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As Adana Seyahat
22 June 2024, Saturday 04:00
As Adana Seyahat
21 June 2024, Friday 19:15
Vangölü Turizm
22 June 2024, Saturday 03:15
Erbaa Seyahat
25 June 2024, Tuesday 07:00
Metro Turizm
21 June 2024, Friday 14:00
Cesur Bingöl
22 June 2024, Saturday 01:10
Aybastı İtimat Turizm
26 June 2024, Wednesday 19:30
Metro Turizm
21 June 2024, Friday 00:15
Aybastı Özay Turizm
21 June 2024, Friday 21:30
Metro Turizm
22 June 2024, Saturday 11:00
Metatur Turizm
02 July 2024, Tuesday 17:30
Aybastı Özay Turizm
21 June 2024, Friday 18:30

Popular Bus Trips Departing From Samsun

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Metro Turizm
30 June 2024, Sunday 17:30
As Adana Seyahat
23 June 2024, Sunday 06:00
As Adana Seyahat
01 July 2024, Monday 06:51
Metro Turizm
25 June 2024, Tuesday 08:00
Metro Turizm
23 June 2024, Sunday 06:30
As Adana Seyahat
21 June 2024, Friday 06:31
Aybastı İtimat Turizm
02 July 2024, Tuesday 18:30
Aybastı İtimat Turizm
26 June 2024, Wednesday 18:30
Aybastı İtimat Turizm
24 June 2024, Monday 18:30
Özlem Ardahan
24 June 2024, Monday 18:30
Aybastı İtimat Turizm
24 June 2024, Monday 14:30
Bafra Seyahat
26 June 2024, Wednesday 20:30

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Öz Vezirköprü Turizm
19 June 2024, Wednesday 01:00
Metatur Turizm
02 July 2024, Tuesday 17:30
Bafra Seyahat
02 July 2024, Tuesday 19:30
As Adana Seyahat
16 June 2024, Sunday 08:00
Adıyaman Ünal
21 June 2024, Friday 16:00
Lüks Karadeniz Seyahat
30 June 2024, Sunday 11:00
Can Dersim Tuncelililer
16 June 2024, Sunday 08:30
Cesur Bingöl
05 July 2024, Friday 17:30
Elazığ Hazar Turizm
16 June 2024, Sunday 15:00
Tokat Seyahat
16 June 2024, Sunday 10:45
Metro Turizm
01 July 2024, Monday 16:00
Metro Turizm
16 June 2024, Sunday 14:00

Information on Bus Travel to Samsun

Looking for cheap Samsun bus tickets ? Giresun Samsun 148 TL, İzmit (Kocaeli) Samsun 600 TL and Gebze Samsun 700 TL over the next 3 month.

Samsun intercity bus stops and boarding points are: Salıpazarı, Muşta (Samsun), Meydan (Samsun), Ladik (Samsun), Kavak, Havza, Engiz (19 Mayıs, Samsun), Çatalçam (Atakum, Samsun), Çarşamba, Samsun, Ayvacık (Samsun), Atakent (Atakum, Samsun), Asarcık, Alaçam, 19 Mayıs, Atakum, Taflan (Atakum, Samsun), Terme, Tekkeköy, Yakakent, Vezirköprü, Belediye Evleri (Canik, Samsun), Cumhuriyet Meydanı (İlkadım, Samsun), Toptepe (Canik, Samsun) and Ömürevleri (Atakum, Samsun)

We recommend that you buy tickets at least 10 days in advance for best priced Samsun bus tickets.

Check Samsun Flights flight tickets to find a faster way to reach Samsun.

Samsun, one of the most developed cities of the Black Sea Region, stands out in terms of education, health, industry, trade, transportation and economy. The city has a great importance in the history of the Republic as it is the city where Atatürk took the first step towards the National Struggle.

Standing out with its natural beauties, historical values ​​and delicious cuisine, Samsun is also an important port city. The city, which hosts thousands of local and foreign tourists every year, is also very rich in terms of green areas and touristic places.

In Samsun, which provides different tourism opportunities every season of the year, you can ski and enjoy the hot springs in winter and enjoy the sun on its wonderful beaches in summer.

