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Anadolu Jet
1 stop - 4h 5m
01 December 2022, Thursday 21:10
Anadolu Jet
direct-flight - 1h 20m
11 February 2023, Saturday 23:55
Turkish Airlines
2 stop - 6h 55m
23 January 2023, Monday 18:20
Anadolu Jet
1 stop - 3h 15m
05 December 2022, Monday 22:05
Anadolu Jet
1 stop - 15h 15m
27 December 2022, Tuesday 10:05
Anadolu Jet
1 stop - 15h 15m
02 December 2022, Friday 10:00
Anadolu Jet
2 stop - 15h 35m
02 December 2022, Friday 09:40
Turkish Airlines
2 stop - 14h 40m
06 December 2022, Tuesday 10:40
Anadolu Jet
1 stop - 7h 30m
01 December 2022, Thursday 17:45
Turkish Airlines
1 stop - 12h 15m
01 December 2022, Thursday 13:00
Anadolu Jet
1 stop - 11h
23 January 2023, Monday 14:15
Anadolu Jet
1 stop - 7h 5m
17 December 2022, Saturday 18:10
Anadolu Jet
1 stop - 15h 35m
01 December 2022, Thursday 09:40
Anadolu Jet
2 stop - 14h 10m
01 December 2022, Thursday 11:05
Anadolu Jet
1 stop - 3h 50m
02 December 2022, Friday 21:25

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Anadolu Jet
1 stop - 7h 10m
01 December 2022, Thursday 05:45
Anadolu Jet
direct-flight - 1h 15m
10 February 2023, Friday 05:45
Anadolu Jet
2 stop - 5h 35m
08 February 2023, Wednesday 05:45
Anadolu Jet
1 stop - 3h 5m
03 February 2023, Friday 06:00
Anadolu Jet
1 stop - 7h 25m
27 December 2022, Tuesday 05:45
Anadolu Jet
2 stop - 26h 25m
05 December 2022, Monday 05:45
Anadolu Jet
1 stop - 3h 35m
14 January 2023, Saturday 05:45
Anadolu Jet
1 stop - 3h 40m
05 December 2022, Monday 05:45
Anadolu Jet
2 stop - 15h 45m
03 January 2023, Tuesday 05:45
Anadolu Jet
1 stop - 4h 5m
12 December 2022, Monday 05:45
Anadolu Jet
2 stop - 19h 5m
10 December 2022, Saturday 05:45
Anadolu Jet
2 stop - 16h 20m
21 January 2023, Saturday 05:45
Anadolu Jet
1 stop - 3h 45m
01 December 2022, Thursday 05:45
Anadolu Jet
1 stop - 3h 25m
11 January 2023, Wednesday 06:00
Anadolu Jet
1 stop - 3h 15m
16 December 2022, Friday 05:45

Popular International Flights From Canakkale

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Turkish Airlines
2 stop - 33h
14 December 2022, Wednesday 14:15
Turkish Airlines
2 stop - 32h 15m
31 January 2023, Tuesday 15:00
2 stop - 9h 50m
14 February 2023, Tuesday 14:25
Turkish Airlines
2 stop - 29h 30m
01 December 2022, Thursday 16:45
Anadolu Jet
1 stop - 15h 5m
20 December 2022, Tuesday 09:10
Turkish Airlines
2 stop - 17h 55m
01 December 2022, Thursday 10:20
Turkish Airlines
2 stop - 35h 35m
01 December 2022, Thursday 11:40
Turkish Airlines
2 stop - 35h 5m
10 December 2022, Saturday 14:15
Turkish Airlines
2 stop - 32h 15m
15 December 2022, Thursday 16:00
Turkish Airlines
2 stop - 9h 25m
20 February 2023, Monday 13:50

Information for Canakkale Flights

There are 11 flights operating between Istanbul and Canakkale. You may find frequent flights from Istanbul, Ankara and Adana to Canakkale.

You can travel cheaper to Canakkale by purchasing Çanakkale bus ticket.

Are you looking for cheap fares for Canakkale flights? In the coming 3 months: Ankara Canakkale 299 TL, Antalya Canakkale 1,509 TL and Diyarbakir Canakkale 1,229 TL

Better to book your flight to Canakkale 15 days before departure to get the best fares on average.

April and June months are the highest season for Turkey, Canakkale. The prices are higher compared to the other periods. You will find the cheapest flight prices in the following months: December and January.

Çanakkale, which is of great importance in the history of humanity, is located on both sides of the European and Asian continents, has a unique geography that gives its name to the Bosphorus, thousands of years of historical richness, the birth of countless myths and mythologies, a city that is rare in the world and invaluable for Turkey.

Çanakkale, which has been under the domination of many communities throughout history, has been called Hellespontos and Dardanel in its 3000-year history. It is estimated that the name Çanakkale comes from the Çanak Castle and the pottery craft. Çanakkale, where the Çanakkale Wars took place and which pressed the souls of thousands of local and foreign soldiers to her chest with a mother's affection, is a completely historical site...

Clean beaches with plenty of fish, the Kaz Mountains, the scene of the Trojan wars, Turkey's largest island Gökçeada and the beautiful Bozcaada, special tastes and warm people; Çanakkale, an exemplary city with its wide pavements and well-kept streets, awaits its visitors as a jewel displaying different traces of its colorful heritage.

Places to visit

The famous Mount Ida of mythologies, with its vegetation, climate and soil structure, produces a high level of oxygen continuously after the Alps in the world, has 32 endemic plant species and many wild animals that only grow in this region in the world, and the Kaz Mountains, where more than 30 rivers pass, reach Çanakkale. one of the first places to see.

