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Trabzon-Rize 125.00 TL
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Bus Trips Arriving To Rize

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Özlem Ardahan
07 June 2024, Friday 00:30
Prenskale Seyahat
02 June 2024, Sunday 07:45
Tokat Yıldızı
14 June 2024, Friday 02:55
Öz Elbistan
31 May 2024, Friday 07:30
Golden Turizm
30 May 2024, Thursday 14:15
Lüks Karadeniz Seyahat
09 June 2024, Sunday 03:20
Rize Ses Seyahat
01 June 2024, Saturday 18:00
Rize Ses Seyahat
30 May 2024, Thursday 17:30
Rize Ses Seyahat
31 May 2024, Friday 18:00
Rize Ses Seyahat
03 June 2024, Monday 21:00
Öz Nuhoğlu Turizm
31 May 2024, Friday 11:00
Öz Diyarbakır
01 June 2024, Saturday 11:00

Popular Bus Trips Departing From Rize

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Malatya Zafer Turizm
14 June 2024, Friday 17:30
Lüks Kahramanmaraş Turizm
30 May 2024, Thursday 09:00
10 June 2024, Monday 08:30
Metro Turizm
14 June 2024, Friday 11:00
Metro Turizm
12 June 2024, Wednesday 09:50
Öz Elbistan
28 May 2024, Tuesday 10:30
Metro Turizm
28 May 2024, Tuesday 06:40
Metro Turizm
15 June 2024, Saturday 19:30
Rize Ses Seyahat
19 June 2024, Wednesday 11:00
Rize Ses Seyahat
31 May 2024, Friday 10:30
Mardin Seyahat
11 June 2024, Tuesday 09:00
Lüks Kahramanmaraş Turizm
01 June 2024, Saturday 13:30

Cheapest Rize Bus Ticket Prices

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29 July 2024, Monday 10:15
Malatya Zafer Turizm
31 May 2024, Friday 05:00
Öz Nuhoğlu Turizm
01 June 2024, Saturday 19:30
Cesur Bingöl
25 June 2024, Tuesday 06:30
Cesur Bingöl
25 June 2024, Tuesday 05:30
Metro Turizm
01 June 2024, Saturday 14:00
Lüks Yalova Seyahat
27 May 2024, Monday 18:00
Cesur Bingöl
13 June 2024, Thursday 19:30
Öz Nuhoğlu Turizm
26 May 2024, Sunday 11:00
Vangölü Turizm
15 June 2024, Saturday 11:00
Öz Diyarbakır
01 June 2024, Saturday 11:00
Metro Turizm
24 May 2024, Friday 13:30

Information on Bus Travel to Rize

Looking for cheap Rize bus tickets ? Maden (İspir, Erzurum) Rize 250 TL, Bursa Rize 950 TL and İzmir Rize 1,300 TL over the next 3 month.

Rize intercity bus stops and boarding points are: Ardeşen, Çamlıhemşin, Çamlık (Rize), Çayeli, Çifte Kavak (Rize), Sivrikaya (İkizdere, Rize), Rize, Pazar (Rize), Ovit Tüneli (İkizdere, Rize), Kalkandere, İyidere Köprü (İyidere, Rize), İyidere, İkizdere, Hemşin, Güneysu, Gündoğdu (Rize), Fındıklı, Derepazarı, Dereköy (İkizdere, Rize) and Güneyce (İkizdere, Rize)

We recommend that you buy tickets at least 19 days in advance for best priced Rize bus tickets.

Check Rize Artvin Flights flight tickets to find a faster way to reach Rize.

Located in the eastern part of Turkey's Black Sea Region, Rize is visited by many local and foreign tourists every year. Rize, one of the leading cities of our country with its emerald green plateaus, lush forests, clean air and delicious food, is flooded by local and foreign tourists, especially in the spring and summer months.

Neighboring with the cities of Artvin, Bayburt and Erzurum, Rize is increasing its tourism potential day by day. You can see every shade of green in Rize with its lush forest vegetation. Rize, where you can see many tree species such as chestnut, beech, laurel, alder, plane tree, ash, spruce, receives plenty of precipitation in every season of the year. Rize stands out not only with its forests, but also with its plateaus, waterfalls and valleys.

