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Flight Info Notes on New York to St Louis

From Airports
John F Kennedy Airport
Newark Liberty Airport
La Guardia Airport
Battery Pk City Airport
East 34St Landing Airport
Wall Street Spb Airport
Destination Airports
Lambert Airport
Bi State Park Airport
Spirit Of Airport
Cheapest Price
5,263.63 TL

Cheapest New York To St Louis Flights (One-Way)

Check the cheapest prices for New York to St Louis

Delta Air Lines
New york - St louis
direct-flight - 1h 45m
12 October 2023, Thursday 06:00
American Airlines
New york - St louis
1 stop - 5h 50m
12 October 2023, Thursday 07:40
United Airlines
New york - St louis
direct-flight - 1h 36m
12 October 2023, Thursday 14:06

Flights From New York To Other Destinations

Instead of St Louis, you may fly to the cities below

Spirit Airlines
direct-flight - 2h 28m
02 October 2023, Monday 15:50
Delta Air Lines
direct-flight - 1h 19m
27 September 2023, Wednesday 12:50
Delta Air Lines
direct-flight - 2h 47m
02 October 2023, Monday 18:55
direct-flight - 4h 8m
10 October 2023, Tuesday 08:30
Delta Air Lines
direct-flight - 3h 16m
11 November 2023, Saturday 18:20
Copa Airlines
1 stop - 9h 32m
16 October 2023, Monday 15:40
Spirit Airlines
direct-flight - 3h 20m
19 October 2023, Thursday 13:40
Spirit Airlines
direct-flight - 2h 37m
12 October 2023, Thursday 15:00
Spirit Airlines
1 stop - 6h 7m
31 October 2023, Tuesday 11:59
direct-flight - 4h 45m
10 October 2023, Tuesday 15:10
Spirit Airlines
direct-flight - 3h 13m
25 October 2023, Wednesday 06:20
Spirit Airlines
direct-flight - 3h 13m
28 September 2023, Thursday 19:59
Delta Air Lines
direct-flight - 6h 13m
26 September 2023, Tuesday 08:20
United Airlines
1 stop - 8h 2m
14 November 2023, Tuesday 06:05
Alaska Airlines
direct-flight - 3h 26m
12 October 2023, Thursday 07:30
Delta Air Lines
direct-flight - 1h 29m
02 October 2023, Monday 09:00
United Airlines
direct-flight - 1h 28m
28 September 2023, Thursday 06:30
Flair Airlines
direct-flight - 2h 5m
23 October 2023, Monday 10:40
Air Canada
1 stop - 8h 44m
27 September 2023, Wednesday 12:50

Flights To St Louis From Other Cities

Instead of New York, you may think of flying from below cities

Delta Air Lines
direct-flight - 33m
17 October 2023, Tuesday 11:19
New Axis Airways
1 stop - 3h 5m
13 October 2023, Friday 17:15
American Airlines
1 stop - 6h 36m
15 October 2023, Sunday 12:40
Sun Country
1 stop - 18h 47m
20 October 2023, Friday 23:59
Delta Air Lines
1 stop - 4h 1m
13 October 2023, Friday 19:35
American Airlines
direct-flight - 1h 27m
12 October 2023, Thursday 06:34

New York St Louis Flight Information

When we examined our data in detail, we saw that New York St Louis flight tickets bought after 15 days were purchased at the cheapest prices compared to the average. You can try too.

The busiest months for New York St Louis flights are September and October. Therefore, tickets you buy for months September and October are usually more expensive than the rest of the year. It is possible to find cheaper prices by flying in September and October months.

Looking at 30 days from today, we can see that the most affordable flight for New York St Louis flight tickets is 5,264 TL by Delta Air Lines airlines.


Transportation from the City Center to Newark Liberty Airport

Newark Liberty Airport is the second busiest airport of New York and is 23 km's away from the city center. There're many travel alternatives to get to the Newark Liberty Airport from city center. Trains, shuttle buses, taxis and car rentals are among the options.

You can use the city's train line if you're travelling from Manhattan. It's also possible to connect this line via interchange stations from all parts of the city.

AirTrain operates 7/24 between airport's terminals. This line also connects the airport to the airport train station.

You can prefer taxis for a more comfortable journey. You should check with the driver first about the fee.

Airport Express buses also travel between Newark and city center. These buses operate from 6 A.M. to Midnight and depart from Bryant Park, Grand Central Station and Port Authority Bus.

You can also consider car rental options.

Transportation from New York to JFK Airport

JFK Airport is located 20 km outside the city center. It's one of the busiest airports in the USA. You can use subway, trains, buses, taxis and car rentals to get to the JFK Airport.

The famous New York Subway is a good option to travel almost everywhere in the city. You should check the subway map beforehand in order to prevent any complications. Manhattan, Queens and Jamaica are the main stations of 3 different directions.

