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Güney Akdeniz
23 June 2024, Sunday 08:00
Metro Turizm
20 June 2024, Thursday 15:10
Öz Sivas Seyahat
27 June 2024, Thursday 19:30
Mersin Nur Turizm
04 July 2024, Thursday 19:00
Varan Turizm
22 June 2024, Saturday 03:30
20 June 2024, Thursday 08:59
Yeni Diyarbakır
20 June 2024, Thursday 23:00
Cizre Nuh İtimat
21 June 2024, Friday 20:31
Topçam Turizm
20 June 2024, Thursday 21:00
Lüks Kahramanmaraş Turizm
20 June 2024, Thursday 20:15
Isparta Petrol
23 June 2024, Sunday 06:30
Isparta Petrol
27 June 2024, Thursday 19:00

Popular Bus Trips Departing From Alanya

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Metro Turizm
21 June 2024, Friday 18:00
Metro Turizm
20 June 2024, Thursday 17:00
Metro Turizm
26 June 2024, Wednesday 12:30
Can Dersim Tuncelililer
27 June 2024, Thursday 15:00
Varan Turizm
20 June 2024, Thursday 19:00
21 June 2024, Friday 11:59
Yeşil Erciş Seyahat
24 June 2024, Monday 15:15
Lüks Karadeniz Seyahat
22 June 2024, Saturday 08:00
Cizre Nuh İtimat
04 July 2024, Thursday 23:02
Özlem Cizre Nuh
20 June 2024, Thursday 00:00
Hatay Öztur
20 June 2024, Thursday 15:15
Isparta Petrol
20 June 2024, Thursday 08:45

Cheapest Alanya Bus Ticket Prices

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Güney Akdeniz
15 June 2024, Saturday 06:30
Lüks Batman
18 July 2024, Thursday 23:59
Kırşehir Şanal
15 June 2024, Saturday 00:15
Topçam Turizm
26 June 2024, Wednesday 23:30
Buzlu Turizm
14 June 2024, Friday 22:30
Alanyalılar Turizm
14 June 2024, Friday 14:00
Best Van Turizm
15 June 2024, Saturday 19:25
Öz Gülaras Turizm
17 June 2024, Monday 13:30
Siirt Petrol
14 June 2024, Friday 12:30
Isparta Petrol
28 June 2024, Friday 00:30
Star Diyarbakır
14 June 2024, Friday 13:30
Öz Has Bingöl
08 July 2024, Monday 09:00

Information on Bus Travel to Alanya

Looking for cheap Alanya bus tickets ? Diyarbakır Alanya 850 TL, Konya Alanya 200 TL and Şanlıurfa Alanya 890 TL over the next 3 month.

Alanya intercity bus stops and boarding points are: Konaklı (Alanya, Antalya), Mahmutlar (Alanya, Antalya), Kale (Alanya, Antalya), Okurcalar (Alanya, Antalya), Avsallar (Alanya, Antalya) and Alanya

We recommend that you buy tickets at least 39 days in advance for best priced Alanya bus tickets.

Check Alanya Flights flight tickets to find a faster way to reach Alanya.

Alanya, one of Turkey's most colorful, adventurous and at the same time peaceful holiday destinations, is the district of Antalya, Turkey's important tourism city. Alanya, which lies on the Mediterranean coast and attracts many local and foreign tourists every year, is a cradle of civilizations.

Alanya is at an important point in terms of history and tourism with its wonderful beaches, streams and canyons that flow like natural miracles. Carrying the cultural and architectural traces of different civilizations, Alanya maintains its distinction as one of the most beautiful coastal towns of Turkey with its unique beauties.

Alanya Attractions

Alanya, the tourism paradise of our country, is interesting with its historical and touristic places as well as its natural beauties. You can start your tour with Alanya Castle, one of the symbols of the city. Alanya Castle, located approximately 250 meters above sea level, is also remarkable with its magnificent and long walls.

The castle in the center was built in the 13th century by the Seljuk Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat I. There are many historical houses and mansions around Alanya Castle, which looks like an open-air museum, as well as stalls where beautiful handcrafted products are sold.

One of the natural beauties among the places to visit in Alanya is Dim Stream and Cave. Dim Cave, which is about 11 km away from the center of Alanya, is one of the most impressive natural formations of the district, together with the brook of the same name. The beauty of the columns, stalactites and stalagmites in the cave creates a mysterious ambiance.

Among the places to visit in Alanya, Cleopatra Beach is one of the most popular spots with its golden sands, turquoise clear sea, bay and natural beauties surrounding it. According to rumors, Cleopatra Beach, where the famous Egyptian Queen Cleopatra came to swim every day when she was in Alanya, is also very close to the center. Cleopatra Beach fascinates those who see it.

