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Cheapest Istanbul Canakkale Flights

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Onur Air
Istanbul - Canakkale
direct-flight - 50m
21 May 2018, Monday 18:30
Onur Air
Istanbul - Canakkale
direct-flight - 50m
22 May 2018, Tuesday 18:30
Onur Air
Istanbul - Canakkale
direct-flight - 50m
23 May 2018, Wednesday 18:30
Onur Air
Istanbul - Canakkale
direct-flight - 50m
24 May 2018, Thursday 18:30
Onur Air
Istanbul - Canakkale
direct-flight - 50m
26 May 2018, Saturday 18:30
Onur Air
Istanbul - Canakkale
direct-flight - 50m
28 May 2018, Monday 18:30
Onur Air
Istanbul - Canakkale
direct-flight - 50m
29 May 2018, Tuesday 18:30
Onur Air
Istanbul - Canakkale
direct-flight - 50m
30 May 2018, Wednesday 18:30

Cheapest Canakkale Flights

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Onur Air
Istanbul - Canakkale
direct-flight - 50m
21 May 2018, Monday 18:30
Anadolu Jet
Ankara - Canakkale
direct-flight - 1h 25m
15 July 2018, Sunday 23:40
Anadolu Jet
Gaziantep - Canakkale
1 stop - 2h 40m
28 May 2018, Monday 18:00
Anadolu Jet
Samsun - Canakkale
1 stop - 2h 25m
14 July 2018, Saturday 10:05
Onur Air
Antalya - Canakkale
1 stop - 2h 5m
23 May 2018, Wednesday 09:00
Anadolu Jet
Adana - Canakkale
1 stop - 2h 30m
05 June 2018, Tuesday 21:40
Anadolu Jet
Erzurum - Canakkale
1 stop - 2h 55m
28 May 2018, Monday 17:40
Anadolu Jet
Trabzon - Canakkale
1 stop - 2h 45m
22 May 2018, Tuesday 18:00

Canakkale, Turkey

'' In Çanakkale, Mirrored Bazaar

Established on the both Asian and European sides of Anatolia which holds a great importance for the history of humankind, Çanakkale is a priceless city with its one-of-a kind nature and thousands year old historical heritage. Witnessing the birth of countless myths and legends, this remarkable city also gives name to the strait it was established on.

Ruled by many colonies throughout the history, Çanakkale has been called Hellenpontos and Dardanel during its 3000 years old history. The name Çanakkale is presumed to be coming from Çanak Kalesi (Pot Castle) and the pottery artisanship. Çanakkale where the Wars of Çanakkale as a part of Turkish Independency War took place and bodies of many local and foreign soldiers lay is entirely a historical heritage site.

Çanakkale is a model city with its clean shores full of fresh fish, Kaz Montains which witnessed the Trojan Wars, biggest island of Turkey Gökçeada and beautiful Bozcaada, delicious foods and welcoming people, wide sidewalks and well-kept boulevards. It's waiting for its visitors like a diamond revealing the different aspects of its colorful heritage.

Places to Visit in Çanakkale

Kaz Mountains is the famous Mount Ida mentioned mythologies. This place produces high levels of oxygen continuously due to its climate, soil structure and plant cover and is ranked 2nd in the world after the Alps. It also contains 32 endemic plants and many wild animals. It's among the first places to be visited in Çanakkale.

Çanakkale Marty's Memorial and Gallipoli Peninsula Historical National Park holds a great importance for the Turkish nation. They are both located in Ecebat County. In this great park which expands on a 33.000 hectare field on the European side of the Dardanelles sit the tombs and memorials of 60.000 Turkish soldiers and 250.000 foreign soldiers. There're 204 licensed site areas in Çanakkale. Troia Ancient City is where the legendary Trojan War took place. Mentioned in Odyssey and Iliad, this area is declared a national park and is also added to the World Heritage List. Aleksandria Troas Ancient City on the other hand is one of the biggest ancient cities of Anatolia. Trace center of its era Assos Ancient City and the Temple of Athena are also must see places.

Turkey's 3rd biggest island Bozcaada is located in the entrance of the Dardanelles. This island is a natural and historical site where Turks and Greeks of Turkish nationality lived together for 500 years and is famous for its viticulture and vinification.

Gökçeada reveals all shades of green and blue with its clear sea, bays, shores and virgin soils. It's a heavenly island with Greek villages, fountains, narrow streets with cobblestone pavement where you can see and feel the historical and natural beauties in every step. You can't leave this island where Turks and Greeks live in harmony without eating the freshest of the fish, tasting the homemade olive oil and wine, experiencing the colorful nights in the bars, trying surf and water-ski and buying healing herbs, honeydew honey, tomato sauce, molasses and cottage cheese.

The most important castles of Çanakkale are Çimpe Castle which is the first castle conquered in Europe during Ottoman Era by Orhan of the Ottoman Empire and Çimenlik Castle which was built by Fatih the Conqueror and was used during Çanakkale Wars. Mirrored Bazaar mentioned in Turkish folk songs and Travel Book of Evliya Çelebi was built by Hebrew Eliyau Hallio in 1890. Fatih, Arap İbrahim Paşa (Kurşunlu), Tıflı Mosques, Bayramiç Hadımoğlu and Cezayirli Hasanpaşa Mansions and Surp Kevork Armenian Church and Mekor Hayim Synagogue are some of the historical buildings of Çanakkale. There're many museums in Çanakkale which has an old and rich history and Bakkal Salim Museum, Monument of Martyrs War Museum and Archeology Museum are the ones you must visit. And for the fanciers Bozcaada Wine Distilleries and Adatepe Olive Oil Museum are recommended.

One of the world's richest fresh water supplies Marmaros Waterfall in Gökçeada, Mıhlı Waterfall accompanied by a Greek mill and an arch bridge from the Roman Era in Ayvacık, Kestanbol Thermal Spring in Ezine and Hıdırlar Thermal Spring in Yenice with their healing waters, hidden in the foothills of Kaz Mountains Ayazma Recreation Area and Mavra Island are just a few of Çanakkale's natural beauties.

What to Eat?

Çanakkale's most known foods are sea foods, ezine cheese and cheese halvah. Oymaç, İskorpit and Ispanak soups; Tumbi, Çırpma, Melki, Yumurtali Tiken, Metez, Eggplant with Tarhana, Börülce Meatball, Bluefish Pilaf are the main dishes; Papaz Yahni, Stuffed Mussels, Salty Sardin are sea food dishes; Sea Beans, Octopus Salad, Eggplant and Deli Pear Pickles are local salads; Cheese, Basma and Egg Halvahs, Mafiş, Samsa, Cherry, Halle Peach and Zucchini jams ve Fig Stuffing are some of the local deserts.

How to Go?

There're 3 alternatives for land route.

  • From Gallipoli to Çardak and Lapseki with ferry and from there on 30 km to Çanakkale with highway
  • After Gallipoli going to the south of European Side to Ecebat, from Ecebat Pier to Çanakkale Central Pier or Kepez Harbor with ferry
  • You can reach to Çanakkale Central Pier in 15 minutes from Ecebat with motorboat

Çanakkale is located 654 km away from Ankara, 325 km away from İstanbul and 320 km away from İzmir.

If you prefer airline, there're direct flights from Çanakkale Airport to İstanbul, Ankara and İzmir with Turkish Airlines, Anadolu Jet and Bora Jet and vice versa.

There're no railways in Çanakkale and for those who consider seaway you can travel from İstanbul to Bandırma with ferry and from Bandırma to Çanakkale by highway.

To see the Altar of Zeus and fill your soul with peace with squirrels and sunsets is only a flight ticket away.

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