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Kütahya-Afyon 120.00 TL
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Bus Trips Arriving To Afyon

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Yaman Turizm
08 March 2024, Friday 07:00
Dinar Turizm
26 March 2024, Tuesday 08:30
Isparta Petrol
10 March 2024, Sunday 01:00
Şanlıurfa Cesur Turizm
04 March 2024, Monday 16:00
Başkent Turizm
08 March 2024, Friday 01:00
Çayırağası Vip
04 March 2024, Monday 01:00
12 March 2024, Tuesday 19:00
Has Turizm A.Ş.
08 March 2024, Friday 19:30
Yeşil Muş Ovası
15 March 2024, Friday 13:15

Popular Bus Trips Departing From Afyon

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Güven Akşehir Seyahat
06 March 2024, Wednesday 06:20
Ben Turizm
29 March 2024, Friday 08:00
Başkent Turizm
04 March 2024, Monday 02:15
Beydağı Turizm
06 March 2024, Wednesday 07:15
Isparta Petrol
03 March 2024, Sunday 02:00
Ali Osman Ulusoy
03 March 2024, Sunday 06:00
Bizim Iğdır Seyahat
28 March 2024, Thursday 16:30
Kütahyalılar Turizm
27 March 2024, Wednesday 00:30

Cheapest Afyon Bus Ticket Prices

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Dinar Turizm
26 March 2024, Tuesday 08:30
Dinar Turizm
07 April 2024, Sunday 10:00
Yeni As Bayburt
08 March 2024, Friday 23:15
Balıkesir Uludağ
02 March 2024, Saturday 08:30
Şanlıurfa Cesur Turizm
04 March 2024, Monday 16:00
01 March 2024, Friday 00:30
12 March 2024, Tuesday 19:00
Isparta Petrol
01 March 2024, Friday 09:30
Öz Has Bingöl
10 April 2024, Wednesday 20:30
Hatay Nur Seyahat
02 March 2024, Saturday 13:30
Kars Kalesi
04 March 2024, Monday 14:45
Öz Has Bingöl
06 April 2024, Saturday 13:45

Information on Bus Travel to Afyon

Looking for cheap Afyon bus tickets ? Adana Afyon 450 TL, Eskişehir Afyon 190 TL and Denizli Afyon 100 TL over the next 3 month.

Afyon intercity bus stops and boarding points are: Gökçek (Evciler, Afyon), Gazlıgöl (İhsaniye, Afyon), İhsaniye, Gömü (Emirdağ, Afyon), Hocalar, Dazkırı, Çobanlar, Dinar, Evciler, Emirdağ, Sinanpaşa, Sandıklı, Özdilek AVM (Afyon), Şuhut, Sultandağı, Karaadilli (Şuhut, Afyon), İscehisar, Kılıçarslan (Sinanpaşa, Afyon), Kusura (Sandıklı, Afyon), Kızılören, Bayat (Afyon), Başmakçı, Bolvadin, Çay, Bozan (Dazkırı, Afyon), Ballık (Sandıklı, Afyon), Akharım (Sandıklı, Afyon), Afyon, Tatarlı (Dinar, Afyon), Yıprak (Dinar, Afyon), Ocaklı (Dinar, Afyon), Karadilli (Şuhut, Afyon), Karabedir (Dinar, Afyon), Göçerli (Dinar, Afyon), Doğanlı (Dinar, Afyon), Akpınarlı (Dinar, Afyon), Akgün (Dinar, Afyon), Çürüklü (Dinar, Afyon), Haydarlı (Dinar, Afyon), Kolaylı Cumhuriyet Dinlenme Tesisleri (Sinanpaşa, Afyon), Taşoluk (Sinanpaşa, Afyon), Yapağlı (Dinar, Afyon), Kaptan Dinlenme Tesisi (Dazkırı, Afyon), Çölovası (Dinar, Afyon), Beyören (Afyonkarahisar), Seydiler (Afyonkarahisar), Suvermez (Emirdağ), Yarıkkaya (Emirdağ), İncik (Emirdağ), Yüreğil (Emirdağ), Örenköy, Kırkpınar (Afyon), Karakuyu (Afyon) and Gözeli (Afyon)

We recommend that you buy tickets at least 36 days in advance for best priced Afyon bus tickets.

Afyonkarahisar, popularly known as Afyon, has a history of 5 thousand years. Surrounded by the provinces of Eskişehir, Konya, Isparta, Denizli, Uşak and Kütahya, Afyon is located at a point where all roads intersect in Western Anatolia.

