but also by the world, Antioch cuisine is a cultural heritage. Considering the dishes today called "the Antioch Cuisine" are actually taken and adapted from many different nations and communities, mainly from Arabic ones, it would be suitable to say that the Antioch cuisine is a one big rich collection. Steak tartar a la turca, tomato pilaf, fellah köftesi, firik pilaf, stuffed meatballs, kabaklı aş, mütebli, tepsi oruğu are the main dishes which are proverbial. Aya köfteli çorba, ekşi aşı, kumbursiye, mahluta, şiş pastry and toğga are the famous soups. Meat dishes of Arabic kebab, aşur, belen tava, lambkebab in curl paper and maklube are not to resemble the ones you've had before; the air, water, vegetables and meat of this region are completely site-specific.


If you want to go to Hatay from the western part of Turkey, road transport option is a bit of a troublesome for that. It's 1115 km from İstanbul, 668 km from Ankara and 1080 km from İzmir.

If you want to use the railway, since there're no train routes to Hatay you have to transfer to Adana and from there to Mersin by taking the daily trains departing from İskenderun. But there's only one service each day, from both sides.

The easiest way to get to Hatay is airway. It's quite comfortable to travel to Hatay with Turkish Airlines and other flight companies. Afterwards you can travel to anywhere easily from the city center. The duration of the flight between Hatay and İstanbul varies between 1 hour 35 minutes and 1 hour 50 minutes and the duration of the flight between Hatay and Ankara is 1 hour 15 minutes.

Hatay Map

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Hatay Map

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