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Cheapest Istanbul Kastamonu Flights

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Turkish Airlines
Istanbul - Kastamonu
direct-flight - 1h 15m
20 December 2017, Wednesday 12:00
Turkish Airlines
Istanbul - Kastamonu
direct-flight - 1h 15m
21 December 2017, Thursday 12:00
Turkish Airlines
Istanbul - Kastamonu
direct-flight - 1h 15m
22 December 2017, Friday 12:00
Turkish Airlines
Istanbul - Kastamonu
direct-flight - 1h 15m
24 December 2017, Sunday 12:00
Turkish Airlines
Istanbul - Kastamonu
direct-flight - 1h 15m
25 December 2017, Monday 12:00
Turkish Airlines
Istanbul - Kastamonu
direct-flight - 1h 15m
27 December 2017, Wednesday 12:00
Turkish Airlines
Istanbul - Kastamonu
direct-flight - 1h 15m
28 December 2017, Thursday 12:00
Turkish Airlines
Istanbul - Kastamonu
direct-flight - 1h 15m
03 January 2018, Wednesday 12:00

Cheapest Kastamonu Flights

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Turkish Airlines
Istanbul - Kastamonu
direct-flight - 1h 15m
14 February 2018, Wednesday 12:00
Pegasus Airlines
Gaziantep - Kastamonu
1 stop - 2h 55m
12 February 2018, Monday 21:25
Pegasus Airlines
Kayseri - Kastamonu
1 stop - 2h 40m
03 January 2018, Wednesday 20:35
Pegasus Airlines
Trabzon - Kastamonu
1 stop - 3h
06 January 2018, Saturday 06:05
Pegasus Airlines
Adana - Kastamonu
1 stop - 2h 45m
14 February 2018, Wednesday 20:00
Pegasus Airlines
Antalya - Kastamonu
1 stop - 2h 35m
12 March 2018, Monday 20:25
Pegasus Airlines
Ankara - Kastamonu
1 stop - 2h 15m
07 February 2018, Wednesday 20:10
Pegasus Airlines
Izmir - Kastamonu
1 stop - 2h 25m
13 February 2018, Tuesday 06:00

Kastamonu, Turkey

'' Kastamonu, Kastamonu Dep Dep Dep

Kastamonu, located in Black Sea region, is a neighboring city of Sinop, Çorum, Çankırı, Karabük and Bartın. It is quite significant city possessing many treasures such as rock tombs, historical mansions and artifacts as well as natural wonders; Küre mountains, Valla canyon, coasts and valleys. Welcoming local and foreign visitors during any season of the year, the city is a significant place for cultural tourism thanks to its historical artifacts and architectural buildings, belonging the era of Seljuk Empire and Ottoman Empire. However, it is also an attraction point for coastal and winter tourism.

The history of the city starts with Hittite Empire, and later, it had witnessed the governance of Phrygians, Persians, Alexander the Great, the Pontus Empire, the Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire.

Later, it was ruled by Turks starting with Danishmend Empire. The city was conquered by Fatih, the Conqueror in year, 1460 and it came under the rule of Ottoman Empire. The city had leading role for Turkish War of Independence due to its secure location. During the Early Republican Period, the city had witnessed one of the most significant occasions of the era; the reform of clothing and hats.

Places to See in Kastamonu

Kastamonu, one of the heavenly places in Turkey, is an irreplaceable city for seeing, visiting and involving with numerous activities thanks to its green mountains, forests, lowlands, coasts with emerald blue waters, rich cultural artifacts, traditional Turkish houses, canyons, caves and ski resorts.

The citadel of Kastamonu, built by Komenos dynasty during Byzantine period, is a leading attraction point in the city due to its grand appearance. The citadel is located on 112 meters’ hilltop and offering panoramic view of the city.

The most important artifacts in Kastamonu, the city with rich historical heritage, are Islamic-Ottoman social complexes called Nasrullah Kadı, Ismailbey, Yakupağa and mosques called Seyh Şaban and Mahmutbey, Atabeygazi, Küre Akşemseddinand Yılanlı. Ismail Bey, Deve, Urgan, Gökçeağaç, Balkapanı and Aşirefendi are the most significant public houses in the city that is accommodating the covered bazaar called Cem Sultan as well.