Known as the 'Thermal Capital' of the country, Afyon is famous for its hot and healing waters. Afyon, which is famous for its hot springs and marble, is visited by many tourists who want to see the historical and cultural riches of the city.

In Afyon, where the continental climate is dominant, summers are hot and winters are snowy. If you want to visit the city, the ideal period for this will be the spring months. Standing out with its local cuisine, the city is a destination worth seeing with its natural underground resources and cultural value.

Afyon Attractions

Afyon, which stands out with its historical structures and thermal tourism, is a city with many places worth visiting. You can first start your tour in Afyon with the Afyon Castle. It draws attention with its history dating back thousands of years. Leaving those who see it to themselves in all its splendor, the Castle sheds light on those who want to understand the history of the city. The castle, located on a rock, is among the symbols of Afyon.

Afyon Archeology Museum, which was established in the early periods of the Republic, was used as a stone madrasa in the early periods of the Republic. Today, there are artifacts from ancient times in the building, which has become a museum. You can see countless artifacts from the Old Bronze, Phrygian, Hittite, Lydian, Roman and Byzantine periods in the Afyon Archaeological Museum.

Gazlıgöl Thermal Springs, which are among the best known in Afyon, which is famous for its hot springs, have an important place in terms of tourism. You can easily access Gazlıgöl Thermal Springs, which host thousands of people every year, and Afyon Hot Springs, which are known to be very useful in the treatment of many diseases. In addition, Heybeli Spa, Sandıklı Hüdai Spa, Ömer Spa, Gecek Spa are among the important spas in the city.

Victory Museum, one of the first stops of history buffs, is the building that Commander-in-Chief Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his comrades planned for the Battle of the Square. There is information about the war in the museum where items related to Atatürk, İsmet İnönü and Fevzi Çakmak are exhibited. In addition, the museum also has the opportunity to see the room where Atatürk and his comrades stayed. This museum, which is quite impressive, takes the visitors to those days.

Afyon Imaret Mosque impresses those who see it with its architecture. The mosque, which is the work of architect Ayaz Ağa, has remarkable decorations. Imaret Mosque is one of the most beautiful works of the period. The museum can still be visited today. There are many caravanserais to be seen in Afyon. Ishaklı Caravanserai built in 1249, Döğer Caravanserai built in 1434, Çay Caravanserai with stone architectural features from the Seljuk period and Eğret Caravanserai, which is thought to be from the time of Germiyanoğulları, are listed among the historical places to see in Afyon.

Another point that you will be surprised to see in Afyon is İscehisar Fairy Chimneys. İscehisar Fairy Chimneys, which you may encounter during the Phrygian Valley, open the doors of a different world with its unique view. İscehisar Fairy Chimneys will be a good route for photography enthusiasts.

How to go to Afyon?

There are bus and train alternatives for transportation to Afyon. Among these transportation options, the most economical transportation method to Afyon is to buy an Afyon bus ticket. There are regular direct bus services to Afyon from all over Turkey.

Afyon Intercity Bus Station is located within the borders of Ertuğrulgazi Neighborhood, which is in the center of the city. Afyon Intercity Bus Station, located in the center of the city, can be reached on foot, as well as by minibuses, municipal buses and taxis from the districts.

Afyon, the thermal capital of Turkey, draws attention with its natural beauties apart from its historical and touristic places. You can take the first step by searching for Afyon bus tickets on to discover this beautiful city, which offers many things to its visitors with its different atmosphere.

Afyon bus ticket questions

  • Which bus companies operates from and to Afyon?
    Bus companies that run the most frequent trips between Turkey and Afyon are Pamukkale Turizm, Metro Turizm, Buzlu Turizm, Isparta Petrol and Özkaymak. The most popular route is Adana - Afyon, Pamukkale Turizm and Metro Turizm are the bus companies that organize the most trips on this line.
  • How much is the cheapest Afyon bus ticket price?
    Between Turkey and Afyon, the lowest priced bus ticket in the next 3 month period is Denizli Afyon on 26 March 2024 and 150 TL.
  • When is the Afyon bus departure times?
    • Denizli Afyon Bus Departure Time: 08:30
    • Bursa Afyon Bus Departure Time: 19:30
    • Manisa Afyon Bus Departure Time: 13:15
    • Konya Afyon Bus Departure Time: 01:00
    • Kütahya Afyon Bus Departure Time: 07:00
  • How can find Afyon bus tickets with such cheap prices? scans the inventory of all bus companies in seconds with its advanced search engine technology and offers you all online bus tickets alternatives within seconds.
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