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Bus Trips Arriving To Tekirdağ

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Keşan Birlik
01 May 2024, Wednesday 06:30
Metro Turizm
28 April 2024, Sunday 05:00
Fatih Turizm
28 April 2024, Sunday 07:00
Isparta Petrol
25 April 2024, Thursday 07:00
Pamukkale Turizm
30 April 2024, Tuesday 04:00
Balıkesir Uludağ
05 May 2024, Sunday 08:00

Popular Bus Trips Departing From Tekirdağ

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Metro Turizm
25 April 2024, Thursday 22:30
Çorlu Yıldız tur
01 May 2024, Wednesday 18:50
Şarköy Seyahat
27 April 2024, Saturday 11:45
Fatih Turizm
25 April 2024, Thursday 09:00
Isparta Petrol
27 April 2024, Saturday 14:00
Balıkesir Hakser Turizm
09 May 2024, Thursday 05:00
İstanbul Seyahat Havalimanı
01 May 2024, Wednesday 05:00
Lüks Aksel Seyahat
26 April 2024, Friday 14:15
Balıkesir Uludağ
25 April 2024, Thursday 02:30
İstanbul Seyahat
29 April 2024, Monday 08:30

Cheapest Tekirdağ Bus Ticket Prices

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Metro Turizm
28 April 2024, Sunday 05:00
Isparta Petrol
26 April 2024, Friday 05:30
Topçam Turizm
19 April 2024, Friday 21:45
Isparta Petrol
18 April 2024, Thursday 01:45
Lüks Aksel Seyahat
19 April 2024, Friday 17:00
Ali Osman Ulusoy
18 April 2024, Thursday 20:00
Pamukkale Turizm
20 April 2024, Saturday 12:00
Balıkesir Hakser Turizm
18 May 2024, Saturday 01:00

Information on Bus Travel to Tekirdağ

Looking for cheap Tekirdağ bus tickets ? Keşan Tekirdağ 130 TL, Çanakkale Tekirdağ 270 TL and İzmir Tekirdağ 620 TL over the next 3 month.

Tekirdağ intercity bus stops and boarding points are: Popköy (Hayrabolu, Tekirdağ), Büyükyoncalı (Saray, Tekirdağ), Bulvar (Tekirdağ), Hayrabolu, İnecik (Tekirdağ), Yeniçiftlik (Tekirdağ), Vakıflar (Ergene, Tekirdağ), Tekirdağ, Şarköy, Sultanköy (Marmaraereğlisi, Tekirdağ), Saray (Tekirdağ), Mürefte (Şarköy, Tekirdağ), Muratlı, Marmaracık (Ergene, Tekirdağ), Malkara, Mahramlı (Tekirdağ), Kumbağ (Tekirdağ), Kozyörük (Malkara, Tekirdağ), Kapaklı, Yenice (Malkara, Tekirdağ), Altınova (Süleymanpaşa, Tekirdağ), Değirmenaltı (Süleymanpaşa, Tekirdağ), Malkara Işıklar, Ereğli Marmara, Misinli, Demirkaya and Hoşköy

We recommend that you buy tickets at least 13 days in advance for best priced Tekirdağ bus tickets.

Tekirdağ, where blue and green are intertwined, is a wonderful travel destination with magnificent natural beauties. Located on the Thrace side of the Marmara Region, the city has coasts to both the Marmara Sea and the Black Sea.

Tekirdağ, which is adjacent to the provinces of Istanbul, Edirne, Kırklareli and Çanakkale, is an important industrial and commercial city. Tekirdağ, a city surrounded by mountains and seas, draws attention with its sandy beaches, vineyards, local wines and olive trees.

Tekirdağ, with its breathtaking natural beauties, is on the list of many travel enthusiasts. Hosting thousands of holiday lovers every year, Tekirdağ is one of the favorites of those who want to get away from the stress of the city with its postcard-like landscapes. Tekirdag is also home to impressive historical and architectural works with its history dating back to ancient times. The best time to visit Tekirdağ is spring and summer.