Places to Visit in Rize

Home to the miracles of nature, Rize has many places to visit and see. Gito Plateau is one of the most popular tourism spots in Rize lately. Gito Plateau, which welcomes its visitors every season with its breathtaking view and clean air, offers breathtaking views to those who come to see it.

In Gito Plateau, which is a frequent destination for those who want to see the cloud sea that amazes their visitors and those who want to camp, you can watch a magnificent view and the sunrise over the clouds and store oxygen.

Çağrankaya Plateau, one of the natural beauties of the Black Sea Region, is also quite famous for the festivities held every summer. Snow trekking festival organized by mountaineering clubs is also held on this plateau.

Anzer Plateau is one of the most well-known tourism spots. Anzer Plateau, known for its Anzer honey, is one of the places where the most endemic flowers grow in the world. There is also the opportunity to eat, drink and stay on the plateau. It is especially attractive for nature walks and photography with its deciduous trees, which take on different shades of green in summer and yellow and red colors in winter.

Ayder Plateau, on the other hand, fascinates everyone who visits it with its nature. You can visit Ayder Plateau, which heals not only with its nature but also with its hot springs, you can stay at the hotels in and around Ayder Plateau and enjoy the calmness.

Kaçkar Mountains National Park impresses with its nature. Kaçkar Mountains National Park, which includes 9 villages and 33 plateaus, consists of the 3 large mountain masses of the Eastern Black Sea Mountains, Üçdoruk (Verçenik), Göller (Hunut) and Kaçkar Mountains. In the Kaçkar Mountains, one can go hiking in summer. You can participate in camping, mountaineering, trekking, picnic and recreation activities.

One of the first places preferred by adrenaline and nature lovers, Fırtına Creek pours into the Black Sea with great enthusiasm. Storm Creek, which is the center of attention of local and foreign tourists, is a region that those interested in water sports should add to their route.

How to go to Rize?

There are bus and plane alternatives for transportation to Rize. Buying a bus ticket for transportation to the city located on the Black Sea Coastal Road in the Eastern Black Sea Region is the most convenient and economical option.

There are regular direct bus services to Rize from all over Turkey. The region is an extremely important transportation center not only in terms of road transportation of the Black Sea Region, but also because of the bus services to Georgia.

Rize Intercity Bus Terminal is located on Cumhuriyet Street in Reşadiye Neighborhood in the city center. For this reason, after getting off at the Bus Station, you can easily reach the city center by walking. In addition, there are minibuses that go to the bus station from the city and the surrounding districts. Apart from these options, you can also benefit from the shuttle service of your bus company.

Rize, located in the Eastern Black Sea Region of Turkey, attracting attention with its lush green forests and clean air, is one of the important attractions of the region with its tourism promotions that have increased in recent years. Browse Rize bus ticket options on to discover this beautiful city and have an unforgettable travel experience.

Rize bus ticket questions

  • Which bus companies operates from and to Rize?
    Bus companies that run the most frequent trips between Turkey and Rize are Ali Osman Ulusoy, Lüks Karadeniz Seyahat, Metro Turizm, Yeşil Artvin Ekspres and Golden Turizm. The most popular route is Maden (İspir, Erzurum) - Rize, Ali Osman Ulusoy and Lüks Karadeniz Seyahat are the bus companies that organize the most trips on this line.
  • How much is the cheapest Rize bus ticket price?
    Between Turkey and Rize, the lowest priced bus ticket in the next 3 month period is Maden (İspir, Erzurum) Rize on 29 July 2024 and 250 TL.
  • When is the Rize bus departure times?
    • Maden (İspir, Erzurum) Rize Bus Departure Time: 10:15
    • Bursa Rize Bus Departure Time: 18:00
    • İzmir Rize Bus Departure Time: 12:00
    • İzmit (Kocaeli) Rize Bus Departure Time: 20:45
    • Gebze Rize Bus Departure Time: 21:00
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