Sapadere Canyon in Sapadere Village is one of the most attractive natural formations in the list of places to visit in Alanya. Sapadere Canyon, where you can experience the feeling of renewal with its clean air, is 40 km from the center of Alanya. You can take a peaceful walk in the canyon, which is 400 meters high and 700 meters long.

Damlataş Cave, which is Turkey's first cave opened to tourism, is one of the most important places to visit in Alanya. The appearance of the stalactites spread over an area of ​​200 square meters in the different atmosphere of Damlataş Cave is quite impressive.

The fact that the cave is estimated to have been formed centuries ago makes this place even more valuable. The cave, which takes on a mystical atmosphere with the lighting, draws attention with its long stalactites, stalagmites and thousands of years old columns as well as its deep cracks. You should definitely stop by Damlataş Cave during your Alanya trip.

Syedra Ancient City is one of the most beautiful places you can go to when you want to go on a historical journey in Alanya. The ancient city, which is one of the historical regions on the list of places to visit in Alanya, carries the traces of thousands of years from the Anatolian Seljuks to the Byzantine Empire, from the Ottomans to the Roman and Hellenistic Periods.

Alanya Archeology Museum, which is a cultural center, is one of the values ​​worthy of seeing in the city. The museum, which is liked by many who are interested in history and archeology, exhibits valuable artifacts from the Ottoman, Seljuk, Byzantine, Roman, Hellenistic and earlier periods.

Among the places to visit in Alanya, Kızılkule is one of the historical buildings with a high level of popularity and revealing the Seljuk architecture in all its glory. The Kızılkule, which was added to Alanya Castle, is dazzling with its red colored bricks. Ethnographic artifacts belonging to the nomads and items reflecting the culture of Alanya are exhibited in Kızılkule.

Alanya Shipyard is one of the places that brings together the historical richness of Alanya with holidaymakers. The famous shipyard, which is one of the important structures next to Kızılkule, was built by Alaaddin Keykubat I during the Seljuk period, such as Kızılkule and Alanya Castle. The shipyard, which has a small beach next to it, gets plenty of sun as planned during the design phase.

Alanya Shipyard, which carries a nostalgic atmosphere from centuries ago with its five arched eyes and general architecture, now meets the visitors as a museum that continues its activities with the concept of ship and maritime.

In the list of places to visit in Alanya, there is an observation terrace where you can watch the beauty of the district and the Mediterranean view from a bird's eye view. The viewing terrace, which is a municipality-owned enterprise, has an altitude of 650 meters from the sea. One of the features that makes the view of the observation terrace different is that it sees Alanya from a very wide angle.

A view that dominates many points both east and west of the district, such as Cleopatra-Damlataş Beaches, Alanya Castle, Kızılkule, Tophane and Shipyard, which are among the places to visit in Alanya. You can come here and take great pictures.

How to go to Alanya?

There are bus and plane alternatives for transportation to Alanya. Among these transportation options, the most economical transportation method to Alanya is to buy a Alanya bus ticket. It is possible to reach Alanya by bus services from all over Turkey to Alanya. In the summer period, the number and frequency of buses increase.

Alanya Intercity Bus Station is located within the borders of Girls Spring. The distance from the bus station to the city center is 6.3 km. You can reach the center from the bus station by using the municipal bus, minibus (minibus), shuttles of the bus companies and taxi. Alanya, one of the important tourism paradises of the Mediterranean, is one of the most important attraction centers of Turkey with its rich historical past and natural beauties. You can take the first step to discover this beautiful city by searching for Alanya bus tickets on

Alanya bus ticket questions

  • Which bus companies operates from and to Alanya?
    Bus companies that run the most frequent trips between Turkey and Alanya are Güney Akdeniz, Metro Turizm, Antalya Net, Buzlu Turizm and Özkaymak. The most popular route is Diyarbakır - Alanya, Güney Akdeniz and Metro Turizm are the bus companies that organize the most trips on this line.
  • How much is the cheapest Alanya bus ticket price?
    Between Turkey and Alanya, the lowest priced bus ticket in the next 3 month period is Diyarbakır Alanya on 22 June 2024 and 850 TL.
  • When is the Alanya bus departure times?
    • Diyarbakır Alanya Bus Departure Time: 17:31
    • Konya Alanya Bus Departure Time: 08:59
    • Şanlıurfa Alanya Bus Departure Time: 13:50
    • Adana Alanya Bus Departure Time: 23:00
    • Gebze Alanya Bus Departure Time: 17:30
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