New York City center trains are go by the name LIRR. LIRR is the abbreviation for Long Island Rail Road. It's possible to transfer to LIRR line from Jamaica Station.

There're buses Jamaica Station of the airport and the city center. It's possible to get to the airport from every part of the city with bus lines starting with Q. Traveling time can't be predicted due to the traffic problem of New York. It's better to leave a bit earlier during rush hours.

Many hotels in the city center have private shuttles for their guests. Check with the reservation desk about such shuttles if you're planning stay at a hotel.

Car rental and taxi options can also be considered for a quick journey.

​Transportation from St. Louis Lambert International Airport to the City Center

St. Louis Lambert Uluslararası Havalimanı'ndan eğitim için çok fazla imkan mevcut değildir.

St. Louis Lambert Uluslararası Havalimanı'ndaki otobüs durağı, tüm yerel metrobüs ve Greyhound otobüs servisleri için görülmesi gereken konumu görmekte ve Lambert International Boulevard'da, Terminal 1'in hemen yerinde yer almakta. Metrobüs, havaalanını 49 Kuzey Lindbergh hattı ile şehre bağlamakta. Hafta içi Ballas Transit Center saat 05.01'de ölçüm ulaşımından ulaşım hizmeti Kuzey Han'daki metro istasyonundan ulaşım hattında ve 00.58'de son seferini fiyatında. Otobüsün hafta sonu çalışma saatleri ise cumartesi 05.17 – 00.07 ve pazar 06.20 – 22.07 arasında.

Otobüs durağına Terminal 1 ve 2'den 12'nin görünümün kalkan servis araçları ile ulaşılıyor. Bu durağanda aynı 16 nolu çıkışlın, Terminal 1 garajının göstergesi bir tünelden de mümkün olabilir.

Havalimanı Servis Araçları (servis)
Louis Havalimanı, Terminal 1 ve Terminal 2 arasında 24 saat ücretsiz servis aracı sağlar. Servis, 8-15 binmek için iki terminalin 12'sinde yer alır.

Metropol Taksi tarafından kontrol edilen terminal 1'den 14 kapıdan garajın sarı sisteme erişebilenlere ulaşmak mümkün. Terminal 2'den çıkışlarda ise 12 girişi gereklidir. Taksimetreye ek olarak ücret karşılığı 4 USD (Amerikan Doları) gereklidir.

Arac Kiralama
Louis Lambert Uluslararası Havalimanı'ndaki araç kiralama gişeleri, Terminal 1'in alt katında 12. ve 17. kapılar arasında yer almaktadır. Çok sayıda farklı araç kiralama firmasının şubesini bulmak. Kiralanan araçlara Terminal 1'in 17. den, Terminal 2'nin kapsamın biniliyor.

MetroLink, St. Louis metropol hafif raylı sistemi. Terminal 1 MetroLink istasyonu, giriş istasyonunda, girişte bulunan giriş Kapısı 1'de bulunurken Terminal 2 MetroLink Giriş Kapısı 12'den yerde, otoparktan yerta.

Louis Lambert Uluslararası Havalimanı İletişim Bilgileri:
Adres: 10701 Lambert Uluslararası Bulvarı. St.Louis, MO 63145-0212 ABD
Telefon numarası: (314) 890-1333

FAQs about Flights from New York to St Louis

  • How is the flight ticket service offered by TURNA different?
    Turna has unique services such as smart flight, online ticket cancellation and change, purchasing tickets with card points and unconditional ticket cancellation. Thanks to Turna, which earns points from every flight, you can earn lifetime points not only from your own tickets, but also from the tickets purchased by your friends you invite, and you can fly for free.
  • Which airlines offer flights between New York and St Louis?
    The number of airlines serving this line is at least 2. Among these, we can list the popular airline companies between the two cities as follows: Sun Country and Spirit Airlines.
  • Which day of the week can I find cheap tickets between New York St Louis?
    We see that those who fly on Saturdays usually pay less. We do not recommend choosing Sundays for flight as you may encounter higher costs.
  • How many flights weekly or daily are there between New York and St Louis ?
    There are weekly 7, daily 1 flights.
  • Which airports am I going to use while flying from New York to St Louis ?
    When flying from New York, you will be using one of the following airports: Newark Liberty Airport, John F Kennedy Airport, La Guardia Airport, Battery Pk City Airport, East 34St Landing Airport, Wall Street Spb Airport, Marine Air Airport. You will be arriving to these airport(s): Bi State Park Airport, Lambert Airport, Spirit Of Airport.

From New York to St Louis Flights Prices

Here is the price list of New York to St Louis flight tickets. Find cheapest flights on Turna!
Airlines Number of Daily Flights Flight Ticket Prices
Spirit Airlines 1 3,650.41
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