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Cheapest Washington Isparta Flights

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Royal Air Maroc
Washington - Isparta
2 stop - 13h
11 June 2018, Monday 21:55
Royal Air Maroc
Washington - Isparta
2 stop - 12h 55m
15 July 2018, Sunday 21:55

Cheapest Isparta Flights

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Turkish Airlines
Istanbul - Isparta
direct-flight - 1h 20m
26 May 2018, Saturday 13:30
Anadolu Jet
Adana - Isparta
1 stop - 2h 50m
01 June 2018, Friday 05:55
Anadolu Jet
Gaziantep - Isparta
1 stop - 3h 5m
05 June 2018, Tuesday 05:45
Anadolu Jet
Samsun - Isparta
1 stop - 2h 50m
26 May 2018, Saturday 05:05
Anadolu Jet
Trabzon - Isparta
1 stop - 3h 10m
27 May 2018, Sunday 06:10
Anadolu Jet
Ankara - Isparta
1 stop - 2h 30m
03 June 2018, Sunday 06:25
Turkish Airlines
Izmir - Isparta
1 stop - 2h 30m
01 June 2018, Friday 04:55
Turkish Airlines
Hatay - Isparta
1 stop - 3h
25 May 2018, Friday 05:10

Isparta, Turkey

'' The city smells like roses

Isparta, commonly referred as the rose garden of Turkey, is located in region of lakes in the northern part of Mediterranean region. Isparta has a unique geography, as if it is a reflection of heaven, since it possesses numerous historical and cultural treasures along with its natural beauties, lakes, canyons and ski resorts.

Traces of first settlements In Isparta are dated back to upper Paleolithic era. Throughout the history, the city was ruled by Hittite, Phrygia, Lydian and Persian Empires, Alexander the Great, Byzantine Empire and later, by Seljuk Empire and Ottoman Empire. During the Turkish War of Independence, Isparta was one of the rare places in Anatolia that was not occupied by allied powers and after the independence war; the city had witnessed the born of a newly established country, the Turkish Republic.

There are two remarkable views regarding the origins of the city's name; the first one indicates that the name has originated from the city of Baris, one of the ancient cities in region of lakes and commonly referred as Pisidia, where Isparta have founded today. The second opinion indicates that the city named as Sparta after Spartans who had moved from the Morea and settled to the ancient city of Pisidia, ruled by Greeks during that era.

Places to See

Since the location of the city, connecting Mediterranean, Aegean and Central Anatolian regions, is strategically important, different civilizations had occupied and ruled the city throughout the history. The remaining historical treasures such as ancient cities, mausoleums and sepulchers, attract numerous visitors. The ancient city of Pisidia Antiokheia, located on the hillside of Sultan Mountain in the town of Yalvaç, is regarded as on one the most significant historical ruins in Isparta. The city that was built between 281-261 B.C. accommodates significant historical ruins along with an ancient theater with the capacity of 5.000 people and 3.000 meters long city walls. The trekking route of St.Paul, the second longest trekking route in Turkey, is starting in the town Perge, Antalya and ending in the ancient city of Antiocheia. Even if it not possible to complete the entire route, it is still quite pleasant to see and enjoy it partially. In Isparta, the city that is accommodating numerous ancient sites both in the center and its sub-provinces, the second most significant ancient city is named as Adada. The city had built in first century B.C. and located on highway of Sütçüler. The ancient cities of Eurymedon, Tımbrıada, Selukeia Sidera, Prostanna, Parlais, Fari, Tymandos, Enabura, Apollonia and Mordion along with numerous historical ruins, sepulchers and holy sites are among archeological sites that can be seen in Isparta, reflecting the rich historical heritage of the city.

One of the most significant churches inIspartais the church of Ayastefanos, a holy site for Greek Orthodox. It is located in Yeşilada, Eğirdir and was built in 19th century. Other historical holy sites that can be visited; the church of Aya Georgios, constructed in the year, 1857, is located in the old Greek neighborhood of Barla, Eğirdir and the church of Aya Payana, constructed in the year, 1750, is located in the city center.

The palace of Kubad-ı Abad, constructed by Alaaddin Keykubat, is residing on an island on the lake of Beyşehir in the town of Yenişar bademli. The complex consists of several parts, designed to serve to different purposes, was fortified with walls. The Madrasah of Atabey Gazi Ertokuş in the town of Atabey, was built in year 1224 by Mübarizeddin Ertokuş, the commander of Seljuk Empire during the governance of Alaeddin Keykubad, I. The building, constructed by materials gathered from ancient cities surrounding the city, is one of the most significant examples of covered madrasahs.

There are numerous historical artifacts in Isparta; however, the citadel of Eğirdir, located on the peninsula surrounded by the lake of Eğirdir is the most significant among others. The citadel of Uluborlu's history dates back to the 4. century B.C. and located on the hilltop of Kapıdağı mountain, the citadel of Sığırlık in the town of Sütçüler and the citadel of Zengibar and the citadel of Ördekçi in the town of Şarkikaraağaç are also other historical sites that are worth to visit. Numerous bridges in Isparta are quite significant since they are the reflection of deep cultural, historical and artistic heritage of the city. Historical inns and caravanserais are monumental structures, reflecting architectural characteristics of Seljuk Empire. Every caravanserai in the city of Isparta is located on the road between Konya and Antalya. Two important bridges; Roman and Cirimbolu, the public houses; Eğirdir and Gelendost, madrassah; Şarkikarağaç, GargılıLala and Dündar Bey and mosques;Kutlubey, Hızırbey, FirdevsPaşa, Atabey Sinan, FeyzullahPaşa are among must-to-see places.