The Çanakkale Martyrdom, which has dozens of martyrdoms and monuments, is located within the borders of the Eceabat district. Spreading over 33,000 hectares on the European side of the Dardanelles, this large park contains the graves and monuments of 60,000 Turkish martyrs and 250,000 foreign soldiers.

There are 204 registered protected areas in Çanakkale. The ancient city of Troia, which is the most well-known in the world after Jerusalem, was the scene of the legendary Trojan War. The region described in the Iliad and Odyssey epics has been declared a national park and included in the World Cultural Heritage List. The Ancient City of Alexandria Troas is one of the largest cities in Anatolia in terms of the city area it covers. The ancient city of Assos, built on a volcanic cone and the commercial city of the period, and the Temple of Athena in it should also be seen.

Bozcaada, Turkey's third largest island, is located just at the entrance of the Dardanelles. This island, famous for its viticulture and winemaking, where Turks and Greeks have lived together for 500 years, is a natural and historical site.

Displaying all the tones of blue and green on its unpolluted sea, coves, beaches and virgin lands, the charming Gökçeada is a paradise island where you can see and feel its historical and natural beauties at every step, with its Greek villages, fountains, and narrow stone-paved streets. You can taste the home-made wine and delicious olive oil in the restaurants of this paradise island, which is full of olive groves and famous for its flamingos, where the number of churches and monasteries is the highest in Anatolia, where Turkish-Greek brothers live together; You cannot leave without experiencing colorful nights in its bars, without trying water skiing and surfing, without buying medicinal herbs, thyme and pine honey, tomato paste, molasses, and village cheese.

The most important castles of Çanakkale are Çimpe Castle, which was taken during the Orhan Bey period and was the first castle that the Ottoman Empire took in Rumeli, and Çimenlik Castle, which was built by Fatih Sultan Mehmet and used for defense purposes in the Dardanelles War. Aynalı Çarşı, whose name is written in folk songs and also mentioned in Evliya Çelebi's Travel Book, was built in 1890 by Jewish Eliyau Hallio. Fatih, Arap İbrahim Pasha (Kurşunlu), Tıflı Mosques, Bayramiç Hadımoğlu and Algerian Hasanpaşa Mansions, Surp Kevork Armenian Church and Mekor Hayim Synagogue are some of the historical buildings of Çanakkale.

Among the many and diverse museums of Çanakkale, which has a deep-rooted and rich history, the must-visit museums are the Bakkal Salim Museum, Martyrs' Monument War Museum and Archeology Museum. For those who are curious, it is recommended to see Bozcaada Wine Factories and Adatepe Olive Oil Museum.

Marmaros Waterfall, one of the richest fresh water resources in the world, in Gökçeada, Mıhlı Waterfall, where there is an arched bridge dating back to the Greeks and a Roman arched bridge accompanying the mill in Ayvacık, Kestanbol and Hıdırlar Thermal Springs in Ezine and Yenice with its healing waters are located on the skirts of Kaz Mountains. The hidden Ayazma Recreation Area and Mavra Island are just a few of Çanakkale's natural beauties…

FAQs about Canakkale Flights

  • Which airlines are flying to Canakkale?
    The airlines flying most frequently to Canakkale are: Anadolu Jet, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, Pegasus Airlines and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. The most popular route is Istanbul to Canakkale. Anadolu Jet are the most popular airlines for this route.
  • How much is the cheapest flight to Canakkale?
    In the next 3 months, the cheapest one way flight between Turkey cities and Canakkale is Adana to Canakkale at 1 December 2022 and the price of the flight is 1,229 TL. The cheapest roundtrip flight is from Ankara to Canakkale and it costs 598 TL.
  • How close the Canakkale airports to the City Center?
    Canakkale Canakkale Airport is 2 km from the city center.
  • How TURNA finds these low flight prices?
    TURNA has agreements with many airlines and get special fares and discounts. TURNA is the inventor of Smart Flight ® which connects the non-connected airlines. Smart Flight ® has a unique scientific algorithm and can find 70% cheaper routes which you cannot find on any other site.

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Canakkale Flight Ticket Prices

Here are Canakkale flights price chart for the affordable Canakkale flight tickets. You get deals and discounts to get the cheapest Canakkale flight prices.
Popular Flights Ticket Price
Adana - Canakkale 1,229.25
Ankara - Canakkale 469.99
Kayseri - Canakkale 1,876.23
Antalya - Canakkale 1,509.00
Batman - Canakkale 1,225.83
Bodrum - Canakkale 1,892.00
Diyarbakir - Canakkale 1,229.25
Dalaman - Canakkale 1,439.00
Erzurum - Canakkale 1,670.25
Elazig - Canakkale 1,225.83
Alanya - Canakkale 1,376.98
Gaziantep - Canakkale 1,229.25
Hatay - Canakkale 1,414.81
Istanbul - Canakkale 1,268.99
Izmir - Canakkale 1,212.00
Malatya - Canakkale 1,325.83
Ordu-Giresun - Canakkale 1,392.83
Rize Artvin - Canakkale 1,225.83
Sanliurfa - Canakkale 1,225.83
Samsun - Canakkale 1,396.25
Trabzon - Canakkale 1,229.25
Van - Canakkale 1,329.25
Amsterdam - Canakkale 4,388.83
Baku - Canakkale 5,357.61
Brussels - Canakkale 6,586.77
Dammam - Canakkale 12,525.14
Dublin - Canakkale 5,872.33
Dusseldorf - Canakkale 6,330.40
Dubai - Canakkale 10,243.67
Lefkosa - Canakkale 1,392.87
Frankfurt - Canakkale 4,094.60
Bishkek - Canakkale 7,500.43
Hamburg - Canakkale 5,993.28
Jeddah - Canakkale 6,276.70
London - Canakkale 13,657.83
Madinah - Canakkale 6,310.23
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