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Qatar Airways
1 stop - 25h 50m
22 October 2024, Tuesday 13:20
Qatar Airways
1 stop - 32h 35m
23 July 2024, Tuesday 13:15
American Airlines
1 stop - 13h 35m
19 October 2024, Saturday 13:15
1 stop - 14h 50m
11 September 2024, Wednesday 07:30
TAP Portugal
1 stop - 21h 30m
08 September 2024, Sunday 22:40
TAP Portugal
1 stop - 13h 10m
12 September 2024, Thursday 06:00
Spirit Airlines
direct-flight - 1h 24m
11 September 2024, Wednesday 12:58

Flights Departuring From Logan Airport

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United Airlines
1 stop - 12h 25m
09 October 2024, Wednesday 18:05
Turkish Airlines
1 stop - 14h 25m
27 July 2024, Saturday 21:50
United Airlines
1 stop - 12h
15 October 2024, Tuesday 18:05
United Airlines
1 stop - 33h 35m
15 October 2024, Tuesday 21:45
Spirit Airlines
1 stop - 8h 18m
21 August 2024, Wednesday 15:42
Spirit Airlines
direct-flight - 6h 6m
27 August 2024, Tuesday 15:42
Spirit Airlines
direct-flight - 3h 30m
26 August 2024, Monday 18:32
Spirit Airlines
direct-flight - 1h 24m
15 August 2024, Thursday 07:40

General Information About Boston Logan Airport

Hosting America's world-famous universities such as Harvard and MIT, Boston is one of the most preferred cities to live in the country. In addition to its dense student population, Boston Logan International Airport, which is flooded by visitors due to its places to visit, also provides a quality flight service to those coming to the city.

Boston Logan International Airport Contact Information

Address: 1 Harborside Dr, Boston, MA 02128, USA

Tel: +1 800-235-6426

Fax: +1 800 262-3335

Transportation from Boston Logan International Airport to the City Center

Logan Express, a bus line serving between Boston Logan International Airport and Braintree, Framingham, Woburn, Peabody, takes 35-40 minutes in total between the start and end stops. The fee for this express line is 7 dollars. In addition, blue and white airport shuttle buses depart every 5-6 minutes to reach the city center.

One of the most frequently used means of public transportation in Boston for airport and city transportation is the subway. It takes about 30-40 minutes to reach the city center by metro, while a one-way ticket costs $2.65 per person. Passengers who want to take the metro can use the free transfer buses departing from the airport.

Those who want to have a more comfortable journey by taking a taxi to the city center can reach the city center in 15 or 25 minutes, depending on the density of traffic. Taxi fare varies between 25-45 dollars accordingly. The airport, which is approximately 5 and a half kilometers away from the city center, also offers free shuttle service to some hotels. For this reason, if you are going to stay at the hotel, it is useful to get information about this issue from the hotel authorities in advance.

Transportation from City Center to Boston Logan International Airport

If you want to go to the airport from the city center, you can choose the shuttles between the metro and the airport, the bus lines or the option of renting a car. Taxis can also be the savior of those who are late or those who love comfort.

The buses that run between Braintree, Framingham, Woburn, Peabody districts and the airport are known as Logan Express. You can reach the airport in 35-40 minutes by buses with a ticket fee of 7 dollars.

Hotel's free or paid transfer vehicles can also be used to reach the airport, which is approximately 5 and a half kilometers away from the city center. In addition, you can quickly transfer to the airport by renting a car from the car rental offices located in the city center.

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