Historical mansions in Kastamonu are quite important since they reflect architectural characteristics of the era that they were built and are still solid. However, only 564 of these mansions are acknowledged as non-moveable cultural heritage. Other distinctive architectural artifacts in the region are Inebolu houses, covered with slates exclusively produced in the province. It is possible to see great examples of those houses in the town Abana,Ilışi, Bozkurt and Çatalzeytin, residing along the Black Sea coast. 

The highest mountain in western part of Black Sea region, Ilgaz Mountain, is a unique place for mountain climbing and outdoor sports. The area is under protection due to its status as national park. The ski resort in Ilgaz Mountain, located 40 km. south from the city center, is filled by tourists during the winter season. The national park of Küre Mountain is among one of the 200 ecological areas in the world protected by World Wildlife Fund (WWF). The area, inhabiting 157 endemic plant species and plant taxon, is surrounded by Valla canyon, Çatak canyon, Horma canyoniing, Ilıca Waterfall and the grassland of Armutlu.

Along with its rich historical and cultural heritage, the wonderful nature of Kastamonu enchants its visitors. Numerous valleys in the province enforce its enchanting beauty. Among them are Munay Valley in the town of Araç, Sıragömü, Kirazlı and Başköy valleys in the town Fındıklı, Oluklu Valley in the town Daday, Suğla Valley in the town Azdavay, Belören Valley in the town Küre, Kösem, Dipsizgöl, Yeşilgöland Sekiler valleys in the town Tosya. The city also has quite remarkable natural caves. Ilgarini Cave in the town Pınarbaşı, Gizemli Cave, in the town Devrekâni, Kılıçlı Cave in the town Cide, are among enchanting natural wonders of Anatolia, famous for their stalactite sand stalagmites. Kastamonu is an ideal place for coastal tourism thanks to its sea sides and bays that are protected natural areas. Gideros Bay in Cide, Cide public beach, Kumluca beach, Akbayır Beach, Kadınlar Beach in Doğanyurt, Boyranaltı and Gemicier Beach in Inebolu, Yakaören Beach in Bozkurt, the public beach and Tatil beach in Abana and Ginolu beach in Çatalzeytin are places where the amazing nature of Black Sea is reflected.


If you also would like to discover museums in the city, reflecting archeological and ethnographic treasures as well as historical and cultural heritage of the city, there are four of them that can be visited; Kastamonu Archeological Museum, Kastamonu Ethnographic Museum, the museum of Şeyh Şaban-ı Veli Foundation and 75.yıl Cumhuriyet Museum in Mimar Vedat Tek Culture and Art Center


Dining and Drinking in Kastamonu

Famous local delights of the city are specialty apples of Kastamonu, specialty grapes of Tosya, specialty plums of Üryani, specialty chestnuts of Inebolu, specialty pears of Azayav, specialty garlics of Taşköprü, specialty rice of Tosya and specialty walnuts of Araç as well as Turkish Delights with various flavors and specialty halva (çekme helvası).

During your visit, other local flavors should also be tasted,etliekmek (bread with meat), banduma (chicken with wheat and walnuts), mıklama (minced meat with eggs), paça (trotters),ekşili pilav (sour rice), ala pilav (mixed rice), simit tiridi (Turkish bagels with minced meat and yogurt sauce), , püryan kuyukebabı (meat cooked in underground pit oven), oğmaç çorbası (rubbed noodle soup), köle hamuru (dough with grape molasses) and cırık tatlısı (fried dough).

How to reach to Kastamonu

Kastamonu is 250 km. and 520 km. away from Ankara and Istanbul respectively. Turkish Airlines and Pegasus Airlines had started to operate in Kastamonu Airport, previously utilized for car races and model plane exhibitions, in year 2013. The airport, which is the closest to Safranbolu and Ilgaz Ski Resort, is located 10 km. away from the city center.

Kastamonu Map

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Kastamonu Map

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