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Adıyaman Ünal
28 June 2024, Friday 07:30
Yeşil Muş Ovası
28 June 2024, Friday 09:30
Vangölü Turizm
27 June 2024, Thursday 09:00
Bağtaş Turizm
01 July 2024, Monday 02:30
Star Diyarbakır
08 July 2024, Monday 16:00
Siirt Petrol
05 July 2024, Friday 01:20
Özlem Batman Turizm
01 July 2024, Monday 10:45
Siirt Petrol
13 July 2024, Saturday 22:00
Star Diyarbakır
08 July 2024, Monday 11:00
Öz Diyarbakır
28 June 2024, Friday 15:15
Lüks Batman
03 July 2024, Wednesday 02:00
Siirt Petrol
01 July 2024, Monday 12:30

Popular Bus Trips Departing From Batman

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Adıyaman Ünal
27 June 2024, Thursday 12:00
Yeşil Muş Ovası
03 July 2024, Wednesday 09:14
Vangölü Turizm
27 June 2024, Thursday 15:30
Star Batman
30 June 2024, Sunday 09:00
Yeşil Muş Ovası
05 July 2024, Friday 09:14
Yeni Diyarbakır
27 June 2024, Thursday 15:01
Star Diyarbakır
27 June 2024, Thursday 01:30
Star Diyarbakır
27 June 2024, Thursday 20:00
Vangölü Turizm
30 June 2024, Sunday 01:00
Vangölü Turizm
28 June 2024, Friday 23:55
Vangölü Turizm
27 June 2024, Thursday 14:15
Siirt Petrol
27 June 2024, Thursday 12:30

Cheapest Batman Bus Ticket Prices

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Adıyaman Ünal
20 June 2024, Thursday 10:30
Has Diyarbakır Seyahat
22 June 2024, Saturday 06:00
Metro Turizm
29 June 2024, Saturday 01:00
Mis Amasya Tur
20 June 2024, Thursday 00:30
Vangölü Turizm
22 June 2024, Saturday 11:00
Bağtaş Turizm
25 June 2024, Tuesday 21:00
Siirt Kurtalan Ekspres
21 June 2024, Friday 13:30
Siirt Petrol
01 July 2024, Monday 12:30
Siirt Petrol
20 June 2024, Thursday 14:00
Tokat Yıldızı
27 June 2024, Thursday 10:00
Siirt Petrol
20 June 2024, Thursday 09:30
Siirt Kurtalan Ekspres
21 June 2024, Friday 07:00

Information on Bus Travel to Batman

Looking for cheap Batman bus tickets ? Bismil Batman 100 TL, Bitlis Batman 200 TL and Van Batman 400 TL over the next 3 month.

Batman intercity bus stops and boarding points are: Batman, Beşiri, Hasankeyf, Gercüş, Ziyaret (Kozluk, Batman), Sason, Kozluk, Üçyol (Hasankeyf, Batman) and Bekirhan (Kozluk, Batman)

We recommend that you buy tickets at least 7 days in advance for best priced Batman bus tickets.

Check Batman Flights flight tickets to find a faster way to reach Batman.

Located in the Southeastern Anatolia Region of Turkey, Batman is bordered by Diyarbakır in the west, Muş in the north, Siirt and Bitlis in the east, and Mardin in the south. With its deep-rooted history and natural beauties, Batman has a potential in terms of tourism, and it manages to become one of the important cities with its bridges from the Middle Ages, thousands of years old caves, ancient cities and historical monuments.

Standing out with its success and strong economy in the oil, industry and construction sectors, the city hosts many domestic and international guests throughout the year. The best time to visit Batman, where the continental and remote Mediterranean climate is dominant, is between April and May.

Batman Attractions

Batman is a city visited by local and foreign tourists at all times of the year. Batman, which is among the hidden routes of cultural tourism, stands out with its historical and natural riches that must be seen, from bridges to monasteries, from castles to caves.

