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Isparta-Bucak 45.00 TL
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Bus Trips Arriving To Burdur

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Öz Nuhoğlu Turizm
09 July 2022, Saturday 08:00
Buzlu Turizm
12 July 2022, Tuesday 02:00
Elazığ Murat Turizm
10 July 2022, Sunday 00:30
01 July 2022, Friday 10:30
Yeni Diyarbakır
30 June 2022, Thursday 02:30
Balıkesir Uludağ
07 July 2022, Thursday 23:00
Buzlu Turizm
12 July 2022, Tuesday 02:45
Isparta Petrol
02 July 2022, Saturday 23:59
Güney Akdeniz
07 July 2022, Thursday 21:30
Başkent Turizm
25 June 2022, Saturday 11:30
Isparta Petrol
26 June 2022, Sunday 03:00
Isparta Petrol
11 August 2022, Thursday 15:15

Popular Bus Trips Departing From Burdur

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Balıkesir Uludağ
25 June 2022, Saturday 01:15
Buzlu Turizm
08 July 2022, Friday 01:45
Tokat Yıldızı
08 July 2022, Friday 03:45
Balıkesir Uludağ
28 June 2022, Tuesday 04:45
Güney Akdeniz
25 June 2022, Saturday 07:00
Buzlu Turizm
25 June 2022, Saturday 01:45
Isparta Petrol
19 August 2022, Friday 17:00
Balıkesir Uludağ
01 July 2022, Friday 04:45
Bizim Iğdır Seyahat
26 June 2022, Sunday 11:45
Buzlu Turizm
17 July 2022, Sunday 01:45
Isparta Petrol
08 July 2022, Friday 20:00
Başkent Turizm
28 June 2022, Tuesday 01:15

Cheapest Burdur Bus Ticket Prices

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Balıkesir Uludağ
25 June 2022, Saturday 21:45
Buzlu Turizm
27 June 2022, Monday 00:30
Mek Ağrı
08 July 2022, Friday 21:45
Bizim Iğdır Seyahat
25 June 2022, Saturday 15:30
Elazığ Murat Turizm
04 July 2022, Monday 12:59
Yeni Diyarbakır
25 June 2022, Saturday 19:00
Yeni Diyarbakır
10 July 2022, Sunday 08:00

Information on Bus Travel to Burdur

Looking for cheap Burdur bus tickets ? Ankara (Aşti) Burdur 165 TL, İstanbul Avrupa Burdur 260 TL and Antalya Burdur 50 TL over the next 3 month.

Burdur intercity bus stops and boarding points are: Çamlık (Bucak, Burdur), Ağlasun, Altınyayla (Burdur), Tefenni, Salda (Yeşilova, Burdur), Orhanlı (Yeşilova, Burdur), Mürseller (Karamanlı, Burdur), Kocapınar (Burdur), Kemer (Burdur), Karamanlı, Karakent (Burdur), Karaçal (Burdur), Karaatlı (Yeşilova, Burdur), Akçaköy (Yeşilova, Burdur), Dereköy (Ağlasun, Burdur), Çuvallı (Yeşilova, Burdur), Çeltikçi, Çeltek (Yeşilova, Burdur), Çavdır, Çardacık (Burdur), Çamköy (Gölhisar, Burdur), Çallıca (Burdur), Burdur, Bucak, Gölhisar, Yarışlı (Yeşilova, Burdur), Yazıköy (Burdur), Yeşilova, Elsazı (Bucak, Burdur), Harmanlı (Yeşilova, Burdur), Düğer (Burdur), Çendik (Burdur), Büyükalan (Çavdır, Burdur), Söğüt (Çavdır, Burdur), Hacılar (Burdur), Güney (Yeşilova, Burdur), Yassıgüme (Burdur), Küçükalan (Çavdır, Burdur), Kemer Kavşağı (Burdur), Bölmepınar Kavşağı (Çavdır, Burdur) and Aksu Kavşağı (Gölhisar, Burdur)

We recommend that you buy tickets at least 4 days in advance for best priced Burdur bus tickets.

Burdur, located in the Lakes Region of the Mediterranean Region, is the central district of Burdur province. Burdur, whose history goes back to the Neolithic Age, has been the cradle of Phrygians, Lydians, Persians and Roman civilizations. There are also ancient cities with finds from ancient times in Burdur. Sagalassos (Aglasun), Kretepolis (Kızılkaya), Milyas (Melli), Mallos (Karacaören), Olbasa (Belenli) are some of these cities. Salda Lake, known as Turkey's Maldives, is within the borders of Burdur.

Places to Visit in Burdur

We can list the places to visit in Burdur as follows: Salda Lake, one of the most beautiful lakes in Turkey with its white sands and turquoise water, Akçaköy Lavender Creek, Sagalassos Ancient City, Archeology Museum, Burdur Lake, İncirhan Caravanserai, Lisinia Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Kibyra. Ancient City, Karacaören Dam, Clock Tower, Susuz Caravanserai, İnsuyu Cave.

How to go to Burdur?

The most preferred transportation option to travel to Burdur is bus travel. Bus services are organized from many cities of Turkey to Burdur Bus Terminal. You can compare Burdur bus ticket options on

Burdur bus ticket questions

  • Which bus companies operates from and to Burdur?
    Bus companies that run the most frequent trips between Turkey and Burdur are Pamukkale Turizm, Metro Turizm, Güney Akdeniz, Buzlu Turizm and Isparta Petrol. The most popular route is Antalya - Burdur, Pamukkale Turizm and Metro Turizm are the bus companies that organize the most trips on this line.
  • How much is the cheapest Burdur bus ticket price?
    Between Turkey and Burdur, the lowest priced bus ticket in the next 3 month period is Ankara (Aşti) Burdur on 9 July 2022 and 165 TL.
  • When is the Burdur bus departure times?
    • İzmir Burdur Bus Departure Time: 23:59
    • Ankara (Aşti) Burdur Bus Departure Time: 08:00
    • Antalya Burdur Bus Departure Time: 11:30
    • Konya Burdur Bus Departure Time: 00:30
    • İstanbul Avrupa Burdur Bus Departure Time: 10:30
  • How can find Burdur bus tickets with such cheap prices? scans the inventory of all bus companies in seconds with its advanced search engine technology and offers you all online bus tickets alternatives within seconds.
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