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Cheapest Washington Bodrum Flights

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Turkish Airlines
Washington - Bodrum
1 stop - 11h 40m
08 August 2018, Wednesday 23:00
British Airways
Washington - Bodrum
2 stop - 12h 50m
28 June 2018, Thursday 18:30

Cheapest Bodrum Flights

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Turkish Airlines
Istanbul - Bodrum
direct-flight - 1h 15m
28 May 2018, Monday 17:40
Anadolu Jet
Ankara - Bodrum
direct-flight - 1h 25m
28 May 2018, Monday 19:50
Antalya - Bodrum
1 stop - 2h 30m
05 June 2018, Tuesday 07:15
Anadolu Jet
Kayseri - Bodrum
1 stop - 2h 45m
29 May 2018, Tuesday 17:25
Pegasus Airlines
Samsun - Bodrum
1 stop - 2h 45m
29 May 2018, Tuesday 10:00
Anadolu Jet
Adana - Bodrum
1 stop - 2h 50m
29 May 2018, Tuesday 16:00
Pegasus Airlines
Trabzon - Bodrum
1 stop - 3h 10m
26 May 2018, Saturday 18:00
Anadolu Jet
Gaziantep - Bodrum
1 stop - 3h
29 May 2018, Tuesday 09:05

Bodrum, Turkey

'' Bodrum, Bodrum where should I start..

Bodrum which attracts hundred and thousands of people every year regardless of their characteristics of being young or old, single or married, women or men , local or foreigner, is one of the most popular destinations of Turkey. Bodrum in Muğla province, which is the number one vacation place of Turkey, is laying between the Golf of Güllükand the Golf of Gökova. It preserves the feature of being the apple of the eye of Aegean region with its unique texture.

The history Bodrum, or with its ancient name Halicarnassus, dates back as far as 1oo B.C. The city which is assumed to be established by the Argonis branch of the Carian's, had been ruled by Persians during some period of time. Mausolos had built a place named after him during the governance of satraps of Persian Kingdom. The mausoleum of Mausolos, which is one of the seven ancient wonders of the world, used to be located in Bodrum. Bodrum which was under the sovereignty of Alexander the Great and Roman Empire afterwards, had entered under the domination of Ottoman Empire in 11th Century.

Bodrum has a lot to offer in terms of places to see and visit with its one or two-storey white houses, narrow streets and green nature. Halicarnassus, Bodrum Underwater Archeology Museum, Mausoleum, Uyku Vadisi ( The Sleep Valley), the ancient city of Bargilia, The Golf of Güllük and The Golf of Gökova are among places to visit in Bodrum, the touristic heaven of Turkey, that is hosting the biggest ancient theater in Anatolia and the most comprehensive underwater archelogy museum of the world.

In Halicarnassus, which was one of the most famous cities in Kaira region in ancient times, it is possible to see the traces of the rich history that have remained from past till today. The Ancient Halicarnassus, which is dating back as far as 5.000 B.C., had established in the region where the citadel is still present today that is lying between the two ports and the peripheral of Göktepe which is located behind that area. The area which includes parts of Muğla and Aydın provinces was named as Karia in ancient times. The indigenous people of the region are Kar and Leleg. They had lived in villages which they had established on high hills, lying inside of the beach. It can be reached via the highway of İzmir-Söke-Milas.

Mausoleum that is acknowledged as one of the Seven Wonders of the World had been built by Artemisia, the wife of Maussollos after his death in 353 B.C. The famous sculptors and architects of that era had been invited to Halicarnassus and with the collective work of famous artists of ancient times; Mausoleum had come to a light. When Alexander the Great had occupied Halicarnassus, he was amazed by this monument and even though he had devastated the entire city, the monument had remained untouched. The Knights of Rhodes, who had arrived in Halicarnassus in 1402, had built the Castle of Bodrum by demolishing this magnificent monument and by using its marbles. Today, only traces of its base and a part of its friezes have remained.