Isparta, with rich historical and cultural heritage, is a home for quite significant museums. The museum of Isparta, where antiques excavated in the province of Isparta are exhibited, is both archeological and ethnographic museum. The museum of Uluborlu, located in the town with the identical name, is located in the cultural hole in Alaaddin Keykubat Public Library. On the other hand, the museum of Yalvaç, named after the town where it is located, has three different sections; pre-historical, classical and ethnographic.

The place is located 26 km. and 50 km. away from the city center and the airport respectively and it is significantly near to two important towns; İzmir and Antalya. It is relatively cheaper compare to other skiing resorts. It has 12 ski tracks designed both for amateurs and professionals offering a great joy of skiing accompanied by the great view of Eğirdir Lake and luxurious comfort of ski lifts. Ladies and gentlemen, the place is Davraz Ski Resort. The geographical characteristics of Davrazalso enable people to involve with other winter sports or outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, mountain biking, trekking, and paragliding and jeep safari. Along with those, there are numerous outdoor activities such as orienteering, scuba diving, abseiling, bird watching and observing endemic plants that can be enjoyed in wonderful and heavenly nature of Isparta.

When you visit Isparta, you do not only realize why it is referred as region of lakes, also you come across to mesmerizing natural wonders. Kovada Lake is a tarn with 20 km. long coast, located in deserted peaks of Taurus mountains in Eğirdir. You can enjoy swimming in the shore surrounded by age-old plane trees and might deeply feel silence and peace in its untouched nature. Naturally, the worst part of the experience is leaving this wonderful place since you do not desire to do.

One of the hidden wonders of Isparta is the cavern of Pınargözü; the biggest in Turkey, the longest in Europe, while one of the biggest in the world. Small lakes with different sizes, waterfalls, pools and reservoirs with stalactites compromise a big part of the cavern and create an enchanting atmosphere. The cavern is difficult to visit due to its natural characteristics. Additionally, it is located in the western part of the town, Yenişarbademli and is 11 km. far from the center.

The cave of Zindan, one of most remarkable examples of natural areas in Turkey that is significantly influenced by karstification, is a semi-active cave with the length of 760 km. The cave is utilized actively since the era of Roman Empire and is among must-to see places in Isparta.

Isparta has mesmerizing geographic characteristics offering full of surprises. The valley of lavenders is among one of them, quite a place that has no resemblance in Turkey. It is even worth visiting Isparta just to see this valley, located in the town, Keçibolu. The initial plantation of lavender seeds was made by French people. The area was covered, naturally, by lavenders in time, compromising a huge yield of 3.000 hectare today in which 5 tons of natural oil is been produced every year. The honey production is another agricultural activity involving lavenders, that start to blossom at the beginning of July. Lovely locals of Keçiborlu are determined to make lavender another signature plant of Isparta along with roses.

The canyon of Yazılılocated on the ancient Royal Road, the national park of Kızıldağ, the only area in Turkey inhabiting forests with blue cedar trees, the lake of Gölcük, one of the two calderas in Turkey along with the caldera of Nemrut, the natural park of Gölcük, where the lake is located and the natural park of Kovada lake, with diverse, rich flora and wild natural life, are natural wonders of Isparta, resembling heaven.

The local hand-knotted carpets, numerous cosmetic and food products produced by using roses, apple chips as an alternative taste, roses and lavenders, depending on the season, that can be collected by yourself are among few things that you can bring home after your visit to Isparta, however, the most important thing to bring with you is, of course, special memories that you can collect in Isparta.

What to Eat?

The cousin of Isparta offer 16 different types of soup; Keklik, miyane, oğmaç, sakalasarkan topalak and tutmaş are the most well-known ones. It would be a huge mistake to return home without tasting dishes with meat; Banak, çömlekkebabı (kebab en cocotte), kabine, keşkek (the chicken dish with ground wheat), tandırkebabı (kebab made in tandoori), tirit (brewis) and yoğurtlu et (meat with yogurt). Additionally, locals delights such as borani, yatırtmayıdıran ekmeği (specialty bread of Isparta),kuyruğusulu( specialty mince pie ), kulak böreği (specialty mince pie), sazan dolması (a stuffed carp), balık dolması (a stuffed fish), tatar and dirgit (mixture of boiled wheat) as well as local desserts such as Yalvaçgüllacı ( specialty rose pudding) ,samsa( multi-flaked pastry with walnut filling), tosmankara (the flour halva with walnuts), mafiş (puffy pastry savoury dessert), supeltesi (dessert made of starch, sugar and fruit juice), zerde (saffron and rice dessert), höşmerim (a sweet made of unsalted cheese), haşhaş helvası (halva with poppies), saksağanbeyni or kargabeyni( yoğurt with grape molasses), derdimialan (pastry with grape molasses), should definitely be tasted.

How to reach?

Due to its proximity to Mediterranean, Aegean and Central Anatolia regions, as well as being on the route of Izmir- Konya and the route of Ankara-Antalya, Isparta is easily accessible through highways. Isparta is 393 km., 405 km. and 596 km. away from Ankara, Izmır and Istanbul respectively.

Süleyman Demirel airport has flight connections with Istanbul and Izmır operated by Turkish Airlines and Anadolu Jet.

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