You can start your Batman journey with Hasankeyf, whose reputation has crossed the borders of our country. The important heritage of the city, Hasankeyf, is an ancient city that hosted thousands of years of civilizations and wars that shaped history.

Hasankeyf, which has a history of 11 thousand years, has managed to reach the present day from the Neolithic age. While the region, which everyone should see at least once in their life, draws attention with its historical sites and settlements, Hasankeyf was flooded due to the dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant Project. Sightseeing boats were launched in Hasankeyf.

One of the historical sightseeing spots you can see in Batman is Hallan Çemi Mound. The mound bearing the traces of the Neolithic period, Hallan Çemi Mound, which is quite impressive with its 11 thousand-year history, is one of the oldest historical mounds in the region.

Batman Museum, one of the most important museums of the Southeastern Anatolia Region, takes history buffs on a journey into the past. There are important artifacts in the museum, where artifacts from the Paleotic period are exhibited.

Hasankeyf Castle, considered one of the most important historical heritages of Batman, is located on the banks of the region's impressively beautiful Tigris River. Hasankeyf Castle, which impresses with its magnificent architecture, is one of the works that give the most beautiful texture to the ancient city.

Kozluk Hezo Castle is one of the oldest structures in Batman. Kozluk Hezo, a very important castle, is located on a steep hill. Kozluk Hezo Castle is an important point for those who want to feel the historical texture. Mor Aho Monastery is one of the important works in the city. The building, built of cut stone and rubble, impresses with its architecture.

Hızır Bey Mosque is among the important mosques of the city. The Hızır Bey Mosque, which is the largest mosque in the district, is one of the routes you should see on your Batman trip. Memikan Bridge is one of the historical bridges in the city. Memikan Bridge, one of the most beautiful structures adding an aesthetic appearance to the city, is one of the places worth seeing, even if it is in a very dilapidated condition today.

Yaşar Kemal City Forest was built to contribute to the tourism potential of the city. Inside; There are special activity areas such as a pond, children's playgrounds, mini botanical garden, walking, jogging and cycling tracks, resting areas, viewing points, picnic areas, cafeterias, water games area, sound games area, waterfall, resting areas and amphitheater. Yaşar Kemal City Forest is a living space for the people of Batman and the tourists coming to the city.

How to Get to Batman?

There are bus, train and airline alternatives for transportation in Batman. One of the most common transportation methods to travel to Batman is to buy Batman bus tickets. There are regular direct bus services to Batman from different cities of Turkey.

Batman Intercity Bus Station is located in Hilal Neighborhood. You can reach the bus station from the city center by using the municipal bus, minibus, shuttles of the bus companies and taxi.

In order to discover this beautiful city, which is one of the most important cities of Anatolia with its historical riches, natural beauties and cultural values, you can browse the Batman bus ticket options on and buy your ticket immediately.

Batman bus ticket questions

  • Which bus companies operates from and to Batman?
    Bus companies that run the most frequent trips between Turkey and Batman are Vangölü Turizm, Star Batman, Siirt Petrol, Lüks Batman and Best Van Turizm. The most popular route is Bismil - Batman, Vangölü Turizm and Star Batman are the bus companies that organize the most trips on this line.
  • How much is the cheapest Batman bus ticket price?
    Between Turkey and Batman, the lowest priced bus ticket in the next 3 month period is Bismil Batman on 28 June 2024 and 100 TL.
  • When is the Batman bus departure times?
    • Bismil Batman Bus Departure Time: 07:30
    • Bitlis Batman Bus Departure Time: 09:30
    • Van Batman Bus Departure Time: 16:00
    • Şanlıurfa Batman Bus Departure Time: 02:30
    • Adana Batman Bus Departure Time: 02:00
  • How can find Batman bus tickets with such cheap prices? scans the inventory of all bus companies in seconds with its advanced search engine technology and offers you all online bus tickets alternatives within seconds.
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