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Kuwait Airways
1 stop - 9h
11 December 2023, Monday 15:20
Kuwait Airways
1 stop - 17h 10m
30 October 2023, Monday 04:30
Kuwait Airways
1 stop - 12h 10m
02 December 2023, Saturday 15:20
Kuwait Airways
1 stop - 28h 25m
11 November 2023, Saturday 16:45
Kuwait Airways
1 stop - 16h 20m
22 October 2023, Sunday 14:45
Kuwait Airways
1 stop - 12h 25m
17 November 2023, Friday 15:20
Kuwait Airways
1 stop - 12h 10m
14 November 2023, Tuesday 15:15
Kuwait Airways
1 stop - 7h 25m
28 October 2023, Saturday 04:30
Kuwait Airways
1 stop - 6h 50m
29 October 2023, Sunday 04:30
Kuwait Airways
1 stop - 7h 25m
11 November 2023, Saturday 16:45
Kuwait Airways
1 stop - 8h 45m
16 November 2023, Thursday 15:00
Kuwait Airways
1 stop - 14h
14 October 2023, Saturday 04:30

About Kuwait Airways

About Kuwait Airways

Kuwait Airways, the flag carrier national airline of Kuwait, operates its flights from Kuwait International Airport. Founded in 1953, the company flies to more than 45 destinations in 46 countries in the Indian Subcontinent, Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and North America with 27 aircraft. There are direct flights from Kuwair Airways Istanbul airport.

Kuwait Airways in the Middle East Tehran and Mashhad in Iran, Beirut in Lebanon, Amman in Jordan, Cairo, Alexandria and Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt, Najaf in Iraq, Mecca, Riyadh, Taif, Dammam in Saudi Arabia and Jeddah, Doha in Qatar, Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, Muscat in Oman has direct flights from Kuwait.

Kuwait Airways, a member of the Arab Air Transport Organization, has direct flights to Istanbul Atatürk Airport and Trabzon Airport in Turkey.

Kuwait Airways Check-In Process and Seat Selection

Online check-in at Kuwait Airways starts 24 hours before the scheduled flight time and ends 3 hours before. Internet, mobile application, airport kiosk and airport counter options are available for check-in. Passengers who perform online check-in and will not deliver their luggage can directly enter the flight gate. Passengers who will deliver baggage must deliver their baggage and go to the gate until the last 1 hour before the flight time.

Check-in start times vary depending on the destination of the passengers who will check-in at the airport via the counter. Check-in for flights to Beirut, Cairo, Beirut, Delhi, Doha, Dubai, Tehran, and Istanbul 3 hours before the flight; Jeddah starts 4 hours earlier in London and New York, and 2.5 hours earlier in Muscat and Bahrain. The transactions at the counter must be completed 60 minutes before the flight.

Along with online check-in, Kuwait Airways also offers seat selection service. Passengers who will choose a seat have to pay an extra fee depending on the seat and flight they choose.

With Oasis Club, Kuwait Airways' passenger loyalty program, it is possible to earn and save miles on every journey. It is free to become a member of the Oasis Club. Passengers who want to join the Oasis Club family can start a free membership by filling out the form on the airline company's website. Oasis Club members can increase their membership level according to the miles they have earned from their flights in the last 12 months. The entry level is Oasis Blue, the middle segment is Oasis Silver and the upper segment is Oasis Gold. Business class passengers earn 2 times more miles on their flights, first class passengers 3 times more miles, and royal class passengers 3.75 times more miles. With the miles earned, you get the chance to upgrade your flight class, extra baggage allowance, free lounge service, free flight tickets, discounts and miles at contracted institutions.

Kuwait Airways Baggage Allowance and Pricing

Kuwait Airways passengers can benefit from free baggage allowance according to their ticket class. Royal Class passengers are entitled to 3 pieces of 32 kg baggage and 1 piece of hand luggage up to 10 kg. First Class and Business Class passengers have 2 pieces of 32 kg baggage each and 1 piece of hand luggage up to 10 kg; Economy class passengers are entitled to 2 pieces of 23 kg baggage and 1 piece of hand baggage up to 10 kg. Passengers above this limit have to pay a fee of 45-90 Kuwaiti Dinars per weight or piece.

Kuwait Airways Food, Beverage and Catering

Kuwait Airways offers free refreshments to passengers in all ticket classes. The catering menu differs according to the flight distance and the time of the flight. Snacks, hot and cold meals, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, tea and coffee are free of charge during the trip. Passengers with special meal requests must reach Kuwait Airways and make a request 48 hours before the scheduled flight time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kuwait Airways

  • Does provides Kuwait Airways flights?
    You may search and find Kuwait Airways flights and buy online. is directly connected with Airline databases and services to get instant flight availability and prices. Compare Kuwait Airways with all other airlines, find the best deals and buy directly from with your credit or debit card.
  • Can I check-in Kuwait Airways flights on
    If you have bought your Kuwait Airways flights at, you may check-in all your Kuwait Airways flights through You may also check your reservations of Kuwait Airways flights.
  • Which international destinations Kuwait Airways has flights to?
    You may fly with Kuwait Airways to the following international destinations: Abu Dhabi, Bangkok, Mumbai (Bombay), Guangzhou, Casablanca, Colombo, Delhi, Doha, Dubai, Islamabad, Kathmandu, Kuala Lumpur, Kuwait (City), Lahore, Madinah, Milan, Manila, New York

Kuwait Airways Flight Ticket Prices

Here are Kuwait Airways flights price chart for the affordable Kuwait Airways flight tickets. You get deals and discounts to get the cheapest Kuwait Airways flight prices.
Popular Flights Ticket Price
Istanbul - Abu Dhabi 11,245.13
Istanbul - Bangkok 12,108.26
Istanbul - Mumbai (Bombay) 10,109.11
Istanbul - Guangzhou 17,152.30
Istanbul - Casablanca 7,830.00
Istanbul - Colombo 65,104.15
Istanbul - Delhi 11,159.35
Istanbul - Doha 8,827.93
Istanbul - Dubai 7,148.25
Istanbul - Islamabad 9,668.71
Istanbul - Kathmandu 9,704.84
Istanbul - Kuala Lumpur 12,502.12
Istanbul - Kuwait (City) 4,665.36
Istanbul - Lahore 9,657.13
Istanbul - Madinah 9,017.12
Istanbul - Milan 11,642.10
Istanbul - Manila 11,917.17
Istanbul - New York 32,492.52
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