When you enter the Castle of Bodrum, which is dating back to 15th century and located in the center of Bodrum, it is possible to see the entire beauty of Bodrum and its unique scenery. The Castle of Bodrum had been constructed primarily by the Knights of Saint John in 1402 and the construction had lasted until the year of 1522. The Castle of Bodrum, which is located on the land that covers a land of 30,000 meter square, has five main towers named as İngiliz, Fransız, Alman, İtalyan and Yılanlı Tower. During the Ottoman period, the church that is within inner parts of the citadel had been transformed into a mosque with the supplementation of a minaret. Additionally, a small Turkish bath had been supplemented as well.

Bodrum Underwater Archeology Museum that is located inside the castle and have been incorporated into the museum administration since the year 1964 and have opened in year 1979 and that is one of the biggest and most important museum within its own field, offers an unforgettable cultural activity for its visitors. Amphora of Knidos, Rhodes, Kos that are dating back as far as 3th and 4th century B.C. , the sunken from Byzantine period that had been discovered in the excavation on the Port of Serçe, the sunken of Yassıada, the illustrations of coins and jewelry and the sunken of glass are demonstrated in the museum.

The Amphi theatre which is located on the road of Bodrum-Turgutreis in the Göktepe region of Bodrum center is one of the most significant historical monuments from Hellenistic period of Halicarnassus and has still remained today. The rock tombs can be seen on the hillside of Amphitheater. The Ancient Bodrum Amphitheatre had been arranged as open air museum after the excavation that had been carried out in year 1973.

Among the places to visit in Bodrum, the house of Zeki Müren which had been turned into museum posthumously can also be considered. Uyku Valley, that is 30 km. distant from Bodrum, is a place worth to visit for people who are passionate about nature. Plenty of daily tours are arranged in the region. Bodrum attracts many people who are taking Blue Voyage with its bays that are more beautiful than one another and connects the Aegean with Mediterranean Sea. Places such as Mazı, Çöketme, Ören are places o be considered for whom desire to have a vacation far from the crowd of Bodrum.

Bodrum which is one of the most important centers for tourism regarding entertainment and vacation is a suitable destination for people who desire to enjoy an excellent sea and beautiful beaches. Among the places that are preferred the most by celebrities, Türkbükü beach is named first.

Bodrum which has a significant place among entire holiday resorts of our homeland, Turkey, hosts its visitors with its colorful and vibrant environment during any time of the day. Thanks to its beach clubs, nights clubs ad luxury restaurants which have opened consecutively in recent years, the tourism in the center is running during both summer and winter season. The street named Dr. Alim bey that is known as ''Barlar Sokağı (or the Street of Bars)'', is a place where fun lasts till the morning.

With its mixed climate that has characteristics of both Aegean and Mediterranean climate, the temperature is generally 30 degree during the summer season. During the winter season, on the other hand, the level of humidity is quite low. The summer seasons are hot and dry, while winter seasons are quite warm and rainy.

You might find a chance to visit entire bays with a car by searching the options of Car Rent in Bodrum. In terms of accommodation, Bodrum and its bays offer plenty of options. It is possible to find many types of options including pensions, resort hotels and 5-star hotels.

It is a good idea to visit the Greek Islands of Kos and Rhodes while you have already visited Bodrum. Regular ferry trips are operated that are departing from Bodrum. Additionally, regular ferry trips are held on during summer from Bodrum to other beautiful parts of Aegean province; Datça, Didim and Dalyan.

Bodrum is 846 km. 280 km. and 720 km. distant from Istanbul, İzmir and Ankara provinces consecutively. Regular bus trips are arranged from the center to the sub-province itself. The most easy and convenient way to reach Bodrum is to fly to Bodrum Airport. When you have found a reasonable flight ticket, to reach the center from the airport takes a half an hour. From the airport, Bodrum can be reached via Havaş airport services, busses and taxis.

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