Tekirdag Attractions

Tekirdağ is a frequent destination for travelers with its natural beauties, calm atmosphere and sparkling sea. If you want to get to know the history of Tekirdağ closely, you can start your tour with Tekirdağ Archeology and Ethnography Museum.

In the museum, which opened its doors to its visitors in 1967, you can see many weapons, defense tools and objects belonging to the Byzantine period together. More than 23 thousand artifacts from prehistoric times found in and around Tekirdağ are exhibited in the museum. We strongly recommend you to see Tekirdağ Archeology and Ethnography Museum during your visit to Tekirdağ.

Another important place worth seeing during your Tekirdağ visit is the Rakoczi Museum. Erdel Prince and Hungarian People's Liberation Hero II, who spent his last years in Tekirdağ, by the Hungarian Government. In the Rakoczi Museum, built in honor of Rakoczi Frençh's memories, works symbolizing Turkish-Hungarian relations and the cooperation of the two nations in folk arts, as well as Rakoczi's personal and family items are exhibited.

Namık Kemal House, built in memory of the famous poet Namık Kemal, draws attention with its Ottoman architecture. The personal belongings and works of the famous poet are exhibited in the Namık Kemal House, which serves as a museum. The museum also hosts artifacts symbolizing the history of Tekirdağ.

Uçmakdere, where the best quality grapes of our country are grown, draws attention with its lush nature and unique sea view. In Uçmakdere, an old Greek village, the old settlement pattern and life culture continues. Uçmakdere brings village life and village products together with its visitors.

Rüstem Pasha Mosque, which has survived from 1546 until today, is one of the important works of the city. Rüstem Paşa Mosque, one of the most beautiful mosques in Tekirdağ, was built by Mimar Sinan. The mosque amazes those who see it with its architecture.

Çorlu Castle, located in Çorlu District of Tekirdağ, is a frequent destination for history buffs. The castle, which was built in the Middle Ages to prevent raids and attacks from the Balkans and Europe to Anatolia, is one of the structures that have survived from the past.

How to go to Tekirdag?

There are bus, train and plane alternatives for transportation to Tekirdağ. Among these transportation options, the most economical and practical method to Tekirdağ is to buy a Tekirdağ bus ticket. There are regular direct bus services to Tekirdağ from different regions of Turkey.

Tekirdağ Intercity Bus Station is located in the borders of Hürriyet Neighborhood in the center. The distance from the bus station to the city center is 14 km. You can reach the city center from the bus station by using the municipal bus, minibus, shuttles of the bus companies and taxi.

Hosting thousands of tourists every year, Tekirdağ is a unique destination surrounded by mountains and seas. Offering breathtaking views to its visitors, Tekirdağ fascinates with its natural beauties.

Tekirdağ, which is on the list of many travel enthusiasts, has important historical and architectural monuments. You can take the first step to discover this beautiful city by searching for a Tekirdağ bus ticket on

Tekirdağ bus ticket questions

  • Which bus companies operates from and to Tekirdağ?
    Bus companies that run the most frequent trips between Turkey and Tekirdağ are İstanbul Seyahat, Pamukkale Turizm, Metro Turizm, Kale Seyahat and İstanbul Seyahat Havalimanı. The most popular route is Keşan - Tekirdağ, İstanbul Seyahat and Pamukkale Turizm are the bus companies that organize the most trips on this line.
  • How much is the cheapest Tekirdağ bus ticket price?
    Between Turkey and Tekirdağ, the lowest priced bus ticket in the next 3 month period is Keşan Tekirdağ on 1 May 2024 and 130 TL.
  • When is the Tekirdağ bus departure times?
    • Keşan Tekirdağ Bus Departure Time: 06:30
    • Çanakkale Tekirdağ Bus Departure Time: 07:00
    • İzmir Tekirdağ Bus Departure Time: 08:00
    • Kırklareli Tekirdağ Bus Departure Time: 07:00
    • Malkara Tekirdağ Bus Departure Time: 07:00
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