Samsun Places to Visit

Samsun has many alternatives worth visiting with its historical and natural beauties. You can start your tour by visiting the Samsun Honor Monument, which has become the symbol of the city. There are figures reflecting the spirit of national struggle around the monument, which was built by the Australian sculptor Heinrich Krippel in 1931.

You should definitely see Amisos Hill, known as the first settlement of the city. The region, which has the opportunity to go out with the cable car, is one of the places to visit in Samsun with its natural beauties, scenery and historical ruins.

Akdağ Ski Center, which is one of the places preferred by tourists in winter tourism, welcomes its guests with its unique beauties.

Bandırma Ship Museum was opened to the public in 2003. In the museum, which was built to represent the ship Atatürk came from Bandırma, there are Atatürk's correspondence and wax statues of Mustafa Kemal Pasha's comrade. Bandırma Museum takes people on a journey into the past.

Atakum, one of the most popular tourist spots in the city, is famous for having the longest coastline of the Black Sea and Eastern Black Sea Regions. In Atakum, where you can spend the whole day with its clean sea and walking, you can enjoy the sunset, experience seafood and tastes from the Black Sea cuisine.

Ayvacık, which nature lovers admire, offers a fascinating view with its lush Black Sea pine forests. You can take a walk in Ayvacık, enjoy the well-equipped camping areas and untouched natural beauties.
 Tekkeköy district, which has a worldwide reputation for being the place where the first human settlements were found in the Black Sea, has a worldwide importance with this feature. You can visit the district, which attracts archeology enthusiasts, and see the impressive statues depicting the first humans.

Located in the Kızılırmak Delta, one of the largest deltas in Turkey, the Kızılırmak Bird Sanctuary hosts nearly 350 bird species. is coming.

For those who want to experience the city life, Çiftlik Caddesi, the most lively street of Samsun, is worth seeing. Cadde, which is in the heart of the city, is the fastest place of social life. The street, which is famous for its restaurants, cafes and shops, offers the chance to live a pleasant day.

Batı Park, one of the biggest parks of Samsun, manages to impress the visitors with its lush nature. West Park, which hosts the Amazon Village, where statues and monuments of Amazon women thought to have lived in the region once, is worth seeing.
How to go to Samsun?

There are bus and plane alternatives for transportation to Samsun. Among these transportation options, the most budget-friendly method to Samsun is to buy a Samsun bus ticket. There are regular direct bus services to Samsun from all over Turkey.

Samsun Intercity Bus Station is located in the Kıran District of İlkadım. The distance from the bus station to the city center is 5 km. You can reach the city center from the bus station by using the municipal bus, minibus (minibus), shuttles of the bus companies and taxi.

Samsun, which is among the developed cities of the Black Sea in terms of education, health, industry, trade and economy, makes a name for itself with its natural beauties and historical values. You can take the first step by searching for Samsun bus tickets on in order to discover the city with different tourism opportunities that you can visit at any time of the year.

Samsun bus ticket questions

  • Which bus companies operates from and to Samsun?
    Bus companies that run the most frequent trips between Turkey and Samsun are Ali Osman Ulusoy, Metro Turizm, Kanberoğlu, Lüks Karadeniz Seyahat and İstanbul Seyahat. The most popular route is Giresun - Samsun, Ali Osman Ulusoy and Metro Turizm are the bus companies that organize the most trips on this line.
  • How much is the cheapest Samsun bus ticket price?
    Between Turkey and Samsun, the lowest priced bus ticket in the next 3 month period is Giresun Samsun on 21 June 2024 and 148 TL.
  • When is the Samsun bus departure times?
    • Giresun Samsun Bus Departure Time: 19:15
    • İzmit (Kocaeli) Samsun Bus Departure Time: 17:45
    • Gebze Samsun Bus Departure Time: 17:15
    • Sungurlu Samsun Bus Departure Time: 00:15
    • Sakarya (Adapazarı) Samsun Bus Departure Time: 18:30
  • How can find Samsun bus tickets with such cheap prices? scans the inventory of all bus companies in seconds with its advanced search engine technology and offers you all online bus tickets alternatives within seconds.
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